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...and sometimes, a good girly time is the solution...

…at least for now! I did not do that well this week. I felt worn out, cranky, very emotional (and not in a good way) and oh so tired. 383 more words

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Tips to sustain alertness during the day

Alertness during the day is a gold mine and i realised that we sometimes struggle to go through the day with mental clearance . Most people struggle from sustaining alertness during the day . 279 more words

5 Cleanses That Are Actually Worth Doing

Going on a cleanse appears to be very current. And hey, it does the body good. (Or, so I hear; I could never go more than three days without meat.) 1,390 more words

Why you must strengthen your butts

The glutes / butts plays an important role in our overall well being apart from the physiollogical advantage – beauty . Glutes exercise effectively raises our metabolism since our life biologically speaking is defined by our metabolism . 314 more words

The Age of Adaption

With my free time I have been taking classes through Coursera, a fantastic online education platform that partners with organizations and universities around the world and offers many types of courses, for free. 633 more words

Mother Earth

Resurrecting my blog: new job, new diet and some German Angst

It’s alive!!! After forgetting, neglecting and procrastinating my blog, I am finally sitting down to put some new life into it! I am typing slow though – it is HOT outside! 579 more words

Body & Soul

Happiness Encore

Today seems a good day to review those ten happiness booster tips from Mindful magazine and UC Berkeley that I’ve been posting about:

1. Savor Life’s Joys… 326 more words