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Once twice three times a runner

Last night’s run made it three consecutive days where I ran. I haven’t run consecutively since I was a twenty-something circa 1990 BSP (before shin splints). 787 more words


A better weigh to monitor fat loss

When football stars train for the NFL Combine, they hop in a state-of-the-art device called the Bod Pod for a complete body composition analysis that tells them their ratio of lean muscle mass to body fat, along with their resting metabolic rate and estimated daily energy expenditure. 331 more words

Know your numbers to manage your weight


When we talk about knowing your numbers in order to manage your weight, we cannot help it, but think about the scale and how much we weigh. 825 more words


3 Things to Lose Weight Guaranteed. Big Time.

I used to be pretty big. At one point, I tipped the scale at 212 lbs (96kg). I’m 5’6″ (167cm). That’s big for a small guy. 889 more words


Body fat percentage.What is it?

Who is in the sport’s word, knows it is an important thing. If you want to be good-looking, you must keep your body fat percentage low. 117 more words


Renaissance Periodization: My Results and Review


Just after Thanksgiving, I started a 12-week cut on the Renaissance Periodization diet.  I previously wrote about it here, and some RP “hacks” for vegetarians are… 2,143 more words

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How to measure body fat percentage

How to measure body fat percentage

What is body fat percentage

If you have excessive weight and want to lose it, you should know what body fat percentage is. 303 more words

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