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Body Composition Measurement

We are very happy to partner with MeasureUp, the most experienced private organisation in the country, to provide first class body composition testing for our 360 Athletes. 129 more words


RebalanceDiabetes protects YOUR body composition - and why that's crucial!

Your body composition is essentially a map of what you are made of on the inside, and it’s inseparably linked with your health and well-being. 486 more words

Healthy Eating

Flexible Dieting

I choose to follow a flexible dieting approach with my nutrition. I have a body composition goal and feel like i’m getting good results so far. 468 more words

Body Composition: What can it tell a Chiropractor?

For many reasons people can have their body composition measured. The most common reasons are that they are looking to get into a weight loss program, are involved in athletics, or concerned about some aspects of health/aging. 1,691 more words


How do you stay motivated to exercise?

Getting to the gym once, is more or less easy. But how the heck do you keep it up? Bottom line is that being regularly active is one of the best possible things you can do for yourself…regardless of size. 307 more words

Let's Talk Body Composition

I read this blog on Livestrong during the week about The Big, Fat Truth About Body Composition – http://www.livestrong.com/article/1011279-big-fat-truth-body-composition/ which is really a fantastic blog and before you read on I would suggest you read it as it inspired me to write my own blog and to speak to all of you about body composition. 813 more words


Can't shift that visceral fat?

So we all know that when we gain a little bit of weight we get that muffin top or those unsightly love handles. Well this is known as visceral fat and it is stored around your internal organs in your stomach region. 436 more words