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Onward to Olgas Week 5: Push

There was very little need in how hot it was last night. I woke up in the middle of the night to pee in a puddle of sweat. 1,028 more words


It's Finally Happening

After years and years of trying: I AM GOING TO SDCC!

The San Diego Comic-Con has been one of those events that I’ve looked at from afar, wishing with all of my little nerd heart that I could be amongst the crowd and partake in the craziness. 1,691 more words

Body Image

today's post surgery updates

1. no, I am not well enough to do x, y, z


2. I am in pain, still. Called my doctor, waiting for a returned call. 381 more words

21 things I learned being 21

When I was younger I never understood why my parents always thought time was flying by, because as a kid it seemed like waiting for my next birthday or Christmas took forever. 634 more words

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Disappearing Light and Body

I have been writing, and rewriting this exact post for over a week now. Each time I think I’ll post it, I decide not to because I think it’s too soon. 768 more words

Vanishing Tricks

The ballet barre was a Christmas present.  It was matt black, had a slightly bevelled appearance and was made of the kind of material that would never warm up and this was its greatest advantage; as a hot sweaty pre-teen then teen, I would spend hours pressing different parts of my face and cheeks against its implacable surface as balm to my feverish hormonal outbreaks. 720 more words

How I'm Overcoming the Words That Haunt Me

Has there ever been a moment in your life when someone attacked a part of who you are? Now, I don’t necessarily mean in a physical sense. 751 more words