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Resurrection Man

The following is a poem about body snatching, the dark and nefarious practice of stealing corpses from their graves.  Written on the 28th January 2017. 193 more words


Grave's Anatomy: Abolitionists, Body Snatchers, and the Demise of Winchester Medical College

By Kaylyn Sawyer ’17

GRAVE, n.  A place in which the dead are laid to await the coming of the medical student.

A census in 1890 listed Chris Baker’s occupation as “Anatomical Man.” While the title sounds like that one of today’s superheroes, the nineteenth century existence of this vocation kept people from lingering around medical colleges after dark. 829 more words

Bringing History To Life

A grave legal dispute in Essex

In the first quarter of the nineteenth century Londoners began to realise they had a problem with their dead. The capital’s population was growing so fast that the parish graveyards were running out of space and posing a very real health hazard to the living. 293 more words

Police Court

Cemetery Riots Due Out in June, Partial Authors List Announced

Let’s take a short trip on the wayback machine, pausing at September 2 and August 27 2015.  The subjects, the acceptance and then sending back the contract for a new story, “The Re-Possessed” about a deal gone bad for an undertaker in Victorian London, for an also new anthology titled CEMETERY RIOTS.  217 more words


Horror in Drury Lane!

On the 26 April 1801 a dreadful discovery was made at a premises on Drury Lane. In what was once the Queen of Bohemia’s head, Wych Street, police officers and magistrates found the bodies of ‘two children and a man, partly dissected’, along with a number of surgical instruments. 200 more words