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Update on the third generation sectional title legislation

There has been lots of confusion regarding the third generation sectional titles legislation.

Some of the questions I am often asked are:
1.Are the new Acts in operation? 398 more words


Can a Body Corporate Screen Tenants?

By Jennifer Paddock

Letting agents are supposed to screen potential tenants from a financial perspective (credit history and current salary) as well as a security perspective (criminal records and the like). 529 more words


Preventing fires in sectional title schemes

The Sectional Titles Act, 1986, includes under the functions of bodies corporate an obligation to insure the building or buildings in a scheme and to keep them insured to the replacement value against fire and such other risks as may be prescribed. 723 more words

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"No Pets" the Norm!

There is often discord over pets in sectional title complexes, but there need not be.

The very first of the prescribed conduct rules for Sectional Title schemes… 95 more words

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Buying an Apartment in Auckland Part One: Body Corporates

…or anywhere else in New Zealand really, but Auckland is a better search engine keyword for the title than New Zealand.

The genesis of this post is a conversation I had with… 798 more words

Carter Atmore

Making fines stick in community schemes

The executives in many sectional title schemes and home owners’ associations (HOAs) use fines as a way of discouraging rule breaking by members or residents. 632 more words

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Building on common property in sectional title

If a group of owners wish to build on a common property, what are the steps required to make this happen? For example, what would happen if the owners wanted to build a swimming pool? 438 more words

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