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Big Fat Body Acceptance

For the second week in a row, I have been diverted from my intention to muse on my drinking (or lack of it) by Things Happening That Are Making Me Want To Smash Other Things. 1,276 more words

My Opinions Let Me Show You Them

It's Okay to Toot Your Own Horn Sometimes

There is a difference between bragging, and being proud of your accomplishments. I believe that it is possible to share your achievements without coming off like you are trying to show off. 533 more words

Body Image

I know I’m a little late to the party but Cassey Ho — aka Blogilates — posted this video a few weeks back:

The message in this video really resonates with me, especially because I dealt with a negative body image among other things early on in my high school career.   104 more words

Dieting is not the devil: On bodies and advertising

Recently there have been a lot of “love your body” movements cropping up, like Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty and Lane Bryant’s (more recent) “I’m no angel” 483 more words


Note to Self

Hi everyone. I thought I should share just a little bit of backstory before I go into this post. Also although this is my positivity blog, there are reasons this had to be created in the first place. 913 more words

Bare Faced Truth

Let me be honest; I was a really cute kid. I wasn’t dirty or scruffy, I was always well put together, (my mum made sure of it). 1,231 more words


The Shame Wagon 

Today I’d like to talk about etiquette and manners, two things that are a bit of a lost art these days. And no I’m not talking about fake sugary behavior and false compliments while sitting under your parasol in your frilly pastel off-the-shoulder dress as someone on a fancy porch pours you iced tea- I’m talking about not being a dick, if you’ll please pardon my language. 555 more words