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Is this Céline ad okay?

Hello readers,

I was flicking through Vogue magazine and I saw an advert that puzzled me very much. Now I know sex sells when it comes to adverts but there is a limit to when your just putting a half naked women in the advert just for the sake of it. 425 more words


For the love of food: The journey from addiction to obsession

My Name is Mariella and I’m an Orthorexic …!

Who would have thought it possible to be unhealthily obsessed with eating healthy! And yet when you find yourself overdosing on chia seeds, medjool dates and cashew butter or freaking out over a potato, you have to question if your ‘Clean Eating’ lifestyle is slightly verging on obsessive compulsive behaviour. 975 more words


Marks from the Chains of Femininity

Walking in from work, kicking off my shoes and throwing my coat on the hook, I trampled upstairs. My legs ached like I’d done a 20K run (and I don’t run), my knees buckling with every step. 619 more words


Get your free meal plan

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#LoveYourself ft. Swim Classy

“Today I am wearing lacy black underwear
For the sole purpose of knowing I am wearing them.’

– Hannah Baker, 13 Reasons Why

Anyone else spent years eagerly waiting for this season to come out?  

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Let's Talk Sex Appeal 

I don’t have it. I’ve never had it. Do I want it? Absolutely.

Bralette – Depop (Missguided)
Jeans – Primark
Blazer – H&M

I’m a lanky legged, disproportionate 22 year old with the face of a junior; of course I want it. 1,293 more words