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JusJoJan: 17. Complaint

​My complaint today is about celebrities because they all seem to be gifted liars and contortionists of the truth.

Case in point:


Shame Shame Body Shame- Why do people body shame me all the time!

Being on the heavier side of the weighing scale, I had to face body shaming since childhood. I knew right from the beginning that I don’t have the standard body that I kept seeing on television and magazines and certainly didn’t mind if someone ever pointed that out to me. 412 more words


Things that piss me off - the infertility version

With my hormonal rollercoaster, I’m going to go ahead and take advantage of it and call out some of the recent bullshit I’ve come across online from people who seriously have no fucking clue. 591 more words

Two Plus One = Family

Comments About Your Child's Weight--Good Or Bad--Leads To Body Image Issues Later In Life

Childhood obesity is a major problem currently facing our nation today. The statistics are staggering. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), in the past 30 years, the obesity rate in children has doubled and quadrupled in teens. 52 more words


The 30 day experiment ...

A recent, unofficial poll, states 83% of people believe: what stops them from success in exercise / fitness is “too much work.” As suspected, people are likely looking up at “Mount Everest,” from ground zero. 863 more words

Body Image

I used to hate my body

…and I think a lot of us have.

It’s sad, it really is – that there is this subliminal pressure to often look differently than we do, and to constantly question ourselves leading us to be uncomfortable in our own skin. 566 more words