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My Gender Reflection

I wrote this for a gender, media & technology class a little while back. Enjoy.

As the fourth daughter born to a Chinese household, I always felt constructed as a girl since birth, even when my mom dressed me in “boy” hand-me-downs from my cousins Michael and Daniel. 886 more words

Talking To Myself

Fitness blogger gets real about her post-baby body

Body-related pressure is always frustrating.

The pressure to have a tiny waist, a big bum, a thigh gap, and whatever other body type the world deems on-trend in that particular moment, is overwhelming and impossible to fulfill. 807 more words


Skinny Curvy Muscular Fat Tall Short Voluptuous Slender whatever way you see yourself. Be you, for you. 

“Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

This is something you will hear at many weightloss groups. I say Bullplop! I remember being skinny. I got teased for it. 280 more words


Are Women Rejecting Victoria's Secret?

Copyright Dennis Mitton

Well, here’s good news for human beings. The MS Business Insider opines that market forces in women’s underwear are shifting away from pencil-thin models toward healthy and more normal looking women. 314 more words



My skin feels stretched and worn,

Ill-fitting around my fragile bones.

My clothes are shrinking everyday

And I can’t make any of it stop.

I never thought that the tightening feeling in the pit of my stomach… 454 more words


Development at Age 13

Emotional/Social Changes

Children in this age group might:

  • Show more concern about body image, looks, and clothes.
  • Focus on themselves; going back and forth between high expectations and lack of confidence.
59 more words
Age 13 (1992)


Body image. What distorts our body image? Where’s the line between sexy and showing too much? Who makes that line? I was raised in a Christian house and all through growing up I was taught to wear high cut tops and skirts that hit above the knee. 490 more words