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Moisturize by Skin Type

Autumn is upon us, and if you haven’t yet, now is a great time to take stock of your skin care needs. Beyond just what you put on your face, the health of your skin below your neck can also be optimized based on skin type. 452 more words


Ready to BRULEE' your BODY?

I’m serving up the recipe for a coffee/oatmeal body scrub that will have your skin drinking up the good stuff!  This scrub is amazing, and I swear I can smell it as I’m writing this!  398 more words


The Most Widely Used Drug

The most widely used drug in North America? Caffeine. Yes, that includes the cup(s?) of coffee you drink every morning. Between 85-90% of North American adults consume caffeine daily, making the coffee plant central to everyday life. 344 more words

Unicorn Sugar Scrub

Where I live, the fall weather has set in. We started getting rain, wind, and that cold air that nips at any bare skin showing. And then you come inside to the warm house, and defrost. 562 more words

Coconut Oil


Weekend mornings mean breakfast. Without a decent breakfast (and coffee) I am an absolute zombie until about 1:00 pm. My favorite breakfasts (besides eggs benedict, which is a… 356 more words

The Jewish Southern Belle

DIY Honey Body Scrub

After coming out of a three month long depression funk, the first thing I really wanted to do is pamper myself and take care of what I’ve been neglecting to do for so long. 398 more words