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July 30, 2015


SQUAT / PUSH PRESS (1′ recovery)
45 lb dumb-bells (90 lbs) x 10 reps x 5 sets

50 lb dumbells  (100 lbs) x 10 reps x 5 sets… 17 more words


Weigh in 2 - Hidden Progress

Quite the mixed bag for me over the weekend in terms of being busy & lazy. I gifted myself a treat night with the other half Friday night and went out for a curry nom nom nom. 485 more words

Body Composition

July 27, 2015


WARMUP:  Goblet squat – 24 kg x 10; Supine Leg Whip x 10 each leg;  Turkish Getup – 80lbs each side… 39 more words


Unhealthy Food Relationship and Moving Forward!

As of late I’ve not had the best of relationships with my diet/nutrition. A mixture of unsustainable dieting, impatience with my body composition, and self consciousness has lead to me yoyo-ing between super strict eating schedules and heavy binge eating. 765 more words

Programming for Optimal Muscle Growth

Disclaimer: what was intended to be a diagram and a very brief explanation on BR Physical Performance Facebook quickly turned into an extensive blog following a glass of scotch and a few hours on the NIH libraries.  2,820 more words


Painless and Necessary Factors In diet weight loss

Considering Painless diet weight loss Secrets

Staying busy can prevent via emphasizing food. The body’s about 60% water determined by body size, so it really is not hard to quickly drop weight without losing any fat. 294 more words

Fat Burner

The Profound Ripple Effect of Strength Training


Before I begin, let’s be clear on what I mean when I mention ‘strength training':

I am not talking about bodybuilding or ‘pump’ training, which stimulates puffy muscle and some degree of strength gains. 1,806 more words