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Fat Loss Is Not A Life Style Choice - Its A Battle

One of the biggest reason people remain  fat and weak is the fact that they  havent realised that stay in shape is a battle . ant the ones To be  that get it are doing in a stupid way especially in  a western world where training is purely based on average . 222 more words

What You Need to Know About Wellbeing and Peak Performance (Part 2)

There is a powerful integration and feedback loop between mind and body that is being understood more and more. Understanding this not only helps you to take charge of your mind and body wellness, it also opens up new possibilities in personal life experience and abilities. 1,878 more words

Politics and Religion

That’s me in my first communion garb, when I got married to Jesus. I grew up with a Catholic mom who didn’t attend church and an atheist father. 490 more words

My Highlight of 2017 - Lessons That I learned .

Life move very fast and slow , its always good to take good stock of how things are shaping up from trying new wines to watch  an usual movies its all good and bad collections of the year ,Here are the few lessons 2017 taught me . 708 more words

THE POSTMAN DELIVERS . . . Hartwell & Harvey

Many thanks to the good people at Camel Press in Seattle and, a little closer to home, William Heinemann for the latest delivery. Two books, very different in style and content. 185 more words


Negativity And Productivity

We all have different personality . certain  personality are like steady  slow train always moving steadily others tend to shout like a rocket then die . 233 more words

My Experience With Meditation And Its Benefit

I could start this article by telling you why you must meditate , but its better to share what ive experienced and why my life has dramatically change since i started to meditate , In meditation i see things clearly  its like other soul talking to me . 229 more words