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Flopsy Life Guest Post: Body Image Month

Flopsy Life Guest Post: Body Image Month

“I spend a lot of time people watching – it’s one of my favourite hobbies. I’ve been noticing how some men, especially older men, feel entitled to comment on women’s bodies. 752 more words

The Losers who keep losing

Like millions of Americans, NBC’s The Biggest Loser captivated me for many seasons (until I wearied of reality TV and the same synopsis year after year). 556 more words

Breaking up with "Skinny"

Good morning friends!

I just posted a two-part video blog series all about how to break up with Skinny. (In other words, how to decide that the numbers on the scale and on the tag of our jeans will NOT define us as people!!) 64 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

The Unhealthy Quest for a Thigh Gap

It’s becoming more and more apparent that “the gap” is the root of all evil in the beauty industry. Not the clothing store Gap (although some may actually feel that way), but rather, the absolutely insane new obsession with having a “thigh gap”. 595 more words

Your Life

All the carbs please...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote the post ‘Body Shamers can kiss my (squidgy) butt!‘ which had a huge response from readers saying they felt exactly the same way.   1,351 more words

What the f*ck is ideal?

Today as I mindlessly scrolled through my Facebook feed I was stopped by a post that one of my ‘friends’ had made. I’m not going to call out who it was, but I was a range of emotions as I looked at the post. 1,008 more words