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Mental health Mondays-How I've been treated since my diagnoses

So todays Mental Health Monday will be in blog form, reason 1 being that I hate the way I look at the moment, reason 2 is that I am lacking motivation to film and edit and reason 3 is that its actually so nice to sit and vegetate in my pyjamas but still produce something. 695 more words

#12: Diet Plans

Hello everyone,

Today a thought had occurred to me – what foods are ‘healthy’ and what foods will actually help me get closer to my lean body goals? 501 more words


Fashion meets blogging and volunteering

On the way to meet my uncle today, before we headed to take pictures for future blog posts, today’s post came to mind.

I’ve talked a lot about personal belief and self image in recent posts and today, I wanted to talk about what helped me to gain this new found confidence. 349 more words


Fitness and Self-Esteem

Hi website visitors,I recently received a lovely email and some cool questions from a journalist working for the website, POPSUGAR, (http://www.popsugar.com/), a wellness website which claims more than a billion visitors per year. 434 more words

General Public Blog

Learning To Say I Am Enough

We’re always striving for something, and those who’re struggling with body image, and self-worth may feel like this is a never-ending, up-hill battle.
It’s like the song we used to sing as kids. 641 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

The Courage to be Vulnerable

(Photo Cred to my girl Jenna Kutcher)

When I started this blog, I thought I would be sharing the things I’m learning about nutrition. I pictured lots of science-y posts about carbohydrates and cholesterol, protein and fat. 561 more words


Not feminine enough

Thought Trigger: Grunthus Grumpus’ article

It was my own misogyny that very early on, I had decided that I am not going to be pretty. I was not an ugly kid, but I still decided that I won’t be pretty.

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