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Monday Fiction: Her Last Breath

By Alice Tordoff


The air is bursting to escape my chest. I hold it down despite the pain tightening throughout my lungs and throat. I can’t breathe. 567 more words



She squatted with her hips
turned-out, froggy
and studied the corners of the house.

She sought shadows there—silhouettes
lengthened by a setting Sun, longer memory. 311 more words

Dark Poetry

"Contracted" (2013)

By Jerome Reuter

Earlier this year, I sat down with Canadian horror film Thanatomorphose. I also reviewed it not to long ago, and praised it as a bold new addition in the annals of body/extremity horror. 558 more words


NOIRVEMBER 016 ~ David Cronenberg's The Fly

Is there anything more noir than the mad scientist?

The definition of hubris, they are nearly always their own downfall. And why? Drive, determination, a sense they should and can do good but eventually the world won’t let them. 992 more words


Spring (2015)

Life is not good for Evan. He is wanted by the law, unemployed, and on the run from a pair of criminals who want a violent payback from a bar fight.  348 more words


THE HALLOW (2015) - Review

2015 has been one of the best years for horror in recent memory – between It Follows, Goodnight Mommy, Crimson Peak, and now THE HALLOW… 495 more words