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Sick and fed up

Look around and feel so much anger,
Sick of oh you have to prove that you served your
Oh you need to provide DD-214, 191 more words


          This is a collage that I made. It tells how I feel.

Sick and Fed up

It is never the victims fault of rape. No one chooses to be raped. I do not care if she was naked, walking down the street. 240 more words

Bad night

Last night was a bad night. I felt physically ill, yet I knew the symptoms were from the thoughts in my mind that had plagued me all day. 442 more words

Who knew

Who knew looking at a Rand McNally could be triggering… was gonna use parts of it for an art journal, and suddenly body memories hit hard and fast. 79 more words

monsters under the bed

I find myself afraid of going to bed. Been battling triggers all day. The only thing that has kept them away has been complete sensory bombardment with TV, music, and computer going all at once (plus bugging the kitties, randomly popping up to pace the house, and trying to do some art). 16 more words