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Becoming Complete And Fat Loss

Your body is almost always within  your control .Have you noticed that most things in life is not within our control . This is rare in life that , job not going well , your boss is a jerk , , company having issues ? 222 more words

Oscar Wilde genius of the Picture of Dorian Gray

The genius of this work is the profundity of the language; the beauty of the use of language and the wisdom within its pages.

This book plumbs the depths of the human person. 410 more words


Why You Must Eat Carbohydrate - DIET

I rarely hear  people talks about stability of a specific diet or how good carbs are for them , most people regard carbohydrate as enemy . 294 more words

Living your Best Life

I sadly think blogging will no longer grab people’s attention.

Heck, I don’t even read many people’s blogs anymore. But I choose to remain active on my blog because I love to write. 827 more words


Canto 25 Purgatory: importance of the body and honoring the body

Here Dante is nearing the ledge of the lustful. Here also, Statius explains to Dante the creation of the body-soul union. He speaks metaphysically and biologically, which also emphasizes the union of the spiritual and material as Anthony Esolen reminds us in his commentary. 303 more words


How To Stay Positive

Most people think  staying  positive means  you have to think positive but in my way of thinking its really wrong . for you to be positive you need healthy body and mind , they all works hand in hand .Naturally  people with bad habits are negative , i mean people who dont look after their  body . 257 more words

Maggie Dent: Real Kids in an Unreal World

Are you worried, confused or concerned about parenting in today’s chaotic world?  Fear not, Maggie Dent is coming to Fremantle soon.  Children need to have certain basic experiences to build the competencies that will help them manage life –— the good, the bad and the ugly.  127 more words

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