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My Starting Measurements

I’ve decided to invest in one of them fat tester calipers and a body tape measure. I’ve no idea how to use the fat tester so it’s a good job it comes with instructions!! 277 more words

Body Fat Percentage

How Getting a Six Pack Changes Your Life (And How It Doesn't)

Ahhh, the elusive six pack. For many, it’s the holy grail of fitness. But does your life really change after you’ve achieved one? Let’s take a look at the ways that getting a six pack changes your life and when it’s really just fool’s gold.

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Are you sleeping yourself fat?

There’s no doubt about it, sleep can make you fat.

But that’s not because you’re being a lazy bludger who’s hitting the snooze button on your alarm instead of getting up for your workout. 496 more words


What If We Can Overcome Our Genetic Weaknesses?

If it could be scientifically proven that regular exercise staves off common, life-shortening diseases despite your genetic make-up, would you feel differently about exercise?  We’re not quite there yet, but we are getting closer. 797 more words

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Weigh Ins and Workouts - Week 3

The focus was on eating well this week and stepping up the intensity and weights during training this week.  For the most part we have done this well, however this week we had a very exciting Ladies Night in Pannawonica.   625 more words


Do it for You!

I am now coming to the end of week six out of eight of my mini cut. The main reason for my cut was to shred some body fat for tour which I leave for two weeks today. 258 more words

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Six Pack Abs?

Six pack abs are often held up as the standard of a healthy, fit body with optimal body fat percentage and a good diet. Unfortunately for many people, women in particular, that’s not always true. 536 more words