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Deep Tissue Massage Basics: How Should One React To It

A deep tissue massage is a hands-on body treatment performed by a trained worker, and it goes beyond light touch. Instead, it involves deeper pressure and tissue manipulation and, typically, your body reacts to this kind of massage in positive ways. 347 more words

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Sports vs. Deep Tissue Massage: Knowing the Differences Between Them

A massage therapy involves the manual stimulation and manipulation of your muscles and skin. However, there are a couple of massage types available, depending upon your health and your goals for getting a massage in the first place. 363 more words

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3 Overwhelming Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are placed on different parts of your body. The stones used in this treatment are usually river rocks or any other very smoothed-surfaced stones made from basalt. 349 more words

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Traditional Thai Massage

The Origin of Thai Massage: A cure based on hundreds of years of Far Eastern traditions in which the masseur cares about the energy lines of the body, Meridians and acupressure points, stimulating the nervous system, the immune system and metastatically the individual organs. 798 more words


Enjoy The Benefits of Body Massages In Kolkata

Getting a therapeutic massage by the end of every day is one of the easy luxuries of life. You will discover few experience that is as comforting and healing as a good daily rub. 826 more words

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De Stress Yourself From The Busy Lifestyle With Good Body Massages

In a world that is filled up with stress and anxiety, most of us need something to keep us sane. The body requires a major toll because of the occupied lifestyle we lead. 421 more words

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