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Earth Day Beauty: My French Beauty Secret is Eco Friendly Too

Caudalie is the brand I like to call my French beauty secret .Green and Glamorous is what makes Caudalie special. Founder,.Matilde Thomas says Caudalie for the women who want “glamour and ecology” All of   products are formulated  straight from the vineyard with organic grapes, plant oils, fair trade Shea butter and more ..Spring is the perfect time to try the slimming trio of… 109 more words


It's Time For Your Skin's Coffee Break! (Ft. Coffee Detox Soap and Coffee Detox Scrub From BareSkin Organics)

Can’t get enough of coffee but your head’s already pounding? If you think you’re having too much caffeine intake already by drinking one cup after another, then let your skin drown in coffee instead. 525 more words


Body Scrubs For Body Babes!

Owning a great body scrub is vital to our regimen of rejuvenating skin back to it’s natural essence. Using natural, organic products is much more healthy than using yucky chemicals. 178 more words

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Super Simple Sugar Scrub

Happy Friday!

I just have to say, I am super pleased with the fact that I came up with a title that has 4 words that start with ‘s’… I’m just going to enjoy my creative genius for a second (even though it’s not super creative). 407 more words

Sugar Scrub

From The Beauty Files - My Favourite Homemade Body Scrub

Hi Everyone!

I am so happy! As I am writing this post, the sun is shining brightly outside – finally! I am hopeful that this means that warmer weather is on its way. 518 more words


DIY Silky Smooth Leg Scrub

I am all about DIY body scrubs! Why pay 10 bucks for store-bought exfoliators that have junk chemicals in them, when you can make your own version at home with ingredients you probably already have?? 139 more words

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Body and Bath Essential by The Body Shop - Plus Review

So, How is your day you want to be? I have some tips (and a little bit review) for starting your lovely day through your body care. 374 more words