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Aphrodite's journals

I’m sure

If you cut aw a y

all the skin that has weighed me down my whole life

You could sew-enough-of-it-together
to cover the surface of Venus


Body image

Okay, after my rant about dysphoria I figured I could write something more coherent about the subject.

Right now the biggest dysphoria trigger is my job or rather some aspects of it. 881 more words


Ballet Squid Chronicles: Back to Monday Class Notes

Essentials tonight. Lovely, easy class: port de bras and épaulement hung together all through barre, full splits again, grand battement mostly sans barre, back to doing single-leg relevés on both sides. 569 more words


Dysphoria at its finest.

You’re just sitting there glancing, looking through the old and the new and all of a sudden you can feel it.

Feel that feeling where your eyes are becoming flooded and you’re trying your best to figure out why and what’s causing the liquid to start surfacing. 164 more words


Let's talk about ... gender dysphoria!

Actually I always thought that I just started to feel dysphoric about my body when I’ve figured out that I’m trans. When I was a kid I didn’t know the terms… 474 more words

Transgender Things

A Man & Mirrors: Reflections On Gender

Was I really born in the wrong body?

This is a question that has recently set up camp in my mind and invited all of its friends. 786 more words


Embodiment: Healing from Body Trauma and Dissociation

Recently, I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in a close friend’s wedding.  I’ve been to tons of weddings, but it was only the second time I’ve been in a wedding party.   2,965 more words

New Narratives

George Davis reblogged this on TRANS RESEARCH and commented:

This is an amazing article from a trans woman about healing and becoming connected to your body. She discusses dissociation, embodiment, walking meditation, doing a body scan, and dance. One of my deep convictions is that we need more research on multiple therapies for gender dysphoria. We lack studies, but we do have personal research from trans people's lives. From the article:

This is Not About Detransition

This is about helping you feel embodied.  Maybe that was your initial hope in transition?  I have transitioned, and it didn’t fix these dissociated symptoms.  Anecdotally most trans women I know still struggle with these issues after transition.  It’s important to remember that dissociation is a coping mechanism that we learn.  It makes sense that learned behavior would carry through transition.  I don’t care if you detransition or don’t.   I care that you heal.  Do what you want to do, with open eyes.