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Miért testgazdálkodás?

A gondolatébresztő ihletet Donna Gates, a Body Ecology Diet anyja adta. Sok diétát tanulmányoztam, szerintem ez a legoptimálisabb étrend. Nem diéta, nem egy pár hónapos önsanyargató megtartóztatás, hanem egy élhető, egész életre szóló rendszer. 384 more words

Body Ecology Diet

Salmon With Lemony Dill and Spinach Salad

Healthy clean meals don’t need to be boring and bland. Most of the meals I prepare tend to be quick and simple, no fuss, but loaded with flavor, and this one is no different. 199 more words

Healthy Meals

Eating Between

A writing friend of mine assigns themes to each year to guide her decisions through dating and life*, and I decided to steal from her a bit (it’s not plagiarism if I give her credit, right?) and apply a theme to my 2015, too. 665 more words


I Found A Solution!

“All disease begins in the gut”, Hippocrates is quoted as saying.

I have personal experience that has informed me, he may just have been right! 1,140 more words


Sunday Thoughts...

-I am grateful for my friends.  I am grateful that I reach out, when I am depressed.

-The Body Ecology Diet…

-My plan is to work at recovering from depression, everyday. 30 more words

Week 46: Sports and sandwiches, SIR!

I feel almost guilty in admitting: I have not watched any of the World Cup.  I say it makes me feel sort of guilty because it seems like the entire world stops for this tournament–even the annoying talk radio show my husband listens to every morning comments on it; you can practically hear them shrugging as they debate a sport they probably don’t care an ounce for.   807 more words


Week 44: Welcome, summer (finally)

Logan, Sadie and I sat on top of the wide, smooth boulder and looked out over the flooded park.  The wood chips were submerged on the east side, where the swings and slides were, and visible but dark and waterlogged on the west side.   838 more words