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DID Post: Using the whole/parts theory of personality to facilitate coping

What is whole/parts theory?

I am almost positive that this is the incorrect name for the actual psychological theory, but “whole/parts theory” is how I and my alters (aka parts) remember it. 897 more words

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Body Memories ~ The Journey Begins

Of course I knew what Body Memories were.  I had seen them manifest many times, in my role as “Healer”.  I had helped many of my clients to work thru them, heal them, & be free of them. 1,069 more words

Body Memories


Yesterday I was still feeling very down and forlorn. I managed to force myself out of bed to get some bits for S’s birthday. The kids love giving presents and put so much care into cards, they’re just loving little guys. 775 more words

The Journey Back To Myself.

A video for my new book that is going to be released soon. It’s a book of the poetry that I have written this past year. 8 more words


Non-Verbal Parts and Blocking/Internal Traps

As we are doing work in therapy, we are learning some of these “deeper level” parts aren’t communicating through verbalizing.  In many cases, this is due to programming which we haven’t even begun to sort through yet.   182 more words


The Pain is Constantly There

The pain is constantly there in my left ankle, right knee and small of my back,

It never stops and reminds me

Of all of the pain that I have been through… 222 more words

Chronic Knee Pain

Knee Pain please go away,

I cannot take this pain anymore,

You make doing my job of damage control

That much harder and I have trouble running all… 457 more words