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I Shaved My Arms

I’m a hairy person.

To give you an idea, I shave my legs approximately every other day in the fall, and every single day in the spring and summer. 355 more words

Body Hair

Reverse cat called on MLK

Today I shaved only my knees.

My ankles, calves, quads, hams are barbed like horse chestnuts,

And the hairs are a dark smattering like a black pen you left uncapped in your purse. 279 more words


It’s been a while, so I thought I’d give an update on how life is with a 13-year-old boy. We have a sudden newfound preoccupation with all things hair. 1,028 more words


Divine Secrets of a Furry Sisterhood.

In conversations with my lady friends over the years I’ve discovered two things that no one ever talks about, that we really should.

Every time these subjects come up it’s like… 321 more words

Feeling Awkward

Herstory Lesson: Frida Kahlo

Many people can recognize Frida Kahlo’s face, her self portraits are iconic, her eyebrows maybe even more so. But many people don’t know anything about her other than what they see on her canvases. 203 more words


Hairy McClairey

This summer I could grow my hair

Shaggy pits, fuzzy pins and spider-legs down there

Show the kids what a real woman looks like

But the idea fills me with fright… 161 more words


Hairy & Proud || My Shaving Story

In November of 2014, I stopped shaving. It sort of happened by accident – I was unwell for a couple of weeks which naturally led to me neglecting my usual grooming regime, then a few months down the line I was still hairy and had absolutely no plans to do anything about it. 921 more words