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HIIT can allow to burn fat faster-whatsaypeople.com

HIIT workouts can allow you to burn fat faster, but that is not the only reason to work them into your routine. Using these 12 minutes as planned, for 3 times weekly, will without doubt have anyone reaping more within 8 weeks and the benefits of leanness that is new. 247 more words

Daily News

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free stock photos scale weight photo for free download, we have thousands of free funny photos or high resolution images(photos) or free stock photos for free download. 28 more words

To Clarify . . .

Recently, I wrote an article in which I discussed cycling and diet. I received a comment or two from the article, but also received a comment or two from fellow riders who read my blog. 589 more words


When reality becomes blurred

I suspect that at the end of this post, many of you may start feeling some relief. It’s going to expand upon my initial mindset post… 1,028 more words

Cognitive Distortions

At home workouts

I quit the gym. I was paying $50 a month and not going. It’s been 2-3 months since I last went.

Yesterday, while trying to sleep after an overnight, my thoughts turned to creating my own at home circuit workout. 112 more words


Your diet doesn't need to be as strict as you think

I found a fantastic study today; one that I just have to share with you. You can access it here, the full text is free. 971 more words

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