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Hey guys!

On this quest to being of a healthier weight one advice I received on every site I read is to stay hydrated and not hydrated with drinks or juices, hydrated with water. 448 more words

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Pre-Road Trip Workout

So this morning we were gearing up to drive to Florida for a day at Disney and then a weeklong cruise (yay!). With this meant TONS of things on my plate. 369 more words

Deal Alert: Eufy BodySense Smart Scale

Today Amazon has some deals on Eufy products and the BodySense Smart Scale is one of them with a $35 discount.

If you are looking to connect your scale this deal on the… 30 more words


Apple Cidar Vinegar for weight loss

Hey guys!

So everybody has probable heard about Apple Cider vinegar being used for weight loss. According to various researches Apple cider vinegar it is great for body detoxification, it boosts the metabolism and reduces appetite which is great for someone on a weight loss journey like me. 351 more words

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Fitness friday?

Hey guys!

This is the first of my Friday fitness series. This will be on from May till August and it will feature post about health, maintaining a healthy weight, losing weight the right way as well as my weekly updates. 479 more words

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Five Healthy Lifestyle Hacks for Fijians

Scared of having Non-Communicable Diseases and dying early? Worry no more. These five healthy lifestyle habits may increase your life expectancy by a decade or more. 265 more words


Balancing Fitness and Healthy Eating into a Rigorous College Schedule

By Keith Burgess, Michael Nies, Jacqueline Quintero

The World Health Organization (WHO) broadly defines human health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO, 2018). 835 more words