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Post #1

Well.. here goes my first post!

I created this blog months ago but haven’t had the confidence to post anything until now. The reason I wanted to create this blog and start to write is partly because I write a lot of¬†scientific reports at work and wanted to start writing a little more personally and creatively. 1,264 more words



I am worryingly obsessed with Netflix’s new show ‘Queer Eye’. If you haven’t seen it yet then what in GAY HELL have you been doing? 1,036 more words

Blood, spots, and tears

I think we need to clear one thing up. I’M NOT BRAVE. J. is the brave one. She’s the one who’s facing this loss head on, she’s the one who’s going to be left after I’m gone, and she’s the one holding everything together, except when she’s not, which we can all appreciate. 518 more words


I Feel Pretty

Release date: April, 20th 2018

I think this is the statement Amy Schumer wanted the audience to walk away saying, but it translated better to “I Feel Pretty?” 532 more words

Movie Review


“Eat a hamburger.”

“You need to put some meat on your bones.”

“You’re the size of my thigh.”

“Do you eat?”

I hope I am more than my body and that no one makes you feel uncomfortable in yours.

TFL is being slammed for telling passengers to dress for the body they have, not the body they want

TLF’s Quote of the Days can bring a smile to even the stoniest of commuters.

But whoever penned the piece of sage advice at Blackhorse Road station over the weekend is probably regretting ever picking up with whiteboard marker of power. 269 more words



To my classmate who asked, “Are You Pregnant?!”:

As I sat down after my group presentation, I received a text from you (who I considered as an acquaintance) asking if you could ask me a question. 345 more words