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Video Stars Proof Copy of Zippered Flesh 3 (Warning: Best Not Be Eating When You Get to the End)

Well, I couldn’t resist it, and I do have a story in it, an actually gentle science fiction musing called “Golden Age” at last place in the contents.  69 more words


Scourge Champions - Lifebreaker Oasna

It took a small army of ghouls, necromancers and wights to take down the Orcish warrior known as Felbreaker Oasna. The Scourge recovered his mangled body morphed what remained of his carcass into a twisted mass of flesh and bone that resembled but an echo of his former self, a creature of unrelenting torment as recompense for his defiance. 71 more words


#Mashed Now Available as an Audiobook

#Mashed: The Culinary Delights of Twisted Erotic Horror is now available as an audiobook from Audible. It features 17 twisted, weird, depraved and hilarious erotic stories all linked by a culinary theme, including my story, P.A.C.D: The Kitchen of Tomorrow, Today. 86 more words


G&H Body Horror Anthology Live for Pre-Order

Can’t resist reprinting this just-received press release from Gehenna & Hinnom (seeing as how I’m mentioned in it):  MISSISSIPPI, September 30th, 2017:  C.P. Dunphey, critically acclaimed author of PLANE WALKER, has collected 40+ stories from the best up-and-coming authors in horror for Gehenna & Hinnom’s debut collection, THE YEAR’S BEST BODY HORROR 2017 ANTHOLOGY.  235 more words



When a medical simulation dummy becomes a surrogate father figure (wait, what?)…well, let’s just say you’re in for some serious weirdness. Pin, aka, Pin: A Plastic Nightmare… 371 more words

80s Horror Movies

FUN! FUN! A twisted tale of fandom gone horribly wrong.

My little Pony. You’ve probably heard of it. A delightful childrens cartoon that in the last few years has found a massive fandom from a most unorthodox group of people: Grown men. 164 more words

Mythic Love

We live in a post-romance era, when sentiment or lust is mistaken for the sensations of the heart. Yet co-directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead’s Spring describes a love and a movie for the ages. 870 more words

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