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Image: Feminine Toes

My toenails are painted a deep red; a colour I find deeply sexual. The polish shimmers as it catches the light, like moonlight off a pool of still water. 17 more words

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"I can do this!"

“No crying!!” Where my pep talks to myself as I made my way to the salon last weekend.  595 more words

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Dear Fortune by Tiah Marie Beautement

The great folks at FunDza has published my short story “Dear Fortune.”

Landisa has been given a diary and has named it Fortune. But Landisa’s ‘fortune’ isn’t great these days.

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Hardline feminist?

‘Hardline feminist?

Resister of of society’s preconceptions of femininity?

Or just a human without a razor?’

Recently a group of the Midwives were scandalised by a woman who arrived on to labour ward with proudly hair legs.  78 more words

I Swear I Don't Try to Be This Way

Ahhhh…massages. In a perfect world, massages are an über relaxing experience for the body and the mind.

But, when you’re an over-thinker, just because the lights are dim, there’s soft music playing, and you’re laying on a comfy, heated table, doesn’t mean your brain immediately takes a vacation. 404 more words


The best ways to remove body hair

It’s 2017 and people need to get over body hair. Whether you want it on or off, it’s your choice and always remember that.

For those that want it gone, let’s go through the best products for removal without hurting yourself. 691 more words