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How Do Insecurities Become Accepted? *probably TMI*

Recently, one of my friends asked how I’m so comfortable being naked in front of new people.

When I’m about to get undressed in front of someone for the first time, I pay little attention to what they’re going to think of me, I just get naked. 806 more words


6 Things You Must Consider Before Starting Laser Hair Removal

So I’ve started laser hair removal as a way to deal with my pesky body hair. As an Indian girl, I’m more than familiar with the usual brown girl struggles – one of which is hair. 1,515 more words

British Asian

I started shaving again after a year and you should still do whatever you want with your body.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I have a love/hate relationship with shaving. I don’t like performing in-shower acrobatics and pulling muscles, but I also don’t like getting my hair snagged in my clothes or that sweaty, itchy feeling during the summer. 513 more words


Trying Again

For those that stay updated with this site

Welcome back! It’s pretty obvious that blogging has moved down on my priority list in recent years. I started this blog when I started community college and was dead set on keeping up the creative flow that bloomed in my brain when I was younger. 596 more words


Waxing lyrical about women and body hair

I can still remember the first time I shaved my legs. As a young teenager, I took a used Bic razor I found lying on the side of the bath and with little more than a film of soap, hacked away at my black haired covered legs. 695 more words

Blog 8- Calm Before The Storm

Hey guys,

Welcome back! So this post is gonna be all over the place because I’m gonna cover armpits, Beyonce, and even Hurricane Irma!

So, about two weeks ago, the 2017 MTV VMAs were on. 511 more words