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F*ing weight

I feel like cutting it out. I know I can’t. I know that won’t work. I know it will just end me up in the hospital and with my luck another diagnosis. 234 more words

Background Information

My One Year Anniversary of Starting Hormones

It’s March 14th, 2016 which means that I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy for an entire year now.

The idea that it’s only been one year is such a mindfuck for me. 649 more words

Personal Essay

Adventures in Body Dysphoria: A Daily Timeline

6:30am –
Tall Man wakes up to go to work. Watch him through one sleepy, jealous, glowering eye because he’s a ripped Adonis and you look like a melted pig creature.

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When I am on my period,

I like to pretend there is a wound in between my legs, and I need to patch it up. … 116 more words

Body Dysphoria

I don’t write about my own experience with Body Stuff very often. I hint at it, here and there because it’s a part of my insecurities, but I haven’t really written about how I experience life in my body. 883 more words


What if I just stayed a woman 

Fuck this shit. Fuck this body dysphoria- this dystopian disaster rattling around in my brain. I’m sick of feeling like a foreigner trapped in my own head. 245 more words

Wednesday Class: Less Tired This Time

Barre today was challenging: Brienne stepped things up a notch, bringing in changes of body direction in long combinations. I got many, but not all, of them. 671 more words