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White Underwears Aren't So Difficult

I had never had white underwears before. I was considerate and cautious after what had happened to all the white things that I ever owned, white shoes, white formal shirts, white G Shock watch (which I still wear after regular Colin scrubs). 279 more words


Embracing Body Hair

“American women who shave will spend, on average, more than ten thousand dollars and nearly two entire months of their lives managing unwanted hair.” (1)

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Hi y’all,

Here’s a short-ish story I wrote for a writing class I’m taking down here. It’s about pit hair and its pitfalls. Enjoy.

The last parts of my body that dry off are my armpits. 1,519 more words


Guide to Body Hair Management

Have you come across any of these situations?

  • Do people stare at your gorilla-like chest hair when you walk shirtless in a beach?
  • Are you embarrassed to wear shorts due to hairy legs?
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Product Review

Here's What She Really Thinks Of Your Body Hair

What do women think about men’s body hair? Are they still crazed over beards? What about chest hair? And do they prefer you be bare down there? 1,215 more words


My experiments with body hair

What do you think when you see a woman with body hair? After nearly two years of experiments (at my previous workplace), I have found some answers. 280 more words

My last Hormone, or why I don't want to go Bald. 

Doctors. One says yes to Hormone replacement. The other says no.

The No doctor says to me:  “do you shave your feet?”

Me:  ” I rarely have to shave my legs.   95 more words