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It's time we stopped being ashamed of our scars

I used to be incredibly insecure about my scars.

As someone who used to self-harm, I have scars up my arms and across my hips. Because of these, getting into a bikini on the beach was always a major issue for me – as was looking at myself in my underwear. 1,755 more words


I'm a medium-fat person and I'd maybe go on The Biggest Loser

Last year this American Life* put out an amazing podcast about women’s bodies, for which Ira Glass interviewed the author Roxanne Gay.

Roxanne said, almost immediately, something that summed up my feelings on my place in the world so completely my heart literally skipped a beat, maybe. 1,461 more words


Body Image - Christine Valters Paintner 

“The more we strive to achieve external standards of beauty and acceptability by manipulating our image, the more distant we feel from who we really are. 54 more words

Inspiring Blogs

You are beautiful. 

To think about ourselves in this society is a little bit selfish. But however, with all these new “get fit” programs it’s common to see people going to the gym. 315 more words


Fat girl in a thin world.

Society sucks. So do some physicians in the medical field. We live in a thin minded society, where thin is best, forget the rest. There’s all these studies and opinions on if you weigh “this much” you’re just doomed. 241 more words

Getting that Spring Break Beach Bod

Spring break can be a lot of things. It could be going home to see family – and if you’re lucky – going on a trip with family (yay for free vacations!). 818 more words


Building Your Own Confidence

With the popularity of social media and the ability to “peek” into others lives, insecurity has the perfect breeding ground. The thing about social media is that most people are only posting about the good things, only posting the best of 200 selfies, and sometimes even exaggerating moments. 1,031 more words

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