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The Mass Dungeon: Building Strong Bodies and Stronger Families by Vincent Masone, Sr

We have some awesome writers and athletes who contribute to Garage Gym Life. But we admit that we don’t know everything. So we scour the web to find the best articles from yesterday and today (we’d get them from the future as well but our DeLorean is in the shop) and bring you the links here. 375 more words

Garage Gym Life

Weight loss means Pat Spindler no longer hides at home

Pat Spindler knows the exact moment she turned to food for comfort.

She was seven years old and was told that her father had died. She was then sent to the movies and she sat there, finishing off a huge bag of popcorn alone. 730 more words

Fashion & Beauty

The Kavadlo Brothers and Calisthenics

On the second weekend of April, my husband and I attended a 3 day workshop in London in order to obtain the Progressive Calisthenics Certification… 610 more words


A Body Acceptance Manifesto

Body, more than anything, you must know you are both beautiful and enough. Exactly as you are, in this very moment.

The only words deserving of you come from a place of admiration and appreciation. 301 more words


Those Muscles Are Good for Your Heart

Believe it or not, being muscular is good for you and not just in those normal muscly ways like, for example, the ability to knock away errant boulders during an avalanche or having the strength to lift the prow of an ice-breaking ship in order to start conversations with strangers.  284 more words

Beet Juice

Five Simple Rules for Weightloss

Let’s be honest with each other here… five years ago I was 250 pounds and had no idea how where I had gone wrong.  I’m sure that’s not a unique feeling. 799 more words