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the evil spirit of the beehive (notes)

i read this on the plane, and now i feel the need to lay off the sugar. Reader fatigue is real; we cant put off reading the classics until we’re older and wiser. 682 more words


Isolation (2005)

This moody, Irish film does a whole lot with not very much. The characters were excellently cast, the small cow farm turns horrifying with a few lighting tricks, and I have absolutely no complaints about the eventual “look” of the monster. 711 more words


Chapter 11- The Worst Day in Living Memory

Carla thought she was opening her eyes, based on the fact that she could see again. Then again, it didn’t feel anything like opening her eyes usually felt. 1,335 more words

The Red And The Rest

Antichrist (2009)


Like all truly great works of modern art, Antichrist seems to divide opinion completely. However, those that hate it are wrong. It is a flawed work, but flawed in such a way that it merely enriches and enlivens the film. 109 more words

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It Hatches

It Hatches

Inside the egg, Scott is neither awake nor asleep. Held tight within the folds of membrane, his consciousness is drifting in blissful detachment. He’s aware of the changes in his body. 178 more words

Digital Art

Love is Blind

She only ever seemed to laugh or cry, she said she was tired of being sad
So I tried telling more jokes, cuddling till my arm fell asleep, I became much more rad… 100 more words