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A song for everything 

I can’t imagine a world without music

I can’t imagine a world without rhythm

I can’t imagine a world without dance

For distraction

For comfort… 32 more words


How to raise your standard

Raising your standard is a combination of your intelligence , flexibility , creativity . and health . You have to develop on these 4 ares to separate  from average and the crowd . 337 more words

Preventing stubborn fats

Fat loss is a constant battle , especially the stubborn ones , we all know that the less body fats we have, the more agile, sexy , intuitve , productive we become . 363 more words

Had or have?

I used to have a brother. It would be his birthday today.

“He is in a better place.” – “He is dead. That’s not a place.” 428 more words

Body & Soul

Self-Care ~ Nobody Needs You More Than You Do

Nobody needs you more than you do.  Self-care means taking care of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Are you regularly setting aside enough “me time”? 387 more words

Stress Relief

The 3 deadly realities

There are many life realities but this three im going to share with you have a higher rank in my thoughts . Most time we are surrounded by this realities but we refused to acknowledge them . 411 more words

Good girls!


My friend from Ireland showed her niece (8 years old) a recent photo of me.

Friend: Look, this is my friend Lunatique!

Niece: From Germany?! 34 more words

Body & Soul