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Frank Medrano: The Calisthenics Bodyweight Expert

Frank Medrano is a Vegan body builder and master of Calisthenics. Calisthenic training involves any exercises performed using no added weight, and is commonly referred to as body-weight training. 243 more words


Ready for Fall and 10 Strength Training Moves for Runners.

8 miles before 7 am with some gorgeous cloud cover. My legs were feeling so good too! I think it had something to do with the awesome cool breeze we’ve been experiencing lately. 189 more words


Body Only: Week 2

I started out so well!

First, Monday’s hour-long Level 2 lower body yoga routine and Thursday’s lower body bodyweight routine were harder than I expected… 254 more words


New Reps & Sets Decided

Not going to make entries for each day of my workout anymore, it takes too much time to do it that way. At the end of each week I’d rather just post the full week in one entry of what that week consist of. 349 more words


Exercise of the month: donkey kicks. 

Also called glute kickbacks.

This month is a body weight exercise for a change. That means it can be performed anywhere with ample space, don’t want you kicking any ornaments over now! 83 more words


Unexpected challenge

When I went into the gym today, little did I expect to take part in a Challenge that was going on. I knew about it, but decided to give it a miss because of the set of exercises that they had advertised. 588 more words


Simple 7: A Lifestyle for Wellness

Unfortunately, there is no one single lifestyle action which will ensure we stay healthy and fit. The human body—and the environment in which live—is far too complex for a simple panacea. 30 more words