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Healthy Weight Loss and Improving Body Composition (Part II)

What Causes Us to Gain Weight?

 Most people would say “eating too much,” and/or “not exercising,” and although those reasons are contributory to weight gain, they are not the whole story. 917 more words

Body Composition

May 25, 2015

MONDAY; 10:30AM –  5 x 2

WARMUP: Supine Leg Whip x 10r x 2s each leg; Goblet Squat x 5 reps – 24kg… 105 more words


May 17, 2015


WARMUP: Calisthenics, Dynamic skipping, bounds, drills

STADIUM STAIR SPRINTS (4 min recovery)
10 reps – 12.5 – 13.5 seconds
10 single leg pushups each rep (100 total)

AM Resting HR – 47bpm


May 16, 2015

SATURDAY – 10PM – 2 Sets of Five

WARMUP: Supine Leg Whip – 10 each leg; Turkish Getup – 24kg x 2 each side… 61 more words


Sauerkraut - TRILLIONS of healthy, gut loving probiotics!

I was eating right out of my Bubbie’s jar of sauerkraut and thought I’d research the amount of good, health promoting bacteria it contained.

Below is a link to an article I stumbled across.   20 more words

Food News

May 14, 2015

THURSDAY 5PM –  3 SETS – 5/3/2

WARMUP: Supine Leg Whip x 10 each leg; TGU x 2 each side – 24Kg

OVERHEAD PRESS… 88 more words


Are you hitting your protein sweet-spot?

Protein is an essential macronutrient for good health, and is especially vital for building and maintaining lean muscle mass. But how much is enough? How can you calculate how much you need? 705 more words