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Recovery: found a new counselor & more

After 2 sessions with this person, I feel like she and I will work well together for the long term. There is another person who I might try to see for specialized help, but not continued care. 254 more words

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First TRE Workshop

Thursday evening I had my first (of three) TRE workshops. TRE (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises), if you haven’t heard of it, consists of a set of exercises designed to provoke tremors deep in the body. 877 more words


If I stop for too long, my head starts chattering away at me; my body picks up with a vengeance…

I can’t slow my heart rate down with any reliability lately. 534 more words

Dear Dr C (an unsent text) 

​I’m totally wasted right now, and I feel bad for enjoying the peace it brings… for the first time in weeks, I’m ok with feeling stuff in my body because I’ve disconnected it from the memories… I finally don’t want to destroy myself for a few minutes. 55 more words


The tunnel

I don’t remember this place

and yet my whole body knows it.

My skin remembers the intense cold

and my muscles remember shivering.

My nose remembers the damp mouldy smell… 53 more words


It seems to be going better

So, it seems the emdr had helped quite a bit. I’m actually sleeping?! It’s kinda awesome. There’s some “numbing” but Dr C seems to think it’s more of a lessening of the icky stuff as opposed to numb. 40 more words

DID Post: Using the whole/parts theory of personality to facilitate coping

What is whole/parts theory?

I am almost positive that this is the incorrect name for the actual psychological theory, but “whole/parts theory” is how I and my alters (aka parts) remember it. 897 more words

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