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Getting Carried Away - Body Snatching Lesson

The theme for today’s lesson is body snatching.  This is always a fun and interesting lesson because the pupils tend to enjoy the more gory and macabre topics, yet they come away with knowledge of the role of the body in the evolution of medical practice in the 18 and 19th century, insight into the role of the Anatomy Acts, and an understanding of disposal of the body from a sanitation and moral standpoint in history. 164 more words

John Hunter and the Irish Giant

It’s almost midnight, late by any standards. The weary owner passes a filthy rag over the bar-top and stuffs it back in his stained apron. There’s only a few punters left and they’ll be kicked out after a minute or two. 968 more words

Medical History

Body Snatching: The Original Cash for Gold Business


William Burke and William Hare

In this inaugural episode, I will be discussing literal skeletons in the form of the infamous case of Burke and Hare along with a case of burking in Cincinnati. 1,353 more words

Body Snatching

The Humans by Matt Haig

“Love is what the humans are all about but they don’t understand it. If they understood it, then it would disappear.”

The Humans is about an alien who snatches a human body, and consequently learns about the virtues and vices of a mid-level intelligent lifeform (hint: that’s us). 431 more words


Welcome To The Grim Underworld Of The Resurrectionists

When examining the dark crevices of London’s history, there’s no shortage of stories about decrepit neighborhoods and criminal networks, especially along the 19th-century docks and poorer areas of the great city. 2,628 more words

Dark History

The Rising Sun, Smithfield

38 Cloth Fair, EC1A 7JQ

Nearest tube: Barbican 0.1 mile

Nearest attraction: Museum of London 0.3 miles

 The hook

A pleasant-looking pub on a quiet Smithfield corner in the shadow of the grand, 12th century church St Bartholomew-the-Great. 568 more words

London's Most Historic Pubs

The Wife of an Honourable Counsellor

Many years ago, the wife of an honourable counsellor took great pride in the completion of a lavish family vault in a fashionable cemetery. It was important to enjoy one’s monuments before occupation, and here, she felt, was a burial chamber in which the couple and their descendants could be laid to rest in a manner appropriate to their social standing. 399 more words

Stephen Carver