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Where I am right now

So with work and everything, I haven’t been posting as much.  I am still here, still starving myself everyday and engaging in countless questionable activities.  Following my last post, I got myself tested for everything…EVERYTHING.   500 more words

Just Life

Social Media and the Desperation for Approval

Good morning, lovely people! I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop, as usual, sipping on a Mocha Latte. When I woke up this morning, I opened up Facebook and saw a video that Sadie Robertson had posted recently. 477 more words

The Girl in the Mirror (Part IV): The Boy in the Mirror

There is a guy in my fellowship program who has the body of an underwear model. This is not an exaggeration. He has washboard abs without Photoshop and pillows for pecs without implants. 1,367 more words

Learning to REBEL

Last week on Sisterwives, Beth knocked us all sideways with her courageous honesty and her battle cry in favour of a movement which is gaining momentum (especially online) at the moment – that all people (but most especially women, who seem to (for many and varied reasons) cop the worst of this body-image shit) accept themselves just as they are, and acknowledge the things about them which are physically beautiful, that they develop soul-deep knowledge that they are (physically) completely acceptable, and that they focus at least as much on making their whole person a beautiful one, rather than a miserable or harmful one. 2,183 more words



My 21 month old is drawn, like a magnet, to our bellies– if he sees a bare belly he runs to pat it and say “bebbie.” I am learning to see and experience it as a blessing. 727 more words

Day To Day

Say no to body shaming and yes to body positivity.

Who has heard of Tess Holliday aka Tess Munster?

In 2013 she started the #effyourbeautystandards movement on Instagram, encouraging people to love their bodies and be proud of their bodies no matter their size. 550 more words

Body Image