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All ABs!

Workout for 4-26-2015
T-Shirt: Coors Light
Music: Kid Rock

We did several body weight workouts in a row.
Then jumped on the weights.
Today it’s back to mainly body weight again along with some medicine balls and wheels. 153 more words


4 Exercises for Core Activation

Here are 4 exercises to get your core engaged in the morning for a long day of work or play. This workout can be completed in fewer than 5 minutes, but throw in a few more rounds if you have the time to maximize benefits… 343 more words


Leg Up

Leg Up

Attack your lower body as well as your core and fat stores with this high-rep circuit.

What It Is:

A lower body and core burner that incorporates high rep counts for a challenging five rounds. 190 more words

Body Weight

Up and Running Again...

So my arm is feeling better from yesterday’s blood drawing issue, and I’m ready for a workout. It’s time to workout my upper body! I decided to modify my workout a bit to the following: 65 more words


Type 1 diabetes: On the way to an insulin vaccine

Pseudoscience claims about vaccines are seemingly hitting a fever pitch. Despite that, a new vaccine may be on the horizon for children at risk for diabetes, and that is a good thing. 445 more words


Pumped-up Planks

Pumped-up Planks

Blast your core (and more) with this advanced plank routine.

Planks are boring . you assume the position, then wait for seconds to tick by as the muscles in your chest, core, shoulders and glutes quake and quiver. 554 more words

Body Weight

8 minute BW Circuit

Y’all know I love a good body weight workout, I firmly believe you can get a great workout using just your own body as resistance. Give this one a go and if you are honestly pushing yourself hard I almost guarantee you will feel the burn! 704 more words