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Body Memories- Yes, They Are Real!

Today, my lower back began to hurt after a long time of no pain.

I hadn’t pay attention to the date.  This time of year in 1990 was turbulent for me.   636 more words

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Coping Challenge: Holiday Season = Mood Swings and Sleep Deprivation


This is maybe the first time I am going into the beginning of what many call “the holiday season” with acute awareness of my mood changes and sleep deprivation as the symptoms start.   351 more words

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Body Memories and Healing: Learning to accept temporary changes


Part of my recover that has not discussed here before is the anorexia nervosa.  While our mind has recovered to the point where we do not practice anymore, our body has not.   434 more words

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Not Afraid of You, Anxiety

(Day 3 of Be Brave)

Dear Anxiety,

How active you are lately. You drive Q back to bed in the morning. You send her thoughts ricocheting around her head, like multiple ping pong balls bouncing against walls. 324 more words


Coping Challenge: Boundaries, Safety and Fear of Rejection


In past posts, I’ve talked about boundaries and my view of relationships in general being finite or having an inevitable end.  Growing up, I never had boundaries; did not know they existed.   980 more words

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I Tell Myself...

It’s okay to be unsettled. It’s okay to have energy for a little while and then need a nap. It’s okay to have weird tingling, shaky feelings in my vagina (who the hell ever has a shaky vagina?!?). 61 more words


Bad Start, Good Ending

Sometimes a lot happens in one therapy session, hence a longer post than usual. 

I carry my bad attitude (“don’t tell me I’m *&%^! fine… 2,023 more words