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Lost Beauty

“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”– – is what I was always taught

Now I’m beginning to doubt that wisdom

Sometimes the image I behold possesses an uncommon beauty… 68 more words


Woman With The World's Largest Butt: Body Confidence vs Health ...

Having a positive body image is all fine and dandy but let’s not act like being morbidly obese is anything but healthy. Thinking that obesity is healthy is the same as thinking that being 6’0 and a size 2 is healthy as well.

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Pear is the new Hourglass

I’m writing this blog post while downing a packet of chocolate buttons…family size, of course. I woke up this morning with great intentions – as I do every morning – to only consume foods with a stalk. 555 more words


Am I hungry? What for?

After yesterday’s negativity I have been trying to get back on track, go back to the relatively good place I was in before I started doubting myself. 228 more words

Weight Loss

Mirror Mirror

In the majority of people’s typical day it would include looking in a mirror, some longer then others.

That is a time when you tend to judge yourself a little more, picking out your imperfections, it could be small things such a spots or small markings, somethings that only you know are there but you feel everyone is judging them. 378 more words

Plus Size

Body Conscious

Over the years I’d always been really body conscious, during summer in particular. On really hot days I was happy to wear things that revealed skin, like vest tops and shorts just round the house. 242 more words

Today I Feel Pretty / OOTD

You know what? Today I feel pretty.


It’s not often you’ll get such positivity out of me, and you’ll never find me throwing out self confidence and compliments at my reflection, but today, I just feel pretty. 339 more words