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Learn To Think From The Heart - Not The Head

I was introduced to dynamic meditation 2 years ago  its not what  you think ,when i speak about meditation people think you need to sit close your eyes and trying to be silent .i fell in love with dynamic meditation because it get me to think more from my hear and it improves my memory .Its difficult for someone like me who is full of vitality, alive and energy to sit still . 281 more words

Botticelli's girl - a post on self-perception

I have been thinking about self-perception a lot lately, and how it is the root for a lot of our problems. I know that this is pretty obvious and not really a topic for a blog post, but I am wondering how we build the image of ourselves, and why it is mostly negative. 722 more words

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Sugar Addiction And Why You Are Exhausted

In my observation most people have no clue how they get soo much addicted to sugar or why thy cant poo . When you are not exhausted  or dont eat any sugar , you must poo 2to 3 times a day . 203 more words

Making friends with stress

Stress is bad. We hear this everywhere; our culture is filled with pressure to be productive and efficient and all kinds of obstacles that prohibit our success, but doctors are always telling us to “reduce stress.” I guess…get a massage, take a bath, take a long walk, say no more often, “unplug,” do aromatherapy, adult coloring…etc–the list of “stress” treatments goes on and on. 459 more words

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Reiki and Palliative Care

Palliative care is a way to improve the quality of life of patients and their families are facing the problems that are often associated with life-threatening illnesses. 495 more words

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What Do Black Women Do When Their Best Isn’t Enough?

Is it me or does it seem like black women can never do enough? What do we do when our best isn’t enough? We’re the fastest growing business owners… 420 more words


What Really Get you Going - Food Matters

For so long ive been thinking how do i make people understand how ffod we consume really matters in our life , apart from just good looking .Most people will save money on food but spend on hoildays , cars etc –  We need energy to go through the day , to become a better person and what really get us going is the quality of our food which goes into our cells . 211 more words