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After telling. The process.

This chant/meditation is so gentle and innocent that I’ve been listening to it everyday. It’s helped me to stay in touch with my grief without being immersed in it. 1,754 more words

M.I.T.~ Missing in Therapy II

Over the weekend the pain returned and by Monday morning I couldn’t sit; the pain was horrible. By 9:30AM, I was texting my therapist for help! 739 more words


One Whole System

This morning I awoke to some very similar physical symptoms. My eyes and face are swollen, dull headache, and my muscles are sore. I had ten hours of sleep, and I am still very tired. 915 more words

Body, Memory, Mind

It’s been six weeks since my surgery for pelvic organ prolapse (hysterectomy plus lots of cutting and stitching to repair). The pain has finally decreased; for the last two days I have taken one dose of ibuprofen, that’s all. 812 more words


About therapy last night (**trigger warning, talk of: abuse, self harm, past suicide attempts)

There was a moment of soul-crushing pain. It felt like my chest may cave inward. I could barely breathe through it… no. Just no. I spent the last hour (?) telling her things… they are impossible fictions. 1,040 more words

Body memories suck.

Woke up with body memories again. I’m getting tired of them. I keep reminding myself that they are from the past, but it’s uncomfortable and difficult to sit through the sensations of being touched all the time… at least L is home today. 59 more words

out of the depths

Out of the depths I have cried to you, O Lord.
Lord, hear my voice! 
Let your ears be attentive to the voice of my supplication…

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