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The interesting evolution of make-up

Hi People,

How’s everyone today? Well, I hope.

It’s interesting these days to watch the faces of women in photos, magazines, television, and even face to face. 363 more words


Going Medical: Examining Swollen Feet

Now, this may interest women in particular as we begin to experience quite a lot of body changes during and after pregnancy. The body may or may not go back to pre-pregnancy state and perhaps, find a ground for other changes to fester in our bodies. 461 more words


Going Swimmingly

I have to be honest, in the general turmoil that is my life I rather forgot about this little fledgling blog. I have not, however, forgotten about exercise and for the first time in my life I offset my tendency to indulge in an entire family sharing pack of Doritos with a rather less passionate tendency to break a sweat. 554 more words


So, I lied to my daughter this morning. Well, maybe not lied, but I certainly didn't tell her the truth.

We’re pretty casual about nudity in our household when it’s just us and I hope it remains that way.  I want my girls to feel unselfconscious about their bodies for as long as possible, and seeing mommy and daddy comfortable in their bodies is part of that.  540 more words


The self conscious body........

……………………..I’ve been toying blogging about this for a loong time and each time I start I bottle it. I bottle it because I don’t know that I want to hear the truth. 381 more words


How Do I Know My Shower Gel/Bar Soap/Body Wash Works For Me?

Life itself is an evolution so it’s not news that everything is changing with time and trend. The way we know beauty and cosmetics now is way over the top, if you ask me, than what it was before. 255 more words


Plus Size Art: Sketched to Perfection

Ladies, let’s be honest. We all have those days where we just feel so down and blah! We tend to be over critical of ourselves and we sometimes pick at every inch of our body that we don’t like. 309 more words

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