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Bath Salts, the good kind

Bath salts– no, not the kind that turn you into a zombie, but the kind that help reenergize the body. We all have days that seem longer than others, when we need to unwind and rejuvenate. 150 more words

Physical or psychological needs - what are you chasing

I was explaining to a friend yesterday about the concept of diminishing return and building a lean body that enhance vitality and sexual funnction till the old age . 252 more words

Crystal of the Week: Angelite

With its soothing vibes, Angelite can help relieve tension, anger, and even stress. It’s often helpful when it’s emotionally difficult to cope with a situation and is excellent for people who have issues with their Throat Chakra, which means it’s great for people who cannot express themselves coherently. 213 more words

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Habits of successful exerciser

Most people just exercise  for you to be successful with your exercise you need to see your body getting stronger , appearance changing , looking vibrant , people passing compliments  increasing your ability to perform better in real life – if non of this is happening then you need a different habits of exercise. 290 more words

10 Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

1. Green Tourmaline: this crystal helps in overcoming emotional problems and also attracts luck, success, abundance, and prosperity. It also inspires creativity and helps manifest our goals. 334 more words

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Crystal of the Week: Bismuth

Bismuth is a crystalline, brittle metal that has a gorgeous iridescent and is also an elemental metal. This stone is usually lab-created by melting the silver-white crystalline and pulling it up with a rod so that it forms as it cools. 231 more words

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How i got off sugar and changed my life

Its  been almost 10 years or more since i had sugar . Im writting this story to empower that nothing will happen if you dont eat sugar . 250 more words