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I work out because I like it, not because I am Fat. 

While working out today, I was thinking about my random bits of motivation. It always starts the same for me. I play music, I start my routine, and I start to think about the different things that motivate me. 327 more words

On the issue of "body shaming"

There has been so much talk lately about “body shaming”… about how insulting a person’s body, making judgments or assumptions about how they should feel because of their body; or even self-deprecating thoughts and words regarding your own thunder thighs, chicken legs, muffin top, etc. 621 more words

Walking, Walking, Walking

As predicted, I haven’t had much time to write this month. It seems like every waking moment is spent working or walking. Although Katie Hopkins said that she set out to prove that losing weight is doable for everyone, 20,000 steps simply is not doable for most people. 237 more words

Body Image

What I Will Tell My Daughter About The "Perfect Body"

A quarter century on this earth and nearly two years postpartum, I fear I am sometimes dissatisfied with my own body. I feel more active than I’ve ever been with the addition of an exuberant little explorer who keeps me running and squatting for a good portion of each day. 686 more words


week 20 \\ 2015

I know body shaming is nothing new to this country, but there’s this crazy commercial that’s kinda seriously haunting me! And I have seen it several times. 231 more words


The Virginity Unicorn.

I don’t believe in virginity.  I mean, conceptually, I understand what it means–untouched, pure, unadulterated, unspoiled.  In women it’s historically been tied to the presence of a hymen.   1,129 more words