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The Future of Fitting Rooms

Every year around the holidays, retailers gear up for billions of dollars in merchandise returns. A recent study released by The Retail Equation identifies the day after Christmas as the busiest… 371 more words

A premature reflection on 2015

I am at that age where being healthy is incredibly important to set me up for the rest of my life. A fair few things are preventable from regular exercise and a healthy diet. 934 more words


Adventures in Dermatology

I think I might have found the best dermatologist in the world.  Well, my friend Rachel found her for me, but still.  She’s amazing.  Several years ago, I started getting bi-yearly body scans to check my four million moles for skin cancer.  1,011 more words


Heart scans: the triumph of profit over science

by Carolyn Thomas  ♥ @HeartSisters

This kind of ad is part of a growing marketing strategy to cash in on your fears. They’re run by for-profit hospitals, medical centres, and sometimes just non-professional entrepreneurs who park their big mobile body imaging vans in church, mall or community parking lots. 1,544 more words

Diagnosing - And Misdiagnosing

airport security tickle down

 Some travelers get anxious about climbing aboard an airplane.  The thought of gravity, thirty-thousand foot elevations and hurtling 560 mph in the sky is unnerving for some in our population. 376 more words


MBSR: Week 5 - Halfway!

Tonight was the halfway mark in our course. And as you can imagine, this gave us pause for reflection. So A opened the evening with an awareness of breath sitting meditation. 1,101 more words


MBSR: Week 2

This week we completed a full body scan together. A recommended that as we continue our home practice, we experiment with different times, postures. Many students discussed sleepiness, a want for it to end and difficulty fitting the practice into their schedule, while others felt successful for having made the time. 347 more words