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Few traits of mentally strong people

I think personally im very attracted to mentally strong people , to be honest i have a zero tolerance for weak people . A mentally strong individual is very inspiring , they dont quit and dont complain . 270 more words

The Dangers Of Not Getting Enough Sleep

We’re busy. There is a lot to accomplish in 24 hours. Often we forgo sleep to get it all (or most of it) done. But we shouldn’t. 119 more words

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Don Ray - Standing In The Rain (Polydor)

Embodying a flamboyant signature sound that we could find on albums by the likes of Alec R. Costandinos, Kongas and Cerrone, pianist/keyboardist Raymond Donnez… 102 more words


2 Easy Ways To Fight The Winter Blues

As winter wallops our nation, and the hours of daylight fade, it’s not unusual for people to begin feeling sad, tired or moody.

These symptoms are signs that you may be experiencing seasonal affective disorder — or SAD, a type of depression that usually occurs during the winter. 259 more words

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A Reminder to Breathe

It’s crazy how the simple (and essential) things often get forgotten in the everyday. Of course breathing is an unconscious act most of the time, but if we slow down and inhale and exhale with a bit more awareness it can bring positive change to body and soul. 168 more words


10+ reasons why I love my ugly body.

10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body¬†is one of the most inspiring blog posts I’ve ever read. If you’re at all concerned with your body image, health and fitness then do yourself a favour and read it… and if you don’t have these concerns, just read it anyway, because we could all use a little inspiration to kickstart our week.

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