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ADMIN Post: Focus on Self-Care so nothing to write this week

Busy focusing on self-care and staying grounded.  August is a tough month, so no posts this week.  Hopefully will have something ready for next Monday. 8 more words

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Unedited Post: Coping Challenges of the Sleep Deprived

Warning this post may contain more spelling and grammatical errors than usual

I am sleep deprived.  Been a tough week full of unexpected joys and stresses.   502 more words

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Weird dreams

I woke again this morning from a weird dream. It wasn’t bad, just weird. It’s leaving me feeling “off”…

In the dream, I was at the doctors getting checked out for something. 440 more words

Alter Post: Being like The Hulk

When I was a kid I liked watching The Incredible Hulk on TV – not the cartoon, but the sitcom version.  It always amazed me how the mild mannered scientist turned into a monster and a hero when he lost his temper.   662 more words

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Recovering the Imago Dei - Part Two

To understand why I decided to do this You can read part one here. 

When I agreed to do TPM I wasn’t in any state of crisis and didn’t have anything particular in mind to work on. 950 more words


Recovery Challenge: Self-harm Part 2

Challenges in not using self-harm as a coping strategy

There are many challenges to stopping self-harm.  The ones listed below are what I have to deal with most often: 1,009 more words

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Recovery Challenge: Self-harm part 1

What is self-harm or self-injury?

Most people think of self-harm as something physical, like cutting, that leaves visible scars.  Or something drastic like a suicide attempt.   663 more words

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