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I apologize if this isn’t the most coherent thing you’ve ever read, but events have occurred that make it difficult to be coherent in the first place. 2,228 more words


(1983) The Boxer's Omen

I seriously don’t even know where to begin with one. It’s just a fucking crazy, psychedelic, black magic filled, religious, pseudo kung-fu fucking pile of weirdness. 60 more words

Body Horror

As promised, GS2 Art for your eyeballing pleasure.

Just some of the concept art for the new book. I wanted to go for something a lot more ostentatious this time. Because this book, frankly is fucking crazy, like off it’s tits on speedballs cheesegrater cyborg crazy. 104 more words


Videodrome isn’t my favorite Dave Cronenberg movie – that would be Rabid, warts and all – but it is one of his best. This is a film that predicted the rise of easily accessible pornography and the packaging of sex & violence (really sexual violence) as mainstream entertainment. 336 more words


ALIEN: COVENANT and the Search for Ridley Scott -- A Gehenna Post Review

Nearly 40 years ago, 38 to be precise, audiences were stunned with a film that would not only spawn a franchise, but also create an entire science fiction legacy, atop of the fire that it would breathe into the life of one director’s career–none other than Ridley Scott, who would go on to craft such films as  1,183 more words