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Weighing on my Mind

Obese. It’s a horrible word, laden with shame and judgement.

How did you let yourself get into this state?

I feel ashamed.

In terms of both BMI (30.1) and body fat percentage (29.4%), yesterday I was classed as obese.

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Train like a Pro (#2) – How to get basketball fit? (body fat percentage)

Basketball strength and conditioning – How to be a better basketball player?

In this series, I will break down what does it take to be a better basketball athlete and most important how to train for that. 362 more words
Fat Loss

Weight gain - unintentional

Unintentional weight gain is when you gain weight without trying to do so and you are not eating or drinking more.


Gaining weight when you are not trying to do so can have many causes. 162 more words

Body Fat

When to Contact a Medical Professional

Contact your health care provider if you have the following symptoms with the weight gain:

Body Fat

Home Care

A healthy diet and exercise program can help you manage your weight. Talk to your health care provider or a dietitian about how to make a healthy eating plan and set realistic weight goals. 18 more words

Body Fat


Excess adipose tissue on a human can lead to medical problems; however, a round or large figure does not of itself imply a medical problem, and is sometimes not primarily caused by adipose tissue. 81 more words

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In regards to adipose tissue increases, a person generally gains fat-related weight by increasing food consumption, becoming physically inactive, or both. When energy intake exceeds energy expenditure (when the body is in positive energy balance), the body can store the excess energy in a dense, high-energy form as fat. 184 more words

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