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Practicing What You Preach: Body Image Vulnerablity

Ethics and values guide who we are. For the most part, I have a pretty strong set that I’ve developed over my lifetime through experience, education, and simply living. 1,101 more words


//don't ask me about my art, it's art for a reason//

Some days,
it’s a pebble in my shoe.

Some days,
it erupts
and I can’t even change my socks
because my toes and veins feel like… 270 more words


Dysphoria and how you manage it: 30-Week Genderqueer Challenge part 5

This post is part of my participation in the 30-day genderqueer challenge, which I have modified to a weekly exercise.

Today’s prompt: Dysphoria and how you manage it… 506 more words

F*ing weight

I feel like cutting it out. I know I can’t. I know that won’t work. I know it will just end me up in the hospital and with my luck another diagnosis. 234 more words

Background Information

My One Year Anniversary of Starting Hormones

It’s March 14th, 2016 which means that I’ve been on hormone replacement therapy for an entire year now.

The idea that it’s only been one year is such a mindfuck for me. 649 more words

Personal Essay

Adventures in Body Dysphoria: A Daily Timeline

6:30am –
Tall Man wakes up to go to work. Watch him through one sleepy, jealous, glowering eye because he’s a ripped Adonis and you look like a melted pig creature.

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