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What Is Body Burden?

What exactly does “body burden” mean?
The term refers to the total amount of accumulated chemical contaminants in the body.  It can either refer to all the toxins present as a group, or it can refer to specific toxins such as mercury, lead, or BPA. 742 more words

Non-toxic Alternatives

Becoming Gluten Free

I have always had a love-love relationship with food.

Not so with body image.

For years, I was either “on a diet” (aka starving myself) or “not currently on a diet but definitely starting one after _______ (Christmas, Your Grad Party, My Birthday, etc.).” I knew that the “all-naturals” were restricted from eating what I considered the best foods (No Chinese food?! 489 more words


Introduction: Becoming Unburdened

Five days after my twenty-sixth birthday, my car got rear-ended. Hard.

One minute I was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-95, and the next I was in some driver’s-side version of the fetal position, screaming. 400 more words


Cancer - A Man Made Disease?!

According to researchers from the University of Manchester in the UK, cancer is a purely modern, man-made disease. If you want to better understand their logic and reasoning, visit this link… 1,431 more words