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Failing is important. Lucky I'm so good at it! (AKA, the rust repair adventures of a self-taught amateur)

I have zero training when it comes to fixing or modifying cars. My father was a property manager, not a mechanic, and I never grew up around guys in the automotive trade. 286 more words


Soma + yin

On Sunday I was getting ready for another work trip, this time to Mexico City and Guadalajara for the week. I had signed up for 2-hour soma and yin workshop at… 478 more words


Sanding and other prep work

This morning I checked on how the paint turned out. To my surprise, I realized that I had left the hood outside all night and it started raining early this morning! 503 more words

First coat of OD24052

I have been researching battery charger/maintainer/desulfaters. I decided that the BatteryMinder brand was what I needed. I wanted the #2012, but the local Northern Tool didn’t have them in stack. 428 more words

Priming, sanding

First thing this morning, I had to turn the Jeep around so I could work on the passenger side. I fired it up and opened the door to the shop. 422 more words

More sanding

Today I sanded the entire hood. I started on the inside, which I thought was a little better than it actually was. I removed all of the loops, hinges and tie downs to make sanding a little easier. 361 more words

Body work and mail call

Mail Call

I received 2 cans of Gillespie 24052 Forest Green spray paint from QTM Parts today. That’s all that I have on order at the moment. 376 more words