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Thought #1 Is different necessarily bad?

Why is being different such a stigma in todays society?

My definition of society includes everyone that resides on planet Earth. We as a species are becoming less and less tolerant each passing second, this generally transforms into discrimination, may it be using race, gender, colour, class or even orientation. 346 more words


A Review of Stand Magazine

CBUS Dads was recently contacted by the editor in chief of STAND Magazine. His offer: sharing a couple copies of the magazine for us to review. 362 more words

Fat shaming, guests. Full fledged rant.

This is just going to be a rant. Not at all helpful in anyway. I’m just going to go ahead and post this because this is the only place I can just be me I guess? 655 more words

#58 The Problem with Body Image

The girl with the auburn hair stands in front of a mirror. In it, she can see a girl who has not come to terms with her place in the world yet. 155 more words


What I wanted to write...

I initially started today’s blog by writing about my journey from anorexia to where I am today. The emotions I went through. The fact that I actually understand what it’s like to feel fat, although, according to some people’s standards I am far from it. 419 more words

Mirror mirror

I’ve been crafting a post in my head regarding two distinctive thoughts that crossed my mind about my appearance in the past couple of weeks, and… 670 more words


Comfy Confabs: Elly Kellner

Hullo, Dear Reader. Welcome to what shall hopefully become an ongoing feature where I pester fellow creatives to chat about themselves and their process of birthing art. 1,801 more words

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