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Perspectives: Prepping for a Big Swell

Bodysurfers around the world take on challenging waves. Each of them risk life and limb to experience the Ocean in a way few people even dream of. 833 more words


Surfin' U.S.A.

I had a new experience while rolling with The Hulk in the advanced class at Lincoln BJJ yesterday. At one point I was in top half guard, and he attempted to sweep me about six times with the same technique (which I believe was a new one for him), but was unable to do so. 376 more words


Mini Reviews #1

I’ve read a few books recently where I haven’t had the energy or inclination to post a full-length review, but wanted to comment on them nevertheless – and mini-reviews are a great way to do that. 1,470 more words


The Art of Doing Your Own Thing

By Skye Walker

One could argue the point of what is cool and what is not cool in this world. I know I have certainly passed judgement on others because what they were doing didn’t appear to be cool to me. 1,002 more words


Sandy Pages: The Art of Body Surfing

There are a handful of fervent bodysurfers who took the time to document, educate and rave about this one-of-a-kind activity. Here is a brief review of one such pursuit. 436 more words

Body Surfing


You know her moods. You know what she likes. You know exactly what gets her going. Swell size and direction. Wind and tide. You know what will happen as the tide shifts and the swell fills. 453 more words


A tryst with the Rapids of Ganges

A busy week in office and to add to it the rising mercury in Delhi, what other reason does one need to get going for a weekend getaway to beat the heat. 1,764 more words

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