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Be Your Best Self

One of my last blogs my friend read it and asked me “if I feel squishy what does that make her.” I responded with “be the best you”. 337 more words




This for me has been the most difficult subject to write about. And because it’s hard to write about, that in itself tells me it needs to be written. 784 more words



Instagram culture is quickly infesting our day to day lives. I am, admittedly, an avid user of the social media app, and I have first hand felt the effects of this wave of these “thinspiration.” Making a living off of social media is no new trend, but the part I’m referring to when I say “Instagram culture” is the portion of the platform infested with Insta-Models. 818 more words

Body Dysmorphia

FAT Was Once A Status Symbol Until We Adopted With BODY SHAMING

Body Shaming

Being fat in ancient time was supposed to be a Status Symbol. Due to movies mentality of people have changed drastically leading to adverse impact on people who are overweight. 68 more words


Skinny shaming is body shaming too!

Ever since I was young, I have always been thin. Not because I chose to be skinny, but it is how my body naturally looks because of my extremely high metabolism. 687 more words


Body Shaming: Please Spare The Innocent Child

Growing up, I had always been a target of body shaming for being too tall and thin. Throughout my school and college days, I was awarded odd names. 939 more words


On Attraction.

In regards to Physical Attraction, and coming off as shallow;

Call me strange, lol really, but I’d argue

Physical attraction includes body language, posture, and the vibrance of someone’s eyes. 296 more words