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Body Fat 101

Body Fat 101

You probably already know that your health and well-being is closely linked to your body fat, but do you actually know what body fat is? 898 more words

Body Composition

Why Is Optimizing Protein Intake So Important?

Why Is Optimizing Protein Intake So Important?

By Tim Skwiat, MEd, CSCS, Pn2

When it comes to improving overall health, performance, body composition, appetite control, and satiety, there is arguably not a single more effective, well-established dietary factor than optimizing one’s protein intake. 2,815 more words


What body type are you?

Many proto-types have been suggested to categorize people with similar statures into one particular group. These classifications not only help people understand their body better but also gives them a direction for managing weight and health status. 783 more words


CICO, BMR, TDEE, and what those letters mean

I originally started working out to lose weight. I packed on an extra 20lbs after college with a desk job I hated and eating (and drinking) my feelings there. 524 more words


One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

Last Sunday, I attended the Fitness Expo.

I love the expo. It’s so motivating to see all those incredibly fit men and women, people who treat their bodies with respect and put in the hard work and are rewarded with strength. 1,161 more words

Eating Disorders

May 7, 2016


WARMUP: 400 meters; 100 easy, 200 uphill, 100 downhill; 60 meter hill sprint 10.8″, 10.2″

HILL SPRINT (60 meters)
5 reps with 3’recovery 9.21″, 9.21″, 9.08″, 8.95″, 8.84″ 63 more words


Health and fitness professionals and researchers (me included!) have always cried hoarse about the downsides of obesity. For decades, obesity has been reported to impair health and reduce longevity (Allison et al., 2008). 608 more words

Fat Loss