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Sensation Of a Flashback: PTSD Special

My best work comes at night during what feels like the peace I find after a storm.

My mind is awake, but only able to grasp snippets of information regarding the events that have taken place in the immediate past. 153 more words


Quotes & Affirmations: Tara Brach about "Shoulds"

This week I had to put aside many “shoulds”.  Life felt too overwhelming, yet not overwhelming at all.

All the typical stuff from this time of year occurred.   177 more words

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Body Memories

There is some sort of trigger in the body that I can’t squash.

Touch Points

Woke up in the wee hours and laid there thinking about touch points… the little comforts of skin to skin… the way his foot tends to feel for me in his sleep until a toe just touches my leg; but, sometimes his foot will linger, like when he gently cupped my bent knee with the insole of his foot. 543 more words

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Coping Challenges: Physical limitations

Trigger Warning….please be mindful of any triggers related to child abuse, physical abuse, or sexual abuse when reading this post.  Not trying to be explicit, but any words or descriptions might cause trouble. 1,025 more words

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Alter Post: Shoulder pain, monkey bars, & body memories

When you were a little kid, did you ever want to play on the monkey bars?  Or go to gymnastics/tumbling class and do backward rolls?  Climb ropes or rope ladders at the parks?   1,265 more words

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Coping Challenges: Hyper-vigilance and Cold Weather Triggers

It’s fall.  The weather has turned cool, damp, and cloudy.  Leaves are changing color and falling.

Normally, this is my favorite season and time of the year.   827 more words

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