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Quotes & Affirmations: Resilience Reminder

Tomorrow I am getting my teeth cleaned for the first time in over 10 years.  Luckily, the dentists I’ve been referred to are compassionate, knowledgeable, and experienced working with trauma survivors. 246 more words


Anniversaries: Happy Birthday family and relatives

Today is my brother’s birthday.  Yesterday was a blood relative’s birthday.  Over the weekend was another relative’s birthday.  This weekend is Mother’s day.  Next week is two more family birthdays. 672 more words

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Life Changing Moments: Remembering can be empowering

Have you ever been triggered so badly that the feelings overwhelmed and broke through internal barriers?

That happened about 2 weeks ago.  

I lay down to sleep one night and flashed back to 1998.   817 more words

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Oh, I Am Truly An Idiot

Today’s story is about thoughtlessness, uncertainty, fear, responsibility, and why I probably shouldn’t text with my therapist, even though I would hate to give it up. 2,437 more words


Coping Strategy: Favorite Quotes

I don’t have much to write today.  Panic attacks this weekend.

This one seems to fit my mood

I hope it helps you too.

Thanks for reading

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Today I head back into therapy after a week off. I’m excited to see E; I’ve missed her. I’ve been feeling good and feeling grateful that I’m feeling good. 1,623 more words


trešais aprīlis, divi tūkstoši septiņpadsmitais gads

vai arī tavā pusē

bērzi pumpuro?

un melni mājas strazdi

izbož rīkli

un svilpj un vītero?

zem meža velēnām

salts rūgtums iziet gaismā

un zeme atveŗas… 57 more words