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Its Not Always Roses

Yesterday I was reminded that this journey isn’t easy and its often times hard and downright sucks.

It was a tough day. It was one that I’m sure if I read my horoscope it would have told me to stay in bed with the covers over my head. 243 more words

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New Month!

I always love the start of a new month. Time to make some goals for the next 30 days. I’ve decided to take on a daily AB Challenge, and posted it to my facebook and instagram in hopes I can inspire others. 197 more words

Body By Vi


I think I have always wanted to be a bikini competitor. I was overweight in high school and college…to be honest, I think I was always the ‘chubby friend’ then the ‘fat friend’. 168 more words

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3 years later...

How funny.. 3 years have gone by!

Not much has seemed to change. I am a college graduate, twice over. I have great job(s), in a wonderful community! 217 more words

Activity for February 11, 2015

From time to time I’ll post activity updates that consist of my meals and workouts for the day (sometimes weigh-ins). Ideally I’d post this everyday but I know I’d be kidding myself if I tried committing to that. 561 more words