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Lucky 7 Medicine Ball Workout

By Bruce Randolph SBSM Trainer Ismael Lujan

Today’s weekend workout requires only a medicine ball. If you do not have one, get creative with household “weights” such as a jug of milk. 539 more words


Focus T25 - Day 11 - total body focus.

To be honest I woke up this morning, late (clocks changed and muggings here forgot), I was so stiff I lay in bed debating the best way to get out of bed with some dignity and then the DVDs player decided it was going to play up. 54 more words

Time For A Reset

I’ve been slacking again with my workouts, eating, and posts. Therefore, it’s time to hit the reset button, I guess that’s the beauty of being off track, you can usually get back on.  193 more words


Global BC meteorologist Kristi Gordon shares her hate mail

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Even in the digital age of hate tweets and troll comments, cranks are still putting poison pens to paper and using Canada Post to deliver loathsome thoughts to local TV personalities. 350 more words


Set Point and Basal Metabolic Rate

Set point. To those that know what this is, it is either a blessing or a curse. Set point is the point where your body naturally wants to weight-wise. 113 more words


Your Obesity Is Not The Problem

It is no secret; In recent decades, we have been bombarded with numerous studies showing that obesity is a major health epidemic we deal in America. 521 more words


Weight a minute

Dear Body Weight, 

I’m sure you have already heard this numerous times since we humans became so concerned with our health, well-being and body image, but you are fleeting, two-faced and fickle minded. 489 more words