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April 27, 2017


20 REPS x 1 Set
Squat – 185 lbs
Split Squat – 100 lb – each leg
Hip Thrust- 300 lb… 16 more words

Masters Training

3 tips for glute development

Glute development is huge these days, fashions constantly change and currently the desire for women seems to be for more of a booty.

To develop this you have a couple of options one is too pay for expensive surgery like the Kardashians and pretend that you worked for it, or, you need to be specifically targeting the glutes, the muscles in the bum, when you train. 242 more words


The All-in-One Gauge

Imagine if the gas gauge on a car measured everything – gas, oil, windshield wiper fluid, water?   Just one gauge for everything together.  How helpful would that gauge be for you?  349 more words

Weight Loss

High-intensity training - what is it good for?

High-Intensity training is all the rage and has been marketed strongly to the general population as a way to make rapid changes in body composition and fitness. 1,109 more words

Body Composition

April 25, 2017


5′ easy
500 meters x 4 intervals with 1′ rest (90% effort)
5′ easy

Masters Training

Body Composition and Life Performance

Following on from my previous post on fat loss I’m going to tell you a bit about body composition and its importance in life performance. 848 more words


Body Image

Noticed the front cover of this magazine the other day and it really got me thinking about body image and motivation for those who see/read it. 100 more words