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Let’s talk about sex

Oooooh! Sex – so controversial yet so exciting to talk about. It’s not supposed to be mentioned amongst decent people, or that’s what the society thinks. 741 more words

Relationships & Lifestyle

The Problem With Perfectionism - A Testimony

This is a long post, some of it might be triggering to those who suffer from depression, self-worth issues, and anxiety.

It has taken me a really long time to write this post. 1,260 more words


I got called out (and I totally deserved it)

It started a few days ago, when a nude picture of Amy Schumer started circulating around the internet.

One of my initial thoughts upon seeing the picture was, “ 567 more words

The interesting evolution of make-up

Hi People,

How’s everyone today? Well, I hope.

It’s interesting these days to watch the faces of women in photos, magazines, television, and even face to face. 363 more words


Going Medical: Examining Swollen Feet

Now, this may interest women in particular as we begin to experience quite a lot of body changes during and after pregnancy. The body may or may not go back to pre-pregnancy state and perhaps, find a ground for other changes to fester in our bodies. 461 more words


Going Swimmingly

I have to be honest, in the general turmoil that is my life I rather forgot about this little fledgling blog. I have not, however, forgotten about exercise and for the first time in my life I offset my tendency to indulge in an entire family sharing pack of Doritos with a rather less passionate tendency to break a sweat. 554 more words


So, I lied to my daughter this morning. Well, maybe not lied, but I certainly didn't tell her the truth.

We’re pretty casual about nudity in our household when it’s just us and I hope it remains that way.  I want my girls to feel unselfconscious about their bodies for as long as possible, and seeing mommy and daddy comfortable in their bodies is part of that.  540 more words