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By Nolitha Ngamlana

South Korea is one of the capital countries or one of the Meccas of beauty trends and plastic surgery.

Being beautiful or not will dictate how you’re perceived. 796 more words

Body Issues


“You’ve become so fat”, “you should think about loosing some weight”, “hey! go and eat something, you need it”, “look how ugly she is”, “atleast you don’t look like him” “Haha, look at him, he looks like a girl”. 491 more words

Body positivity and body shaming

Body positive and body shaming have been around for a while. All since the modelling business promoted underweight figures and in some cases it would look like malnourished. 469 more words


Body Shaming & Self-Love

Standing in the front of the mirror judging my own reflection is something that I have been doing for ages. It has become a habit which is hard to break. 439 more words

Mental Health

dealing with weight gain

I left high school over four years ago now, and looking back, that’s when I believe I was happy in my skin. I was a good weight; at least now, I think I was. 899 more words


12 Worst Body Shaming Comments

In today’s society, you are either perfect or you’re not, and that depends upon who you ask. Some people will think that a size 00 is the peak of perfection, whereas others may think a size 22 is, after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 2,601 more words


On Being...Fat (Part 2)

Being fat is:

  1. Being told that you’re pretty, but you’d be prettier if you lost some weight.
  2. Having to have conversations with your family and friends because they “worry” about you and your health.
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