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2017-08-18 In the Name of Health

Today is Friday and this day is JAM PACKED with goodness. It’s not even 6AM but my body has decided that more sleep is just not going to happen. 791 more words


The Zone Body Fat Measurement Charts

If you guys seen me video of how to measure body fat % with a tape measure

Here are the charts! since the video doesnt really show it my appologies on that haha… 11 more words


Weigh In Day - Week 1

Hi Lean Dreamers,

As you know, I restarted my weight loss journey on 7/1/2017 and I’m determined to make this the last time I re-start it. 287 more words

Weight Loss Journey

The Scale I Use

Hey Lean Dreamers,

I wanted to take a moment to share the scale that I use to weigh myself because it’s awesome!

It’s a HoMedics HealthStation Glass Body Fat Scale… 127 more words

Weight Loss Journey

Day 2 of 120: Measurable Results vs Numbers Obsessed 

Today 6/27/17: Had an awesome Day 1. Felt energetic and mentally strong and focused. Started tracking macros, calories, and nutrients again. Didn’t have my usual evening binge urges! 289 more words

Should you use running as a way to lose weight? The answer may surprise you.

If you want to lose weight, it seems extremely logical that running would be one of the best methods by which to do so. It burns calories, leaves you drenched in sweat, and seems quite difficult, therefore it must be aiding your progress towards that summer beach body you’re looking for, right? 783 more words

Body Fat Percentage

You have to eat enough calories

The fitness world has you thinking that you have to eat 1200 calories and workout like crazy for you to loose weight and be healthy. 850 more words