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the city can change so quickly: An interview with Alex Smith, author of HIVE

Alex Smith is the author of Muzzleland Press’ latest novella, HIVE, a Cronenbergian descent into urban paranoia, reproduction, body horror, abortion, and so much more. 1,343 more words

A Month of Horror: Videodrome

Now we cover one of the greats! We look at David Cronenberg’s 1983 Body Horror classic Videodrome, placed at an interesting point in Cronenberg’s career, previously establishing himself as the Horror maestro of the Canadian film scene with… 379 more words

A Month Of Horror 2016

New Release: HIVE by Alex Smith

Muzzleland Press is proud to announce the release of HIVE by Alex Smith, a descent into urban and body horror. Now available on Amazon for Kindle and in paperback. 98 more words


Girl, You’ll be a Monster Soon

“Wrists are for girls. I’m slitting my throat”, proclaims Ginger Fitzgerald, rolling a kitchen knife over a pale wrist in the opening scene of Ginger Snaps… 2,032 more words

Body Horror

(2007) Trick r' Treat

This is such an incredibly fun movie that blends comedy and horror perfectly. The makeup direction is fantastic and well, everything looks-wise is successful. I’ve only seen one other Dougherty movie,  149 more words

Body Horror

31 Days of Horror 2016, Day 16: Bite (2015)

I chose this movie based purely on the fact that last year, I read that it made movie goers literally barf in the theatre. As someone who considers themselves to have a pretty high ick-factor, I naturally had to see what all the hype was about. 621 more words


The After Word: Faces of Fear

Let’s talk about John Saul. John Saul is a horror author who’s…kinda popular but only really among horror fans. He doesn’t have the deep understanding of character that Stephen King does or a unique style like Anne Rice. 1,296 more words

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