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For Everyone Who's Actually Still In Love With "Love Actually"

For Everyone Who’s Actually Still In Love With “Love Actually” https://goo.gl/gNkNf1 http://ift.tt/1I69e6X November 23, 2015 at 04:38AM:

Let’s shut down the criticism once and for all. 62 more words


An Open Letter

Hi Guys,

This week I have decided to write an open letter. In particular it is aimed at one particular incident, but I wont be mentioning who it concerns in this. 612 more words

P(lus)roject Runway

I’m not a fan of reality TV. Personally, those damn Kardashians ruined television for me, but I like to keep faith that there are some programs out there worth watching. 437 more words

Body Shaming

How Two Women Use Their Experiences To Fight Body Shaming

Recently  The Barre Code Metro Detroit owners Lindsay Irrer and Janelle Fox were featured on Detroit’s WXYZ on the fight against body shaming. Body shaming is defined as inappropriate negative statements and attitudes toward another person’s weight or size. 458 more words


Society is a Fraud

This is not a post that says ‘WHAT IS WRONG WITH HUMANITY?!” because we all want to say it anyway, so why repeat ourselves?

Perhaps this is the first time I have properly come across such a thing, but I was flabbergasted. 541 more words

Anna Paquin Is Not Bothered By Fools Who Body Shame On The Internet

Anna Paquin has been in the Hollywood game a long time (ever since she was hanging out with those geese) so she is surely no stranger to the ways that the industry can bring about unsavory comments about body image and on screen performances. 199 more words