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Is Fat Really Beautiful?

First off, let me just say that my weight has fluctuated between healthy and overweight for most of my life. Recently however, I decided to get back in shape and resolved to generally live a healthier lifestyle. 341 more words


Too early to bloom

As a young girl, I started undergoing puberty quite soon. It began at 8 years old to be exact, such that, without medical intervention, I could have gotten my period by age 10. 482 more words

Italian Pageanteer Has The Hot Skinny

Meet Paola Torrente.

This fat bastard finished second in the Miss Italy pageant, a performance which did not go over well with other contestants and their families, because she’s so morbidly obese. 333 more words


Now and Then

At some point in my life I was 325lbs of pure fat. This was a result of me eating too much (having a sweet tooth and loving junk food) and not working out, I did not have any health conditions that caused me to be fat. 269 more words


How I Shamed Myself Into Being Healthier

There’s no way around it. Compared to all the characters in movies, TV shows, and comic books, we’re ugly as hell. We don’t take care of ourselves.  1,861 more words

Jack Fisher's Insights

Body Shaming, a choice or discrimination?

Dear readers,

” Body shaming is a negative statement and attitude towards another persons weight or size.”

I am told that setting standards when seeking a life partner is important. 199 more words

Random Thoughts

Body shaming when choosing a Soul Mate

Dear Readers,

Greetings from the mad Dater

I have to stop away,  I will be taping a reading from my soon to be released book ” The Waiting Game” I shall return in the meantime, What say you about my next topic? Body Shaming.

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