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7 Focal Points For Older Guys To Look And Feel Younger

We have all seen the classy older guy who seems to not age.  We have also watched horrified as most men fight their old age very poorly.   1,159 more words

How To

Razor Burn

“My son is a man now!” Dad grins. A new set of shiny blades stands proudly next to the wash basin.

“Shhh. Nobody should even know you bought these.” Mom whispers. 156 more words


Blog 6- Embracing Your Hair

Hey guys,

Welcome back! Today’s final post will be about embracing your body hair. Focusing on those who are and how it makes them feel. And hopefully takes you, the reader, one step closer to doing the same. 588 more words

It's a beautiful day

This is a piece about PCOS (hirsutism) and anxiety, and how it affects day to day life as a woman. Part 1 of 2. 

The sunlight beamed through the dark, closed blinds as I laid as still as a corpse, trying to ignore the start of yet another day. 574 more words


Makeup Your Mind

(I’m close to reaching my goal of 250 posts. What happens then? I don’t know).

I’ve just read a story about someone who went for 30 days without makeup… 1,135 more words


Body hair and confidence

I don’t wax or shave — at all. I trim the unrulier patches and get regular hair cuts for the hair on the top of my head, but if my body grows hair somewhere, then I have hair there. 1,395 more words


Body Hair

Current patriarchal beauty standards seem to dictate that men are only “manly” when they have a lot of body hair, and women can only be pretty and “feminine” if they lack it. 1,351 more words