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Fashion magazine covers this year were the most diverse they've ever been

We’re all aware that fashion magazines aren’t getting it right when it comes to diversity.

The majority of the women featured are slim, white, and able-bodied. 433 more words


December 16th - Reconciliation Day

Today is about the reconciliation that took place in South Africa after the apartheid ended. I don’t want to take anything away from that, but I speak about politics and history almost as much as I do my cats, so today I want the reconciliation to be with myself. 169 more words

Blogging Every Day

My One Piece of Workout Advice

Okay, I’m not a huge fan of giving out workout advice. Sure, just about everyone could use some help with a new exercise or improvements on their form, but outside of that, I try not to get into the day-to-day advice. 258 more words


Body Talk.

Sometimes when I’m in a bought of depression/anxiety I find myself watching some pretty extreme movies. Last night I came across a Korean film titled, Beautiful; and it kind of fucked me up for a minute. 289 more words

Weight Stigma and Bias Research Paper

I had an assignment this semester in my English class to write a research paper.  We could pick any topic, so I chose Weight Stigma and Bias.  2,867 more words

Eating Disorder

Beauty is silly

Listen, I know many people may want to torch me for saying that, but I’ve got a point, lemme explain.

Beauty, from my point of view, is so silly. 640 more words


The perfect body does not exist (Body Image)

My experience

Body image is something I had some trouble with myself. Not only did I hate my body myself, I also used to be bullied because of it. 547 more words

Body Confidence