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Morning Fog, Fangs, & More Secrets

It’s a Monday evening therapy session with E. I tell her I’m doing pretty well overall, except that mornings are still hard.

“Hard as in you don’t want to go to work? 936 more words


Body Memories***

***I want to say upfront that this may be triggering, so please read with caution or not at all! I am trying to come to terms with automatic body responses that are coming up in my recent awareness of another part’s sexual abuse experience.*** 673 more words


PTSD: Sometimes Going Forward Means Going Back


I started this blog eleven years into my recovery.  Many of the worst symptoms were reduced to manageable levels or stopped.  It felt good because I was emotionally stable and grounded in spite of constant physical pain.   1,339 more words

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The Lines Are Open

While slogging my way through a rough day last Saturday, I wanted to reach out to my therapist, E., but in the end, I didn’t allow myself. 1,314 more words


Coping Strategies: Internal Multitasking Part 2

Summary of Part 1

In Part 1, we provided examples of situations, conflicts, coping challenges, coping strategies, and possible solutions for addressing triggers and anxiety in the whole DID system.   464 more words

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Coping Challenge: I Want to Disappear/Hide/Go Away


A few months ago, I and the alters started writing about the challenges that come with the holiday season along with revelations that came from using effective coping strategies.   671 more words

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Immobility, The Freeze Response to Trauma - The Story of the Deer in the Road

It’s Story Time! “The Deer in the Road” Once upon a time a deer wandered out of the forest and onto a flat, stone-like piece of ground. 43 more words

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