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want to sleep with you

I want to sleep with
you side by side 
Our hair intertwined
Our sexes joined
With your mouth for a pillow. 61 more words

Exercising To Improve Feminine Body

If you are like me i always want to improve my physique / my body . In a fitness industry most women seems to lose thier feminie touch , Im not bad mouthing , im sharing experiences and from observation . 219 more words

Prioritizing Self Care And Importance Of Micromovement

When you have the mindset of proritizing your self care , then you will discover that you dont need to spent a lot of time going to the gym before you can exercise . 248 more words

Surviving University

When people describe their ‘uni-experience’ it is usually positive. “I met my best friends there”, “uni was soo much fun”, “hard work but enjoyable”; the list of comments go on. 729 more words


Do Detox Baths Really Work?

In this day and age, our bodies are subject to more toxins than ever. It is in the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medications we take and even in the water we drink. 467 more words

Holistic Living

New Beginnings …

“Now it is necessary to get to the grindstone again.”
Ernest Hemingway, 1938

“So there is this pressure now, on every sentence, not just to say what it has to say, but to justify its claim upon our time.”

704 more words
Writers & Writing

The Only Prize Is Preparation

When you set out to prepare in advance and limit your action and in action  to only what is keeping withing the need of  preparation – to remove yourself  from from distraction , to be self sufficient  be free to create and understanding power . 229 more words