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More people want Allegra Geller dead than even Anita Sarkeesian. eXistenZ is the reality-bending game she developed that is taking the world by storm.

When Geller (Jennifer Jason Leigh) survives a failed assassination attempt at a focus group test launch of her new game, one with “just enough free will to make it interesting,” she’s shown to safety by a security guard, Ted Pikul (Jude Law). 411 more words

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Parasyte -the maxim- Series Review

The world can be a very terrifying place. The people who surround us on a daily basis, for example, can be a great source of unknown knowledge and horrors. 2,351 more words


My Thoughts On Corpse Party

When I first came across this horror game I was instantly hooked on it (available on PSP.) I feel weird admitting to playing stuff like this because it most certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted. 660 more words



By Buster Hudson. (Twine; IFDB; download to play)

Time to completion: 10-15 minutes (your mileage may vary)

Three cycles since fecundation. The pharates can taste our thoughts.

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Directed by Travis Z

Starring: Samuel Davis, Gage Golightly & Matthew Daddario

Eli Roth’s original body horror vision (back in 2002) was a smash hit that pretty much consolidated the unknown newcomer as the future of horror. 573 more words


0541 | Evolution

The second film by Lucile Hadžihalilović is an odd blend of different genres, successfully serving as minimalist sci-fi, ethereal seaside folk tale and unsettling body horror (though it’s worth stressing at this early stage that… 659 more words

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