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This health coach's before and after photo proves losing weight isn't the key to being happy with your body

The majority of the before and after photos and transformation Tuesday photos we see popping up on our Instagram stick to a similar theme.

The person has dedicated themselves to getting fit and healthy. 1,238 more words


Bra company employees wear E-cup 'breast weights' for a day to gain a better understanding of women

A bra company is making their male staff understand what it is like to live with E-Cup breasts, by asking them to wear weights of 2.2-3.5lbs (the estimated weight of E-cup breasts) around their necks.  353 more words


Life before death

Whenever I find myself slipping back into old ways and the ever-persistent wrath of ED, I think about my own death.

I know, I know. Thinking about such a morbid event doesn’t exactly sound like the best way to boost your mood. 1,003 more words


Learning to love yourself after an eating disorder

Recovering from an eating disorder is hard. Every step of the way you’re fighting against the help that you want but can’t accept. I think that the hardest part though is the part you have to do alone: learning to be comfortable as you are. 286 more words


Body Image 1: Damage Dressed As Support

“How much have you lost?”

Joy, confidence, time, security

Everything that makes me happy.

But that’s not the answer they want! 461 more words


Burkini Ban: How an Innocent Pun Became Another Way to Erase Muslim Women

The burkini.

One of the greatest inventions of our time; an active attempt by Muslims to integrate into society by allowing Muslim women to spend time on public beaches while being dressed in a way that makes them comfortable. 552 more words


It's the size that matters...

Greetings from Ubud. It’s been a while since I wrote, life has it’s ups and downs and let’s face it, even when you are on a perpetual “holiday” days and weeks and months can be chaotic. 1,493 more words