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No Bodies Perfect- Even Barbie

I’m worried about Petite Barbie.

Now that America’s ideal beauty standards are evolving as full-figured, voluptuous bodies like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have become iconic and widely emulated, newly minted… 1,348 more words

Vintage Ads


Recently I have embarked on a book journey, it’s called the 21 day consciousness cleanse (thanks Dani). I am not a person for ‘self help” books but it was recommended by a friend and seemed like a good book. 1,166 more words

21 Day Consciousness Cleanse

Mirror, Mirror

Yesterday’s post about body shaming briefly touched on the reasons for which body shaming is so prevalent in this society. The constant barrage of images from the media subversively teach us that thin, waif-like women are more desirable than anyone who is any different. 558 more words


Gay Male Logic

The middle-aged man who only pursues younger guys yet chastises others for being ageist.

The non-white man who only pursues Caucasians yet chastises others for being racist. 110 more words

How I transformed from 1 to 0

You probably think about the sizes when I said 1 and 0. But no, what I mean by that was the shape of the number itself. 626 more words

Body Shaming for One and All

Current mainstream media favors thin celebrities and models, and females are often shamed into feeling as if they aren’t good enough to be socially accepted. The negative stereotyping of women who are perceived as overweight, less than attractive, or who somehow don’t fit the commonly accepted norm of what it means to be ‘beautiful’ or ‘attractive’ in this society is as prevalent as misogynistic thought. 435 more words


¡Grande, Barbie!

Esta semana he empezado a dialogar con los usuarios de Facebook que siguen el blog para averiguar qué temas con los que les interesaría leer, ya llegaremos a ellos. 465 more words

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