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Using Essential oils around the home - Spray Bottles

Unburden your body

Body Burden: A popular term for the total amount of a particular agent or chemical in the body; for some chemicals, the BB is high, because the agent is stored in fat or bone or is eliminated very slowly. 248 more words

The Twilight of Our Tale: Part Two

Part 2

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.

-Kurt Vonnegut

Daffodils have thrust their green blades through the warming soil, and despite the softly falling sleet tapping on the still barren branches in the forest all around me, spring is here to stay. 2,337 more words

Your Body Burden: A Root Cause of Disease

Have you considered why so many diseases that were once primarily diagnosed in adults and often older adults are becoming more common in young adults and children? 1,148 more words


How 'clean' are these cosmetics?

My household has been hearing a lot about body burden lately. Never, repeat never, go to a week long course with a number of toxicologists if you want to stay blissfully ignorant of this term. 1,138 more words

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