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Congrats to Pretty P, Body Measure’s client of the month for November!

She has achieve great results in the past year. Pretty has reduced her body fat percentage from 18.9% to a lean 15.5% 138 more words



When I was a child I was pretty thin, a healthy thin, a thin with muscles built by the swimming pool and good nutrition. I started to have problems with my weight when I stopped doing synchronized swimming every day replacing it with a twice-per-week course. 747 more words


A week of macros on a high fat diet: progress report!

As most of you know (if you’ve read my previous posts), I recently embarked on a high fat diet. I had no energy, my hormones were messed up and carbs were making me bloated. 456 more words


Progress Report: Week 1

Making slight improvements,but putting this out there as a baseline for my progress. Today is August 25, 2016 and I weigh 168 lbs and have a body fat percentage of 26.8. 23 more words

Physical Characteristics & Performance of Tactical Personnel: Full-Time versus Part-Time

Research Paper Title

Differences in Physical Characteristics and Performance Measures of Part-Time and Full- Time Tactical Personnel: A Critical Narrative Review.


Tactical personnel such as military, law enforcement and fire and rescue personnel routinely perform physically strenuous occupational tasks, requiring strength, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.  209 more words

Military Fitness

The Last 3% - Or the Struggle to 10% Body Fat

I have been cutting my calories for quite a while now to get my body fat percentage down to ~10% before I go on a “bulk” (calorie surplus) so that I can add lean muscle mass. 417 more words


#17.Lost 5 inches all round; time for a wardrobe overhaul

After 5 months and 2 weeks of this journey towards my set weight goal, I have finally decided that I have no option but to get a completely new wardrobe. 1,268 more words