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A Love Letter To My Body

You have endured so many falls and you bear the scars to show it. I know I should treat you better, after all you are the only body I will ever get. 467 more words

My first Zumba class..

I’ll warn you all from the get go that this post will include very honest, kinda sucky feelings, but it ends on a high, so stay with me on this one! 461 more words


What even is perfect?

One thing I have always said to myself, family, friends and even strangers is “its good to be different”. But some of you may ask why? 222 more words

How to be a badass

When I worked at the Guardian on travel we had a general rule. If we went to review a hotel or trip or project and it turned out to be something we didn’t enjoy or feel comfortable recommending, rather than write a piece that was negative, we wouldn’t write anything at all. 1,236 more words

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth

Staring in the mirror
At the awful reflection I’m forced to see
Worn out flesh clinging to asymmetric bone
So ugly
Vision impaired by gargantuan nose… 21 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Bulimia is devastating, just like all eating disorders - here is my story

Eating disorders.

They’re not glamorous. They’re not a lifestyle and they are most definitely not a selfish illness.

I want this post to really inform people as to why eating disorders make a person sensitive and even stubborn in some aspects from my own personal experiences. 870 more words

Body Image

Behind the Fat & Muscle

Nether Fonooni is a coach, a speaker and a writer, but she got my attention, because she is also a fitness model who decided to stop counting calories and obsessing about the scale. 489 more words