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To shave or not to shave

Eleven days ago at the 74th annual Golden Globe Awards, actress Lola Kirke walked the red carpet in a stunning baby pink Andrew Gn gown… and grown-out armpit hair. 398 more words

Body Hair

On The Subject Of: Laser Hair Removal

Everyone stops and stares at a woman with confidence, surely she must wake up like that? WRONG!

Women love to feel the warm summer breeze on our skin, it makes us feel feminine and lioness-like basking in the sun, soaking up the glow. 427 more words


Should women have body hair?

Today, women and their relationship with body hair is becoming more and more widely spoken about. With social media’s aid in the boom of feminism, more and more women are exploring their choices and realising that whether or not they remove their body hair is their choice, and not one to be determined by their partner or society. 730 more words



When I began, it was paint. When I was young, a pencil and pen. Lines and shades would fill each corner of each page of each sketchbook. 189 more words

Untamed Wilderness

When my now grown up son was a little boy, I remember reading a book about animals to him, and it explained how, way back when lions were emerging as a species, male lions grew manes as these made them look bigger and more powerful. 463 more words

Why do we all pretend we have a choice when it comes to body hair?

I genuinely thought I had “choice” until I stopped removing my body hair at the beginning of 2016. I’m well aware that as a white woman in Britain I am incredibly privileged, and have a great deal more freedom than most women throughout the world. 685 more words


Yasmeen Thantrey's photography embraces natural body hair

“As a small brown girl growing up in a predominantly white community I always stood out among my peers.  Even with my friends, my appearance would become a target for jokes and teasing. 300 more words

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