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Reading Week …

… well, more Reading Fortnight, to be accurate. It was intended to have much the same function as I guess it does during university terms: a chance to take a breather, stand back from ongoing work and take stock – and actually read a book or two. 1,325 more words

Writers & Writing

Hello darkness, my old friend!

I’ve come to talk with you again! And this time, I really want to talk. I talk, that is, and you keep quiet. We go way back, darkness, you and I, but I feel that it’s time to take our relationship to another level. 326 more words

Body & Soul

Your Temple, PERSEVERANCE, THANKFULNESS & Biblical Inference



Origin: Proskarteresis(Greek); Pronunciation: pros-kar-ter’-ay-sis

Definition: describes a steadfast single-minded fidelity (faithfulness) to a certain course of action.

“16 Always be joyful. 755 more words

Biblical Health: The Spiritual Aspect

We need to ask God to give us the desire to be healthy, but not for those vain reasons. Examples of vain would be to catch the eye of her/him, to be loved by him/her, to make someone else happy or stay with us, etc. 430 more words

My thought On Confidence

I was asked to give a talk on confidence to teenagers 15 to 20 years  old with self esteem issue . I was really  suprise by their definition of confidence .it also occur to me that esteem issue has nothing to do with only tennagers , in-fact   most adult could really benefits from the talk . 170 more words

Body & Soul 2017 | Bantum, Wastefellow & more join line-up

Body & Soul 2017 has seen the addition of a host new acts to it’s festival line-up today including Bantum, Wastefellow and more. 

The latest artists to join the Body & Soul 2017 line-up are: … 168 more words


Honestly Compounds

Honesty compounds no matter what happens in your bank account , in our career and daily life . Itried really hard to be honest , the reason is the fact that people dont want the truth and ego feeds on lies . 269 more words