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Weights And Measures

With each new tweak to my training regime my body changes accordingly.

First the weight drop over the fall and winter that accompanied my increased mileage. 142 more words

On Running

Benefits of Exercise

It’s about half-way into the year and I know I need a healthy reminder of my goals for this year. Here is a refresher on exercise, the benefits of exercise, and how to determine your workout intensity level. 250 more words

Paleo Experience

Time to Commit

Today I had a major planning session. I wrote down my plan for food in a big diary that is now where I write down my food, keep track of my fitness and sleep patterns. 502 more words

Body fat challenge!

So for a period of 8 weeks I had my body fat measurements taken at the beginning and at the end and drum roll please pretty much if we are rounding it to a solid figure lost 5% body fat! 191 more words

30 Something Blog

Fat: Making friends with this former dietary enemy

For years, we were told that eating fat was turning us all into fatty boombaladas, causing heart disease and sending us to an early grave. And so, everyone turned to the low-fat and no-fat “foods” that flooded the market. 538 more words


What does it mean to be healthy?

As we approach swimsuit season, I am sure many of us are making goals to look fit. While it’s a very good thing to make goals that involve eating better or being more active, achieving a certain body can be quite stressful, and when overdone, it could be unhealthy. 771 more words

Starting Down the Road to Physical Transformation (Part 1)

So you’ve decided that it is time to make a change. You want to be the best physical version of yourself that you can be. The road to “weight loss” is daunting and society has instilled in us numerous misconceptions about how to achieve that goal. 2,161 more words