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A Weighty Matter

Sometime last year I blogged on the subject of body image. I had an epiphany regarding my own self-image, and since that time stopped weighing myself on a daily basis, and cast the scales into the outer darkness (the garage). 611 more words

Five blogs (and vlogs) that I love

This post had to include blogs and vlogs – they’re equally relevant platforms, prone to both wonderful and horrendous content. Here are some of my personal faves: 595 more words

Accepting and anticipating your demons

Even though I have been diagnosed with anxiety, anorexia and depression for over two years, I have only recently fully started admitting it to myself. 310 more words


Hair Today

I looked in the mirror and I saw the undeniable:

the gray hair

So what?

Life happens

I earned it

Bring out the senior discounts to come =)


Body image.

Recently a few blog posts & youtube videos about body confidence have popped up on my social media. These posts have come from girls of all shapes and sizes, mostly in their early twenties and/or attending university.  935 more words


Review of Netflix ‘To the Bone’  

Note – This post due to nature of the film will discuss behaviours that will be triggering and I would advise if you read this as an ED sufferer, dependant on where you are in your recovery you consider this before reading. 2,089 more words

Mental Health

List all of your reasons for losing weight!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking in regards to goals and reasons for changing my life around and being healthier. I believe most people who have lost weight have likely had similar reasons to these for why they chose to do it: 731 more words