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Body Memories: the fragments are connecting...what happens next?

I’ve been practicing self care since the last post.  A lot of sleeping and a lot of cooking have brought my energy levels back up.  One load of laundry, a potential new apartment interview, taking care of taxes, knitting, and essay writing rounded out the rest of my physical self care strategies this weekend.   263 more words

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I've Gone All Woo-Woo On Myself

I’m supposed to be such a scientist. I mean okay, yes, a social scientist, not a physicist. But still. I know how to run a randomized controlled trial. 474 more words


Back to Basics: Self Care week

It’s March again.

The depression and feelings of shame/badness/evil are back.  I had a panic attack between yesterday and today.  It felt different, but I still had to take  the day off to sleep. 147 more words

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I want to rip my insides out. The body memories are back…

Between the new group, added work days, recent attempts at contact from my dad’s sister, and other stressor, I’m feeling really triggered lately. 122 more words

Some nightmares are real

How quiet are the footsteps
creeping into my room
How gentle the hands
that lift me from my bed
How soft the voices
that hush my frightened cries… 86 more words


Walking Away

Walking away

A ten year old, violated, ashamed

No option other than

Walk away


This body too pained

Remaining not an option

‘Not again’ I hear her say

Too much to stay

Child Abuse

Jumble It All Together

This is a story about what you get when you put together body work, psychopharmacology, lots of trauma therapy, and one very tired woman. 745 more words