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Don't Try to Erase Motherhood!

I know a bold title right?! I recently watched a short video on Facebook not too long ago about a mom who had twins how she embraced her “after babies” body.  125 more words

Read a great Article yesterday

The more that I am not forced to read, the more I find more likable things to read, which seems a bit awkward considering the fact that I hated reading as a child. 362 more words


Accepting your New Body?

I’m back (hopefully!) after a hiatus due to a little something called the 4-month sleep regression that my son recently delved into.  Speaking of babies, I wrote… 145 more words


Fitness blogger Anna Victoria urges people to stop feeling guilty for cheat days

If you’re into the health and fitness scene, you’ll probably recognise Anna Victoria – either for her fitness wisdom or her Instagram posts reminding us not to be so bloody hard on ourselves. 1,552 more words


I read a brief article tonight about addiction and relapse and recovery.  It’s written by a parent of someone who struggled with addiction.  While the father was discussing his son’s addiction to substance, and while there isn’t a definitive agreement on if eating disorders are an addiction or an illness or an ineffective coping method–but I don’t think the label matters all that much. 452 more words

Eating Disorders

Minimalism & Fatness

I’m a documentary junky. I love the way their biased, one-sided argument is so well positioned that it lights a fire within you and mobilizes your mind to *think about* taking action. 406 more words

Body Positivity

Clothing Store, Free People, has to "Get with it".

Ever heard of the store Free People?

It’s a trendy, upscale fashion store that specializes in selling overpriced, unique, boho-chic clothing.

And it really toys with my emotions. 323 more words