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The most effective 5 tips to lose weight in two weeks!

We have dependably been informed that nothing comes simple. While that might be correct, we are here to break the myth that something troublesome corresponds to an extended day and age. 657 more words


Riding a Onewheel, Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard

If you don’t know what a¬†Onewheel¬†is, it is one of the ‘newest entrants to the board sports world.’ It is manufactured in the U.S. 450 more words


Things That Must Be Avoided After Gaining Body Weight

Weight gain can be triggered by several factors including lack of exercise, pregnancy, health problems and so on. Numerous ways have been invented to control one’s body weight. 409 more words


Some of the hardest to do are simple: fitness

Sometimes, it simply takes dedication and persistence to accomplish something valuable.

One example is fitness. If you have any sort of interest in doing anything physical, you should keep doing it daily or mutiple times a week. 296 more words

Fear of Flights: A Stair-case Study

Three years ago I attended my first day at the University of Dundee which didn’t get off to the best start. The first challenge I would face as an aspiring scientist was deciphering my timetable; not an easy task as I end up in the wrong class on the basement level of the building. 477 more words

Physical Activity

Bum and Leg Burn!

This quick little booty burn of a workout can literally be done anywhere!
I think that’s my favourite part about it.
Second, it would be that you don’t need any weights, no bands or a machines to literally get your legs shaking and aching while you’re wishing the time would hurry up and hit zero. 606 more words