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January 22nd, 2018

Normally I work out five to six times a week. Or at least I used to. On my old routine.

I’m trying to be okay with not working out every day. 176 more words

Bodywrecker: The Ones with Height Issues

Dear Bodywrecker,

Do you feel like everyone in the room towers over you? Then this one’s for you, for you may be tiny, but you are a massive bodywrecker. 315 more words

Body Image

I think we should start today with a little quiz. Everyone happy with their body, please raise your hand.

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I figure this to be about the time that some of your resolutions to start the year as a healthier, new you have been extended to 2019. 2,060 more words


I am a woman.

I am not an apple, a pear or a device measuring the passage of time. I am a woman, a living, breathing beautiful being.

STOP. Trying to fit me in a shape, I am boundless. 471 more words


Be Proactive

So yesterday I had a photo shoot to update all of my pictures. As my lovely stylist was doing my hair and make-up, we were watching YouTube videos. 253 more words


A thank you letter to my body

Dear Body,

I know we’ve had a tumultuous relationship for quite some time now. I hope you can see that lately I’ve been trying to do better. 498 more words

My Journey

I’ve started this blog to talk about body love and about being comfortable in one’s own skin. We are all unique creatures. Each of us have our own eccentricities that make us special. 533 more words