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Coping Challenge: Kitchen Triggers


My kitchen is a scary place.  I go there and remember all of the times I had to deal with family and friends and strangers either with cooking, baking, preparing food, cleaning, or doing something not at all related to food.   950 more words

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I get flashbacks in different forms. I do get the flashbacks where I re-experience one of my trauma’s and they are really rare for me, maybe twice a year and all of them but one or two have been at home in my room. 913 more words

Alter Post: Meeting people from the past

Have you ever encountered people from your past at unexpected times?  I admit to not handling it very well in the past.  Present time, my parts and I cope better.   458 more words

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Recovery: Acknowledging My Vulnerability

“Real Heroism comes from having the courage to openly acknowledge one’s experiences, not from suppressing or denying them.” Peter A. Levine Waking the Tiger… 850 more words

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Coping Challenge: Body Memories, Pain, and Triggers

Today’s Quote

I learned a lesson about doubt this week.

As mentioned in previous posts, August is a trigger month for me.  The first half of the month has to do with family reunions, get togethers with friends and connections, and camps.   1,149 more words

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that "weird" head-space

I’ve been in this weird head-space all day. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s like living elsewhere while my body is going through the motions in this world. 291 more words