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I love my fuzz

I have never particularly enjoyed shaving. Growing up, its importance was never stressed. In fact, my mom would tell me she was happy it was winter because it meant she didn’t have to shave — the impression I got was that she didn’t really like to do it, herself. 509 more words

Beauty Standards

Vox Pops- First Year

For this assignment we were asked to go out and do Vox Pops on a subject of our choice. As you can see below I chose to speak to mostly young, females who would have grown up with Barbie and would therefore have a strong opinion on the subject. 540 more words

University Work

Trigger Put The "T" In Thanksgiving

“I should avoid eating any dessert. I don’t want to look like one of ‘those’ fat people.” – Me

“I really have to be careful about the portions on my plate. 444 more words

Body Image

5 Lies, part3: Confidence vs. Modesty?

This next installment of our 5 Lies series is becoming more and more real to me as a Mom the older and closer that Layla gets to that blasted juniors department in Target. 727 more words

She Writes Truth

Feast or famine? Thanksgiving a dreadful holiday for eating disorders.

Steamed vegetables, roasted turkey without seasoning or gravy, and baked sweet potatoes are not generally items served at a Thanksgiving dinner. However, for an anorexic and a person with an eating disorder, these are more likely to be acceptable foods to eat rather than your typical holiday meal. 542 more words

To My Body: A Love Letter

To My Body,

I’m ashamed it has taken me so long to write. I think each time I came close to saying these things…believing these things, cowardly fear of judgement kept me from giving you the love and acceptance you deserve. 329 more words


New Beginnings

I recently decided to come out of my introvert shell and start a vlog. Videos have been a lot more popular in today’s world and I thought I would give it a shot. 154 more words