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Day 11 - 27th Oct 2016 - My dear legs....MOVE!

You will instantly see that I have had to start putting the date to blogs – that means I can officially count to 11 before questioning what day I am actually on. 864 more words

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How To Stay Motivated All Year Round

We all have different things or places that increases our stimulation , Ive been pretty more motivated since i got  my own training studio . If you are like me , i get bored very quickly . 272 more words

Days 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9 - What?!?! I will do it tomorrow....

The last time I wrote was Day 3 of the general get fit and health campaign. Now the good news is that I am still on track, I say still until my slight blip this week which I will explain in a momento… 616 more words

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Must-Have: Frank Body Scrub

I love a good body scrub and I have tried a bunch! I always get suckered by those single packets they so strategically place in the check out line of Sephora or Ulta and by the end of the month I have more than I need. 100 more words

Day 3 - Ouch...

I forgot what sitting on a bike for a sustained period feels like (when I told my wife this she chuckled in her childlike sexual innuendo kind of way… why would I expect anything less haha) :-) 446 more words

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Day 2 - so NOW I know what hunger feels like

My wife and I have many a discussion on ‘Hangry’. She experiences this ALOT!!

I, on the other hand, probably haven’t checked in enough to truly know this feeling OR I am likely to have eaten far too much, alot of the time, to have given my body the chance to show me the feeling. 418 more words

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