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Get the door

This Mercedes was also dropped off today to get a new door and a repair on the  left quarter. We did manage to get the door off and apart today as well as a good jump on the repair on the quarter. 25 more words

Collision Repair

Scratch and dent repair

This Buick is in the shop to get a little road rash and a small dent fixed in the left quarter. We didnt get pictures of the rash and dent, but I did remember once it was in the booth. 42 more words

Collision Repair

Slick sand again.

The hood on the ’52 received a few coats of slick sand today. We have been working on the body work on this hood for the past few weeks. 84 more words


Fear and Loving in Bali

I just woke up.  It’s 6:00 am.  The sun is beginning to rise.  The dogs are barking at the crowing roosters.  A bird is warbling and insects are crying out.  831 more words


'52 Ford, back on track

Work continued on the ’52 Ford today. We the body work on the hood pretty much wrapped up. There is only 2 more spots to block out before priming again. 35 more words


People; our greatest influencers

I am Shellae Louise Boss. I am a 33 yr old mother of 2, I am a wife, I am a daughter, grand-daughter and sister, I am a friend. 842 more words

Two Tone

Today Paul laid down a nice two tone on this new Dodge. It really turned out nice. Tomorrow we will reinstall the flares and running boards and get it cleaned up for the customer.