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Jim worked in a field that left his definition of “deceased” a little blurred.

It had sort of called to him ever since he was a child – that desire to distort the line between life and death, to explore what he could outside the bounds of “nature.” His father had been a pious man, a preacher, but where his mother had been quiet and kind, his father had been cruel and his words had rang out like God himself was using him as an amplifier. 2,074 more words


From Dusk till Dawn

Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Year of release: 1996

Vampires are wonderful creatures aren’t they. Whether they’re sexy or scary vampires are fun villains and  526 more words

Body Horror

Chewing Out From An Eyesocket Soon At A Bargain Rate

and other sad fates await later this week! On the preliminary ballot for the 2014 Stoker Awards and ready for your eager eyes. Only $.99 this coming Friday.

Speculative Fiction

The Bat People

Directed by: Jerry Jameson

Year of release: 1974

Some films are easier to sell in a brief description. According to IMDB The Bat People is about one mans transformation into a  712 more words

Body Horror

(2016) Swiss Army Man

A couple things; go on imdb for the description, I’m too lazy to formulate a short coherent plot analysis. I’m going to roughly go over some themes in the movie, no spoilers don’t worry, I’m just going over general character dynamics. 321 more words

Body Horror


Directed by: Don Barton, Arnold Steven

Year of release: 1971

Sometimes a film can sell you it’s entire tone in the first five minutes. Some take the… 533 more words

Body Horror