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Bulimia is devastating, just like all eating disorders - here is my story

Eating disorders.

They’re not glamorous. They’re not a lifestyle and they are most definitely not a selfish illness.

I want this post to really inform people as to why eating disorders make a person sensitive and even stubborn in some aspects from my own personal experiences. 870 more words

Body Image

Behind the Fat & Muscle

Nether Fonooni is a coach, a speaker and a writer, but she got my attention, because she is also a fitness model who decided to stop counting calories and obsessing about the scale. 489 more words

WELLNESS WEDNESDAY: How To Overcome Your Body Image Issues By Doing These 7 Things

Have you looked in the mirror lately and decided you don’t like what you see? If so, you’re like millions
of others around the world. 230 more words


She Loves Herself -Meret Boxler

Welcome to the first of my new series ‘She Loves Herself’! I’m so excited to start this series of regular guest posts sticking two fingers up to the world of body shaming and sharing some love when it comes to our fabulous bodies – squidgy bits and all!! 1,252 more words

Skinny vs. Fat

I suffered from the abuse of fat shaming & skinny shaming.

Skinny shaming had the biggest effect on me, especially because it mostly came from my family. 119 more words


Anxious Black Girl Chronicles:I Hate My Body,That Mofo is An A-Hole!

I Hate My Body!i think my body is an A-Hole!

I don’t think i’v ever posted a picture of me of me on here so ill just describe myself for you: 299 more words



“Ideally, the maximum circumference of a woman’s thighs should be 19 inches.”

I sit cross-legged in the Garden Room at the Holiday Inn surrounded by a sea of tall, thin, overdeveloped young girls. 1,442 more words