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Wheels on the Ground

It’s been a while since I have been able to spend much time on the 67. Partly because I have been busy, and partly due to my tendency to over analyze when it comes time to spend money. 432 more words


Around the Block | Connecting internal and external awareness (part 1)

What good is a compass if you don’t know what North, East, South and West mean? Conversely, why have North, East, South and West if there’s no map to orient to them. 484 more words


Oh, cool.

So here are the finishing touches on the Mazda. Friday the new radiator and condenser came in. We built the new support and installed it. We then topped off the coolant and recharged the A/C. 41 more words

Collision Repair

Body Work Part 2: Yoga

Dr Deborah Quinn

Wellbeing is a¬†genuine aspiration. In our opinion the real work in life – developing a deeper understanding that enables you to become more true to yourself, not compelled with ideas about yourself programmed in by painful reactions to experiences or ‘shoulds’ coming from all your self appointed authorities. 641 more words

Movement at the Station ....

Approximately 32 years after turning (well breaking the rusty head off) the first bolt, a good 3 years after the final rebuild began in earnest and 12 months after going off to the body shop, this happened Saturday. 47 more words