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July 15, 2016


WARMUP:  45 lb bar – Split Squat x 5, Front Squat x 5; Pull up x 3

CIRCUIT x 5 sets; no recovery between exercise; 2 minutes recovery each set… 38 more words

Masters Training

The Night Before the Weigh-In (June 29th)...

My Thoughts…The Night Before

So, I’m writing this little section on June 29th – just to let you guys know how I’m thinking/feeling the day before my body composition test. 238 more words

Body Updates

Platform shoes?

This lunchtime, the health and wellbeing team at my workplace were running a “getting to know you” drop-in session. Attending such an event could hardly be described as my top priority. 431 more words

The Naked Truth about the Dreaded Scale

I love this image. There were several sources sited, so I’m not sure which one to credit however, you can google the caption and see for yourself. 833 more words

Health And Wellness

Why can't I show my arms again?

This is summer. It’s so hot outside some guys in Phoenix, AZ cooked a pizza in their car. In addition to drinking plenty of water and staying indoors when I can I like to dress to be comfortable. 438 more words

Introduction to Metabolic Conditioning: Weight Training Circuit I

This workout combines many of the exercises performed during the first 3 weeks of body composition training into a circuit. At this point you’ve become acclimated to pairing exercises in super-sets and this workout can be thought of as a very large super-set, i.e. 235 more words


MyFitnessPal Review


The key to achieving any physique related goal is usually linked to what you put in your body (nutrition-wise!). Whilst there are those that are genetically gifted, and those that take certain pharmaceuticals, most of us have to work around our metabolic rate to achieve those shreds or gains. 606 more words

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