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Abs Are Special

I’ve always dreamed of having visible abs. I’ve pictured being able to flex them in progress pictures and even show them off in public. But two years into my journey, my abdominal muscles are still not poking through. 343 more words

My Journey

Recommended Equipment for working out and tracking your progress

The first steps to getting started with working out and meal planning is having the equipment. I hate when I come across recommendations and it is over 50 things. 691 more words

Body Fat Percentage

Fettuccine Brussel Sprouts Bacon

Hiiiiiiii guys, hiiiiiiiiiiii!!   Please pardon my absence, I’ve been working really hard on this new product at work and it was starting to consume a lot of my energy.  12 more words



This will be my official tracking post. I will update it weekly/Monthly to track my progress:

Entry 1: Tuesday March 27th, 2018:
Weight: 224 lbs – 101 kg
Body fat%: 44.8%

Weight Loss

Body composition: what it is, how to measure it yourself, and how to see it improve

Body composition is a term often confused with body fat percentage or body mass index (BMI). But, they’re completely different things.

Body fat percentage is your total mass of fat divided by your total body mass, times 100. 1,086 more words


Update to Healthy Living 68 - 100 pound challenge complete!! | where to go from here | Keto lasagna

Challenge complete!

Technically, as of Saturday 3/17, it’s 102 pounds right now.  I started this journey on Sept 2016 at 372.2 pounds, so I’m about 18 months in and clocking in just a smidge above 270. 2,501 more words

Healthy Living

Did you date an addict?

Life on the cloud is beautiful in fantasies, but hard in a reality. Imagine that you are focused only on one thing, instead of many duties and obligations you should do the next day. 10 more words