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Walking Into The Fire (Violet)

No one cares.

Not when it comes to Violet. Not when Violet is hurting. Not when Violet needs a fucking break from life. Nope.

And when they do care, it’s too much for me to fucking handle. 326 more words


PTSD and Knocked Off Balance

During the exam, I get triggered,

Here come body memories,

And PTSD racing to the surface,

Heart pounding in my chest,

My body turns red, 149 more words

What Complex Trauma Feels Like To Me {The Mighty}

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma are just that — complex. In fact, I believe all mental health and trauma are. It’s all so complex. 117 more words


Back to Basics: Gratitude - Meditation, Affirmations, Positive Self-Talk, Prayer, etc. - Practices

The Past

There was a time in my life when expressing gratitude was difficult.  Fear, shame, anger, disbelief in the positive made believing in anything good too much to handle.   1,011 more words

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Survival Mode: Body says "enough is enough"

Like the title says, enough is enough right now.

Present State of Being

Emotionally, everyone in the system feels happy, grounded, steady, and excited about our new home. 413 more words

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Sexual Harassment. I'm done.

For the record, street harassment and sexual harassment in public spaces is not cool.  Existing in public does not equal consent.  Being a femme person trying to live your life does not equal consent.  1,083 more words


Body Memories: My Body is Talking to Me

Body Memory & Flashback Witness

During an acupuncture treatment last week, I experienced flashbacks, body memories, and switching.  My practitioner came in to take the needles out and saw me as I re-lived flashbacks on the table.   354 more words

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