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Fixing The Overhead Position

Welcome back!

The day before yesterday we were working overhead, in the chin-up/pull up position, and I’m sure you’ll all agree that this exercise, physiologically rules the roost with your body-weight/upper-body training. 462 more words

My Top 5 Favorite TRX Exercises

TRX is suspension training that uses body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. It was created within the Navy SEALs.

There are a TON of different exercises you can do with the TRX, but here are my top five… 147 more words


4 Fast Booty and Ab Blasters

4 Fast Booty and Ab Blasters

we are all busy, so finding room in our schedules to exercise can be a challenge. That’s why you should try this time-saving yet super-effective toning series. 254 more words

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Leg Day Circuit

I love leg day!

Here is a little circuit I put together for an at home workout. Best part, you don’t even need weights! 89 more words


Part 4, project 3, exercise 2: Form - essential elements

26 September, 2015. Another examination in Innsbruck looming, this time we will find out whether our son will have to go through high dose cortisone pulse therapy over the next few years, which means that we may have to spend at least three to four days a month in hospital. 447 more words


5 Common Squat Mistakes

The best lower-body exercise can also be one of the most dangerous. See if you’re committing any one of these key mistakes when squatting.

For decades, bodybuilders have known that squatting is the single best lower-body exercise. 542 more words

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How do I stretch my back and hamstrings? - Part 1 -

“How do I stretch my back and hamstrings?” 

This is a question I get a lot! But thanks to a client of mine, back in Chicagoland, we will address this today. 654 more words

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