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Becoming Gluten Free

I have always had a love-love relationship with food.

Not so with body image.

For years, I was either “on a diet” (aka starving myself) or “not currently on a diet but definitely starting one after _______ (Christmas, Your Grad Party, My Birthday, etc.).” I knew that the “all-naturals” were restricted from eating what I considered the best foods (No Chinese food?! 489 more words


Introduction: Becoming Unburdened

Five days after my twenty-sixth birthday, my car got rear-ended. Hard.

One minute I was sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic on I-95, and the next I was in┬ásome driver’s-side version of the fetal position, screaming. 400 more words


Cancer - A Man Made Disease?!

According to researchers from the University of Manchester in the UK, cancer is a purely modern, man-made disease. If you want to better understand their logic and reasoning, visit this link… 1,431 more words


Pre-Conception Cleanse: why you need to detox for ONE year before getting pregnant

Most patients come to my office a month or two before wanting to get pregnant asking about detoxification. When I explain to them why I don’t recommend detoxification for one short month before getting pregnant, they usually respond with dismay, frustration, and mostly, impatience. 921 more words


Using Essential oils around the home - Spray Bottles

Unburden your body

Body Burden: A popular term for the total amount of a particular agent or chemical in the body; for some chemicals, the BB is high, because the agent is stored in fat or bone or is eliminated very slowly. 248 more words