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The hairy diaries

The hairy diaries are going to be blog posts encapsulating kinda what it says on the tin, my hairiness and what society has to say about it! 67 more words


The Razor's Edge.

Since I was a teenager, I have been told by a multi-billion dollar corporation that the only way to reveal my inner goddess was to shed my body of it’s natural protective layer of hair. 1,383 more words

Body Hair Removal

Body hair can be as annoying as acne. If not more. You can heal acne with a healthy lifestyle and good skincare, but body hair is there, and will always be there. 732 more words


The Battle Against Body Hair

I can still remember getting my first (electric) shaver when I was about 14 years old – I couldn’t wait to use it and have silky soft legs at swimming, “like a real woman”. 684 more words

Musings And Thoughts

I Didn't Shave For Four Months. I Hoped It Would Free Me.

Most folks “let themselves go” a little bit while deployed. Our socializing is restricted to those on our crew, so eventually we stop worrying so much about putting up appearances, for better or worse. 893 more words


diggit magazine

The non-academic digital publication that I decided to delve deeper into is diggit magazineDiggit is a bilingual (English & Dutch) niche publication that is community driven and focuses on information dissemination regarding globalization, culture, and the arts. 269 more words


Dating with a Mental Illness

Here is an extract from an article I wrote for Glamour UK Magazine (online) which was a dream come true. It is my true story about what dating with bipolar and social anxiety is like. 19 more words