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No one can move them

This could be triggering. I put a giant trigger warning around the most– or what I think would be– the most triggering part so it’s easy to skip over, but please be careful reading this regardless. 3,978 more words


HB2, Protests and My question Where is the rage over North Carolina being sixth in country for human trafficking?

This past weekend, my friend held a fundraiser to raise money for human trafficking in Charlotte, North Carolina. What is ironic, is that on the corner across from them was men protesting HB2 and had rage over that. 339 more words


Finding My Voice

Finding my voice to tell my story,

I hear my voice but it is shaking,

I hear the words coming out of my mouth

But I feel dissociated from myself… 138 more words


Recovery: Body Neutral or Body Positive? Rethinking Cultural Body Image and Sexual Attractiveness Ideals

Background Perspective

Society and culture has an enormous influence on perceptions of ideal body shapes and beauty – for males and females.  The focus used to be more on female shapes and standards, but now even males are under more obvious pressure to conform to magazine image standards.   885 more words

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Shame: Being Kinder to Myself Helps Remove Shame


This time of year I think about (read obsess over) my body and its “flaws” as told to me by others.  My body is in pain – joints, muscle, skin, sinuses, bone, etc. 1,226 more words

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