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Tips to be sharp as a tack -keep your mental edge

One of the scariest thing is to lose our memory edge . and the realisation that our brain cant function well as it used to ,. 314 more words

Quiz: ♥ What's your Love Language?

Do you know what makes your partner or child feel special?  A compliment, quality time, a gift, a helping hand or a big long cuddle?  And what about yourself?  454 more words

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How to avoid fitness failure

I was on the phone with a long distance clients who recently became father of twins  and life get in the way of his fitness . 278 more words


Locro de zapallo

Andean pumpkin, potato and veggies stew

Growing up in Perú I saw my Mom and Grandma preparing a diverse of dishes that are Quechua rooted and, they have been modified thru the years. 359 more words


Your stomach is your brain

Most people are not aware that everything that happen in the brain   comes from the activity of the stomach . Our stomach is our emotional centre . 253 more words

Aerial Yoga for absolute beginners.

I’d been curious about Aerial yoga for a while having seen it advertised at the Four Seasons. Unfortunately at a million pounds for a one hour class (well 55 bd) i’d been priced out of the experience until I saw that the yoga centre in Boudaiya, Namaste, was offering the same. 517 more words

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When I first moved to India it used to drive me mad that people had no sense of personal space. I would go to an empty doctor’s waiting room, for example, sit down and five minutes later somebody else would come in, scan the empty room and then park themselves in the chair right next to me. 980 more words

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