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Playing the Tourist

After settling in to a comfortable routine on the coast in Costa Rica, we were fortunate to be able to get together with some fellow gringos and take part in some of the more touristy activities in the area. 850 more words


The Beaches of Tocayos

Photo courtesy of Aaron Chang

The primary beach in Tocayos is Playa Norte.  In the sequel to Tocayos, which I have not yet published, much of the action takes place in a second beach, which I refer to as Playa Sur.   716 more words


Redbeard the Pirate

Who knew that there were submerged rocks at Playa Roca Beach?

Yesterday we were at the beach and an innocent body surf turned into quite the ordeal. 64 more words


How I Took a Vacation to Aruba

It is good to have friends. It is really good to have friends when they invite you to be part of their vacation.  My friend Diane who I have known for years, lives in northern Vermont with her husband Tom. 522 more words

Polar Bear 1

I am an active and enthusiastic body surfer. Some of us, we the few, do not wear wetsuits. This first of my two polar bear drawings, wearing fins, was encouragement for others here to join our ranks. 18 more words