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Female Circumcision & Body Awareness

Body awareness is always something I love to advocate to both male and female. I always wondered if I would know how to raise a male child, especially caring and knowing how to care for his – you know – genitals or those things that make a male child. 500 more words

Buki Alamu


Today, while Bert is climbing in the playground, he has a sudden realization.

Bert: “Look! Look! My can climb up high.”

Me: “Wow, that’s great Bert. 18 more words

I saw a glimpse of the old me!

Yesterday, the brain fog of depression and the panic inducing anxiety were amazingly absent, and whilst training in the gym, I saw a glimpse of the old me (BDA- before depression and anxiety). 315 more words

Will I panic?

Tomorrow I’m riding my bike for the first time in over 6 months. I stopped riding due to getting panic attacks whilst on the bike. I haven’t sorted out the panic attacks yet, but I want to get back out on the bike to prove to myself that it isn’t as scary as my brain perceives it to be. 121 more words

Let’s talk about sex

Oooooh! Sex – so controversial yet so exciting to talk about. It’s not supposed to be mentioned amongst decent people, or that’s what the society thinks. 741 more words

Relationships & Lifestyle

The Problem With Perfectionism - A Testimony

This is a long post, some of it might be triggering to those who suffer from depression, self-worth issues, and anxiety.

It has taken me a really long time to write this post. 1,260 more words


I got called out (and I totally deserved it)

It started a few days ago, when a nude picture of Amy Schumer started circulating around the internet.

One of my initial thoughts upon seeing the picture was, “ 567 more words