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Of little things and free happiness

I lived my life with the mentality, that happiness is paid with, quoting my friend, bullshit. Now I can’t really say I believe that, due to, well, simple things. 578 more words

There was this girl I used to know

We had a few classes together. She was a dancer, and kind of popular. Well, I think well known is a better description. Well, she used to love reading my poems and short stories. 237 more words

What do you make of this. My first post.

I don’t remember my childhood really. Not the years that I want to remember. There are small memories here and there that I suppose my mind chose to keep. 502 more words

In God's Image

When I was a little girl, I remember looking at Barbie dolls and thinking, “I don’t know anybody who looks like that.” The dolls were patterned after women, but were certainly not faithfully descriptive of them. 511 more words

Why YOU Too Deserve To Have Body Confidence


If you follow me for a while now, it will not be too surprising when I tell you that I’m pretty open-minded. 958 more words

Mental Health

When She Goes Away

Ana Isabel Martinez | February 12, 2018

When I first arrived in Edinburgh, I had to stay for ten days at an Airbnb that was about a half an hour walk from the university. 821 more words

Inciting Sparks Articles

Breaking the Binary

I read this really dope piece on managing body dysphoria the other day.

In an earlier post, I touched on the topic of my own issues and struggles with dysphoria and expressing my sexuality and gender identity. 824 more words