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Walking Away

Walking away

A ten year old, violated, ashamed

No option other than

Walk away


This body too pained

Remaining not an option

‘Not again’ I hear her say

Too much to stay


Jumble It All Together

This is a story about what you get when you put together body work, psychopharmacology, lots of trauma therapy, and one very tired woman. 745 more words



“Sexual abuse experiences, particularly at the hands of close relatives, almost invariably disrupt the developmental sequences that characterize normal psychosexual maturation. Once these experiences occur, they are reclaimed as body memories even if (in some cases) details of the abuse  are unavailable to the victim’s conscious memory (Maddock and Larson, 1995) 114 more words

Body Memories

Okay, Something Happened

Saturday morning, I don’t get out of bed at all. I’m flattened by body memories, pressure in my vagina, electrified skin. I can’t focus to read more than the headlines of the news. 544 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

This is What Hanging In There Looks Like

I wake up around 9:00 with a splitting headache and a sense of dread. I hide under the pillow until my husband brings me my tea. 609 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

Shame: I wonder how much of my headache is from shame?

Not much to write at this time.  My head aches too much.  But I do recognize a connection between Oriental medicine treatment helping my body feel better and increased feelings of shame or distress in the form of scalp/forehead pain. 135 more words

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Same Old Thing, Over and Over

Tuesday, January 3. I have therapy today instead of Monday because E just got back from New York last night. It’s a relief to see her again. 1,889 more words