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The Gospel of Self-Love, According To Ericka Hart.

 Do you feel like you’re doing this self-love thing all wrong?

I do. Well, I used to. I used to feel so much frustration and rage at the uphill battle that is this quest to be more compassionate with myself. 684 more words

Body Musings

One Month Down

Wow, Y’all! It has been a whole month since surgery. Can you believe that?! I know I can’t! Well considering the fact that I have three days to go before I can start eating soft foods, I can kinda believe it. 751 more words

Weight Loss

It's About To Get Real

For the love of bullet points …

  • I do not like not knowing how to do makeup.
  • I do not like this side of me.
  • 205 more words

Shame on you, shame on me

“You’re wearing too much, you’re too covered up.”

“You’re not wearing enough.”

“You’re too fat.”

“You’re too thin.”

Body shaming comes in all forms. Don’t believe me? 493 more words


Body image- skinny shaming

Hi everyone,

Welcome back to a well deserved blog post.

Nowadays we hear many people discuss body image and fat shaming but we often forget that skinny shaming is a thing too. 385 more words


3 Easy Steps to Success

Once you have made the decision to not care about every single person’s comments, criticisms and bullying, you are FREE. You can do whatever you want without the need to please or stay low on the radar of society. 945 more words

Body Image

One time I was called a...

Let’s set the scene, shall we?

So, my grandpa turned on the heat in the house today.  My running motivation was right above “no way” and just below “apathetic” (is it just me, or the days we have shorter runs planned are the days we have the hardest time getting out the door?).   750 more words