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Much more than training - team athlete Travis Richings shares an important piece of his triathlon puzzle

Training for middle and long distance triathlon takes much more than all the hours spent swimming, cycling and running. Here, team athlete Travis Richings shares an important piece of his personal puzzle. 400 more words


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Bod Pod Body Composition Test

This morning, my brother and I visited Southampton Universities Sports Science Laboratory. What a brilliant place, it’s everything you’d think it would be in terms of how it looks, the kit and even the smell – oozes performance. 729 more words

Bod Pod

4 Little lung busters that also get you strong.

Morining All,


Given the nice weather it’s understandable that people want to shift unwanted fat.


Many also want some decent levels of muscle too.


Here are some suggestions from me to help you with both, be warned however, they are not as easy as you’d think. 355 more words

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Sport Nutrition, Altitude, Heat - Stacy Sims

Dr. Stacy Sims joins us today to share her experience in altitude, heat and the sex differences in sports training and nutrition. Stacy has worked with many organizations including Clif-Bar, USA Cycling, Standford University and her own company Osmo nutrition. 707 more words


Scientific vs Complicated Training

When people hear the word scientific it naturally may make big words and complicated or systematic processes come to mind.  While the terms scientific and complicated can coincide, they do not have to be synonymous. 1,291 more words

While the world runs away with lightening fast progress in the fields of sports medicine, sports science and sports performance and recovery nutrition, this is the kind of lousy, unscientific advice (see picture below) that our cricketers dish out to their juniors. 278 more words


I've Been Personally Victimized By The BodPod

Last week, in my blog post, Confessions of a Crash Dieter, I briefly discussed a tragic story, of the time I subjected my body to the scrutiny of the BodPod. 1,947 more words

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