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5 Ways to Practice Body Positivity and Learn Self-Acceptance

While the summer is ending, the quest to be body positive is not. For those who may not know, body positivity is a feminist-inspired movement in which women and female-identified individuals are encouraged to embrace their physical bodies as they are in order to be their complete selves. 2,133 more words


#MermaidThighs is the body-positive answer to all the thigh gap pressure

We all know by now that the thigh gap craze is awful, damaging nonsense.

Not thigh gaps themselves, to be clear. If your body is structured in a way that creates a gap between your thighs, that’s perfectly natural and normal. 568 more words


Sticks and stones may break your bones...

 Words.  It almost seems like I have always known and have always owned their power.   I guess because reading came to me so early, words became my biggest tool, and, sometimes, my biggest weapon.   622 more words

Guest blogger: Sandra G

It is my pleasure to introduce the inaugural guest post on my blog! Today’s blogger is Sandra G. She runs a fantastic blog that is equal parts humorous and real over at… 577 more words

The Sun, Sea and Sand shoot 

So, I was lucky enough to work with the talented Simon Hooley for a second time. Simon is The Image Cella, a photographer who specialises in dance photography – and a very well known name in the pole industry, as we are all drooling over his work! 1,343 more words

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Body Acceptance....So What's Next?

Lately, my self-talk has shifted from my body to other areas of my life. This makes me wonder whether my body was ever the issue to begin with. 452 more words

Health At Every Size

Just Eat The Damn Carbs!

Last week I stopped counting calories.

You may not think this statement means much, but to me it holds a whole lot of weight!

Since the start of the year I have been on a quest to lose weight (correction: I have been on this quest half my life, this year has just been a little more extreme). 991 more words

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