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(2005) Funky Forest: The First Contact

Dude I fucking loved this. It’s totally shitty at times but I don’t know, this was such an experience watching this. For those who aren’t at all familiar with this movie, it’s a Japanese anthology horror/comedy. 145 more words

Body Horror

Movie Review: "Antiviral"

The cult of the celebrity is already at manic heights in our society. A new religion for the age of media saturation, in which tabloid bibles and paparazzi prophets spread the gospel of what each of these neo-idols does, says, and thinks, so that we can all vicariously experience their existence, however minutely or mundane, and hopefully even distract from our own personal situations, shortcomings, frustrations.   619 more words


ATOM Kaiju File #34: Pathogen

Aliases: The Ultimate Pathogen, The Omega Virus, The Eater of the World

Date Discovered: October 13th, 1954

Place of Origin: The Siberian Monster Zone

Notable Stomping Grounds: 366 more words