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Nicky Morgan is smart, not vain, to avoid 'unflattering' BBC lighting

When I wrote a piece about bare breasts being shown on UK advertising billboards for the first time (for a good cause, preventing cancer), I was told by commenters online that I was too ugly to write about the subject. 682 more words


Disordered Eating

This term refers to food habits and eating patterns that are abnormal- that go against biological drives to feed ourselves. Anytime we restrict or over-indulge our intake we are at risk of disordered eating. 653 more words

Body Image: My Story - The Good, the Bad, and, of course, the Ugly (pt. 2)

Part of me didn’t want to write part 2 of this series. There are a lot of feelings wrapped up in writing it. Part of me didn’t want to revisit those feelings. 1,105 more words

Mental Health

Dancing a Life

Becoming Who I Was is a 2017 documentary about a Buddhist boy in the highlands of northern India who discovers that he is the reincarnation of a centuries-old Tibetan monk. 621 more words


Brave Woman and Rebellion

These days I spend five to six, sometimes seven, days a week with children, most of them five years and under, with the occasional six-ten year old in there. 1,826 more words

Thinking in Black and White: Sometimes, You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it, Too

We often find ourselves thinking in all or nothing terms, meaning that, at times, we erroneously believe that things have to be fully one way or fully another, with no possibility for nuance, or an in-between. 639 more words

When the desserts come out at the party...

Move away.

It was my Godson’s birthday party today. I’m from a big family, so birthday parties are usually big, happy affairs with plenty of food and an abundance of cakes and desserts. 301 more words