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The Void: Hell Never Looked This Good

The Void is a Canadian horror film written and directed by Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski, released wide in early 2017. It follows a small group of people in a hospital who experience strange and violent occurrences involving a mysterious cult. 633 more words


Bland Biliousness: The Fly II (1989)

So, last week on Video Shop Daze, I revisited David Cronenberg’s The Fly (1986). A televised rerun prompted the revisiting of this delightfully discomforting contribution to the… 694 more words

Let's talk about "Get Out"

I recently saw the film Get Out, written and directed by Jordan Peele and starring Daniel Kaluuya and was blown away. I have a feeling that this post won’t be able to encompass all the things I want to say about  942 more words


Replace (2017) - REVIEW - Fantasia

Next up in my Fantasia Int’l Film Festival 2017 coverage lineup is Replace from German-born director, Norbert Keil. (i know “German-born” doesn’t really convey any relevant info, but it beefs this intro up a bit) 483 more words


Waking on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Sarah hit the ground; hard. It felt like it was all happening in slow motion. She could feel her nose breaking, her teeth shattering, her eyes bursting in their sockets. 2,324 more words

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