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Vulnerability Is A Virtue

In the western world people has been  trained not to show vulnerabilty  and when you did people want  to take  advantage  or they asked you to go and speak to a therapsit which is actually on the long rum a disaster ,because someone is a therapist doesnt mean they can help you . 335 more words

Ep 198 - Talking Body & Soul with Simon Horrocks

Hey there, Evil Geeks! Today C-Mart talks with film director Simon Horrocks about his newest film Body & Soul, which will be shot entirely on a smartphone. 89 more words

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Building Love

The best thing about building love is you dont want to get stuck in others peoples misery , you want t to focus on your own intuition , From my own collection of wisdom building love for people means creating values the more value you create for people , the more love and abundance you are sharing with others . 151 more words

Death Of Hope 

Listen to your mind as its sounds over lap like waves upon the ocean rushing in a storm to the shore.

The murky blues with greens violently crashing against the sand and rocks. 196 more words


Strength Training Progression And Life

A  powerful woman once told me if you want something extra ordnary done , prepare to do it by yourself . the same thing that goes to your muscle goes for your money , if you can multiply your muscle by ten the same ratio goes for every thing you do . 223 more words

Simple reminders from my unexpected hospital stay.

Sometimes it takes something hard and scary, interrupting the middle of an ordinary life, to remind us of simple truths tucked deep in the back of our minds. 619 more words

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Rise, Shine & Morning Walk!

Make way gym sessions and treadmills! Life is not only about targets, charts and working up a sweat. Squeezing in a hardcore gym session in an already jam-packed day might seem effective, but some days your body and mind can be much better off with something much more simple and close to home…  no membership needed and right at your doorstep.  141 more words

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