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the first meeting

if anyone read my post about ms. allison(i bet no one did), and remembers it(again, i bet no one did), then this is kinda a follow up to that post? 183 more words


On Entering Another Year Gracefully

There comes a point in every young person’s life when they realize they no longer care that much about youth.

Perhaps the moment of transformation takes place when your New Year’s Eve concerns switch from whether you’ll have enough cool plans to whether you’ll have too much happening to actually enjoy yourself. 405 more words

Ashes Ashes

When the sky falls

And angels cry

When no one cares

To see the sadness behind your smile

When the sea dries up

And the bridges collapse… 137 more words


It's 28 degrees, I live in Florida, and I have no pants.

Some days, I have big dreams. For instance, today I dream that one morning, I will wake up and discover that the fashion fairy has magically granted me an entirely new wardrobe. 163 more words


Digging Deeper

Came across this article recently and thought I’d share it.

Go Deeper, Not Wider

It talks about committing to a year of not starting anything new or making any major purchases. 138 more words

Bodywreckers: The Ones Counting Calories

Dear Bodywrecker,

Or in your case, I should have addressed this post with a ‘dear pro mathematician’. After all, you have become better at mental math than most abacus practitioners, calculating the calories for every little snack. 298 more words

Is it possible to be body positive and want to lose weight?

There can’t be a woman on the planet who hasn’t thought about slimming down, at some point or other.

And increasingly, dudes are feeling the pressure to shred down – thanks to our generation’s #fitspo obsession online. 1,985 more words