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Name: Millie Sykes
Age: 22
Star sign: Virgo
IG alias: @milliesykess

LH: Millie, thank you for being our first blog post! We’re super stocked to interview you. 1,156 more words


Self Love: Body Hair Edition

A guide to loving your natural fuzz—or bush—or forest—or jungle. You get the picture. 978 more words

Body Hair

Efforts in Befriending my Body (also, that one time I didn't shower for 4 days)

I grew up in purity culture (Here’s an article that looks helpful after a quick look, for anyone looking for a definition/examples of this). From a very early age in Fundamental Evangelical Christianity, I learned things about my body that I’m still struggling to untangle. 760 more words


Things that are absolutely, definitely normal about women's bodies

Trigger warning: much of the language used in this post refers largely to cisgender women’s bodies. While I completely support and am an ally to the transgender and non-binary members of my community, I can only speak from my experiences as a cisgender woman. 1,033 more words

The Nono: My Opinion

I have no rights to any image used as it does not belong to me.

The Nono is a very famous hair removal product that promises painless permanent hair removal after only a few uses. 462 more words


Body Hair Vs. Feminism

Should we keep our unshaven arms down when we are in public? Should it be compulsory for us to forcefully rip the hair out of our vaginas before a date? 496 more words