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InBody: What are you made of?

Knowing what your body is made of is the first step in trying to make any changes!

The InBody machine at Nutrishop Chesapeake is a great tool to utilize when tracking your progress or creating a personalized meal plan. 686 more words


6 Ways to lose weight faster!! ...

Lifestyle tips to blast some of that excess fat away.. for good!

We all have those annoying habits we can’t seem to shift when it comes to dieting. 867 more words

Ab Fat

What is the Value of an Additional Exercise Training Programme in the Management of Obesity in Adolescents, including Prevention of Weight Gain?

Research Paper Title

Effects of a 12-week exercise training programme on aerobic fitness, body composition, blood lipids and C-reactive protein in adolescents with obesity.

Introduction… 336 more words


What Motivates Me to Utilize Nutritional Therapies in my Chiropractic Practice

I didn’t start out as a nutritionist. My background was primarily body and bodywork oriented—first as a dancer, and then a masseuse—before becoming a chiropractor and applied kinesiologist. 400 more words

Body Composition

Jumpstarting a Fitness Routine

And I am back! I have to say that for a fleeting moment I did wonder if I had, in fact, become more popular through my absence. 1,138 more words

Fitness And Meditation

Body Composition Assessment (Bod Pod Analysis 1 of 4)

Last year, I raced in a few triathlons and competed in several CrossFit and strength competitions.  All of the events went fine; I did manage to win the strength competition, but while my brawn game was improving, my physique was most certainly not.   948 more words


Tracey Drews - Best Training for Older Athletes, Decrease Nerves on Testing Days

Avoid Testing-Day Nerves, Training for older athletes, Weight-Loss

This week we talk to Tracey Drews, a coach with CTS. Tracey works with athletes of all types but has had great success with masters athletes who aim to pursue peak performance in their sport. 1,025 more words