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Becoming me again.

It’s been 2 years since I last took a blade to my skin. It’s been 2 years since I gave into the urge and harmed myself. 181 more words

Body Positive

Your Body is Not the Problem. Society is.

So many of us think about the parts of our bodies that we would like to change. It doesn’t help that we are bombarded with messages both subliminally and overtly in our technology-laden world and part of a culture that is grossly superficial. 427 more words

My Best Friend ED, Pt. 1

WARNING: May be triggering to those struggling with eating disorders and/or body image issues. 

There’s a voice that lives inside my head. Typically I refer to this voice as “ED,” even though it’s a woman’s voice. 549 more words

The Negative Side Of Body Positivity That We Really Need To Think About

I prefer to emphasize a positive mind over “body positive”

Don’t get me wrong- I 110% support the body positive movement. I believe in everything it stands for and I think it’s something we really need in today’s society. 610 more words

Slimming World update: dealing with your first gain

I wanted to quickly update you guys on my progress with my weight loss journey. I’ve been really enjoying trying new food and losing weight with Slimming World, but what happens when you get too over confident?  402 more words

Slimming World

Body Image

Looking in the mirror, I try to suck in my belly trying to achieve the perfect toned and lean stomach of the models I have seen in the beauty magazines which my mother keeps in the living room coffee table. 400 more words

Meet the eating disorder survivor whose illustrations are inspiring women to love their bodies

Christine Yahya, known as Pink Bits on Instagram, is pretty much a body positivity icon.

She’s got more than 28,800 followers on Instagram, where she shares illustrations of all kinds of women – different sizes, races, sexualities, and more – and has dedicated herself to the celebration of all bodies. 1,098 more words