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Body Mass Index (BMI)

In my Fitness and Weight Loss Intro post, I stated that I would use the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a starting point to set weight loss goals. 399 more words


Results Are In! My 28-Day Challenge with Composition ID

Twenty-eight days ago, I did my first DEXA scan with Composition ID, a body fat composition testing company here in DC.  Since then, I’ve made a few tweaks with the aim of reducing my body fat percentage and lowering my total weight, outcomes that I am hopeful will improve my marathon times.   1,475 more words

Marathon Training

Jumping off point

To begin the ActivTrax 30-day challenge, I decided to start with some basic measurements that are commonly used in the fitness world when people are looking to make body modifications. 520 more words


Body Fat Measurement with Composition ID

Weight.  We all know that weight is just a number… that in addition to not telling us anything about a person’s worth or talents or soul or beauty or likelihood of landing on the cover of Sports Illustrated, it also doesn’t tell us all that much about their health. 1,144 more words


What Exactly is the Process?

One of main things that people are told when they start their fitness journey is to focus not on the results, but on the process. That leaves the question, what exactly is that process? 931 more words


Progress Pictures

I am sharing these pictures to show you how much you can accomplish in less than 2 months if you work hard and stay dedicated. I have lost nearly 15% body fat! 18 more words

Calipers and BodPods and Scales, Oh My!!

Yesterday, trainer mentioned that further on down the road I should seriously consider accurately measuing my body fat % with calipers. He told me that calipers can help pinpoint where my body holds fat, and from that we can make tweaks to my fitness, lifestyle and nutrition to help reduce fat in specific areas. 531 more words