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New Fort Benning Army Wellness Center to feature BOD POD and metabolic testing

By Reginald Rogers, Martin Army Community Hospital Public Affairs /

FORT BENNING, Ga. – When the Army’s newest wellness center opens on Fort Benning Jan. 30, it will feature various tools to aid Soldiers, civilians and family members in their quest to become healthier. 423 more words


BLOG: 12 Weeks to a Better Body?

It started in September

I’m not sure I like the concept of quick-fix diet and exercise programmes. I think they offer people a way to punish themselves, and I don’t think they’re a sustainable thing to keep up once they’re finished. 1,736 more words

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As many of you know by now, fat has been given a bad rap. People worry about high blood fat levels, about being fat, having a fatty liver, or plaque in their arteries… 882 more words

Body Composition

The wild world of macros

Calorie Counting, Macros and Flexible Dieting

What the hell are macros!?

Macronutrients, quite simply, are the carbohydrates, fats and proteins that make up almost everything that we ingest… 1,956 more words

Body Composition

Does Your Training Match Your Goal?

Training in the gym is more than just picking an exercise and doing it. There has to be a purpose and a reason as to why you’re doing it. 808 more words

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January 4, 2017


CIRCUIT x 4 sets; 1 minute recovery between exercise; 2 minutes recovery each set
Split Squat – 140 lbs x 5 reps each leg… 20 more words

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How has your recent alcohol consumption effected your health?

Effects of alcohol on body composition.

Plentiful literature has suggested that large doses of alcohol will have adverse effects on your heath, and for this reason it is often demonised within the fitness industry. 509 more words

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