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Body Conscious

Over the years I’d always been really body conscious, during summer in particular. On really hot days I was happy to wear things that revealed skin, like vest tops and shorts just round the house. 242 more words

Plus Size

Today I Feel Pretty / OOTD

You know what? Today I feel pretty.


It’s not often you’ll get such positivity out of me, and you’ll never find me throwing out self confidence and compliments at my reflection, but today, I just feel pretty. 339 more words


Let's Talk About Street Harassment

Can we please stop disgusting 'cat calls'. It's harassment. 

Yesterday around 7:30 in the morning, my sister and I walked to the beach. I half jogged, skipped and did other weird stuff I usually do. 414 more words



I got an invitation to my first party in the University after I had settled in comfortably with my course mates. They called it a bachelor’s eve. 796 more words


An Email to My Younger Self

Dear Anna,

I would like to give you a big emotional hug and tell you of how wonderful, unique, loveable, funny and clever you are. 199 more words

A-Z Mental Health

Body Positivity Is Great. Period

If you are not a doctor, you don’t have the right to define someone’s health.

This article was originally published with The Odyssey on July 10, 2017. 1,007 more words

Is this Céline ad okay?

Hello readers,

I was flicking through Vogue magazine and I saw an advert that puzzled me very much. Now I know sex sells when it comes to adverts but there is a limit to when your just putting a half naked women in the advert just for the sake of it. 425 more words