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Body Weight Basics - Test Your MIGHT!

We all would like to think of ourselves as strong, but in what context?

Being able to lift 2x your body weight over your head is phenomenally strong, so it deadlifting 4x body weight from the floor. 242 more words


Daily measurement can help keep weight off, study says

Measuring weight daily and tracking changes over time helps people keep lost weight off, a new study has found.

This news comes in the wake of  257 more words


Letter: Point about aspartame is debatable

Re: “Attacks against aspartame fall short of credible” (Joe Schwarcz, June 27)

Joe Schwarcz’s excellent (as usual) article, I believe, missed one issue about aspartame. Aspartame is safe, but the fact that it had “no impact on the growing incidence of obesity” is debatable. 126 more words


Monday morning quick fix

super short TRX workout-

Hamstring curls

Abdominal roll outs (thank you to the TRX website)

TRX crunches (feet suspended knee pulls)

Give it a try!! If you don’t have a TRX modify with a towel on a hard floor or paper plates on a carpet!! 13 more words


Desk Workout


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What it feels like to go shopping for clothes while suffering from (or recovering from) an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders suck. They suck so much that sometimes it’s difficult to explain just how much they suck. Especially to someone who has never experienced it. 1,401 more words


As I’ve stated before- I DO NOT LIKE CARDIO. I am always looking for ways around doing it, because I just do not enjoy it. However, after battling with stomach problems all week, I felt last night I needed a really good sweat session to help me get back on track. 126 more words