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Pretty Hot & Confident

The first day of Hard Summer, my friends and I stopped at a gas station to buy water and gum before heading to the festival. 700 more words



I am not a skinny girl.

I have never been a skinny girl.

I will never be a skinny girl.

At 34 I can say this with some degree of confidence, and also neutrality.   1,256 more words


The Supermodel 'Cheeseburgers and Beer' Diet

Last week as I waited for an oil change at a local garage, I picked up a recent copy of Men’s Fitness magazine. This particular issue featured Adam Levine, lead singer for Maroon 5. 422 more words



I love New York and I love the fashion freedom of being in that city and I really want to see this film when it comes out in Ireland :) hurrah!!! 74 more words


I recently read an article about how society needs to change the way we speak to girls.  It focused on how the majority of us almost always refer to little girls as being cute, adorable, or pretty, which if you haven’t noticed, all relate to their appearance. 904 more words


At the beginning of the summer, new research revealed what all of us in the Shitty Sorority already knew: Cancer makes you fat. It was a relief to read it in peer-reviewed writing instead of hearing my oncologist tell me that I’m just “menopausal” or “can never, ever eat bread again” or I should “exercise more.” Doctors and CrossFitters and SoulCyclers will also go on and on and on about this “exercise” fad, but I’ve found most everything that elevates my resting heart rate is unpleasant and sweaty. 503 more words