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Winter Isn't Coming. It's Here. 

One of the sites I adore is called Nerd Fitness.

If you don’t know why, I suggest you go back and read some of my older posts. 211 more words

Getting To Know You

Do it at home workout- Updated!

Do it at home workout:

Can you really gain muscle and lose fat without going to the gym?-YES! YES! YES!

90% of getting the body you want is nutrition. 696 more words

5 Workout Tips For The Beginner

Working out is great for your mind, body and soul, and my favorite stress reliever. If you don’t have a regimen or want to get started, this can be a great way to go. 398 more words


Pull-ups, King of Upper Body

There are many trains of thought, when it comes to the best upper body exercise.  Depending on who you talk to it could be bench press with it’s many variations, push-ups, and some will say the overhead or military press.   537 more words