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A Rant: Body Image & Media

This has absolutely nothing to do with being at Glendon, but I’ve found my blog to be an out outsource for me, and I believe this has everything to do with being someone living in the digital age. 1,850 more words

Personal Reflections

Talking Body

It’s a wonderful thing to be comfortable in your own skin. I wouldn’t know, because I’m not quite there yet, but I’ve made huge strides in the journey of loving myself, and not just for who I am on the inside, but for everything I am. 1,761 more words

Body Image

Eating Disorder Declarations

Today I reflected on the disordered declarations I used to make every morning while in my eating disorder.

I would spend hours scrolling through fitness instagrams. 846 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery

Bigger Balls, but Not Bigger Spirit

Gary Rheinschild and the New Americans

The cross-section of humanity, that of the interesting areas, that came my way happened when I was by coincidence introduced to Dr. 2,025 more words


Accepting help

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many people support and love you.

Anxiety can really change your perspective and make you feel so isolated, but it is important to remember that your friends and family are there to support and take care of you, and they are probably going to judge you a lot less harshly than you are judging yourself. 101 more words


I am Enough

Meet Kristin.  She shared her story with me years ago.  It has directed some of my discussions with my teenaged daughters.  It has helped me when going through this season where I have felt like my idea of beauty has been completely reworked.  1,256 more words


Let's stop denying the existence of cellulite

In case you don’t carefully monitor absolutely everything that comes from the mouths of Kardashians, let me briefly fill you in on a bit of the drama. 1,336 more words