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Getting frisked twice in three days

Technically, they call it a pat-down when it’s done at the airport, but from what I’ve seen of people getting frisked on TV, cops have nothing on the TSA (Transportation Security Administration, in case you were wondering) when it comes to invasion of privacy in a public setting. 880 more words

Children Humble Us

Are we Risking Lives by Emphasizing too much on Security?

Full Body Scanners – Greater Health Risks:

In the recent past we have seen much of changes happening around the world in terms of technological innovations that had been put in use for the benefit of human race but in bid to deal with the global threat of terrorism, technology had been put in creating future weapons and to counter terrorist activities. 282 more words


Some Officers at Rikers Island Will Start Carrying Tasers Next Month

For the first time, some personnel on Rikers Island will begin carrying tasers next month—a move that some inmate advocates have criticized but which Mayor Bill de Blasio defended today as necessary to “create a safe environment.” 871 more words

Bill De Blasio