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Waxing poetic

I identify as queer in regards to sexuality, and genderqueer in relation to gender. I have dated gay, bi, queer and pansexual women, and straight, queer, trans and questioning men. 533 more words

I Have No Issue With My Hairy Legs And Neither Should You

In my early 20’s, my legs were always shiny and free of hair. After all, I had people to impress, I guess. As time went on, and I became comfortable with my then boyfriend (now husband), I’d become more lax about shaving. 419 more words

Millie Mackintosh gets body shamed for hairy legs

When Millie Mackintosh posted a photo from her holiday in a French ski resort we weren’t expecting to see an argument about body shaming and feminism. 119 more words


An Open Letter to Teenage Girls

As a woman of almost 40 who has no daughters, I have been insulated from the world of teenage girls for quite some time. But recently, through the experiences of friends and family members who do have teenage daughters, I have got a glimpse of just how hostile the world is for girls, how it turns you against yourselves and against each other. 1,191 more words

This my body,my home. 

I really hope you enjoy this little poem I guess . It was just an idea about how I’ve learned to love my body because it’s the only one I’ve got and it’s also super cool. 209 more words


Stop Commenting on My Garden

By Katy Chamoun

Shit. What have I done to myself? A couple of text messages and winky faces are exchanged and I’m left with a huge ass dilemma. 1,306 more words