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'Stanley Paste' by Aaron Blabey - picture book

Stanley Paste is small. Really small. And he hates it.
But when a new girl arrives at school, Stanley learns that perhaps being small is not so bad after all . . .

Being Human Resources

Longing and Belonging

My body and I, we embrace as longtime lovers; our betrayals squeezed between us like a jealous dog. The longer we hold each other, the farther apart we stand, until fingertips barely touching, we are nearly out of each others’ reach. 273 more words

The Positive Action

As a person who gets stuck in analysis of The Big Life Issues, I’ve been discovering the healing power of action as if for the first time. 1,836 more words

Cultivating Joy

What Makes You Beautiful..

Everyone has days when they don’t feel good about themselves. Even supermodels have bad hair days. With mental illnesses like depression and body dismorphia it can be especially hard to feel positive about ourselves. 229 more words


Body image and lupus

Body image can go through a ‘loop’ when you have lupus (insert dorky giggle here). But seriously, I struggle with my self-image sometimes (which is a self-esteem issue unrelated to lupus), and when I was put on prednisone after being… 564 more words

How Kate Winslet Talks to Her Daughter About Body Positivity

Kate Winslet made an appearance on the July 27 episode of NBC’s Running Wild With Bear Grylls, where she talked about how she didn’t have a body-positive female role model growing up. 198 more words

News & Views

Beating the Body Blues

Although issues with body image are not the primary diving factor of an eating disorder, it can still be a factor that causes a great deal of stress in a sufferer. 1,115 more words

Anorexia Recovery