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Gaps!This can be broken down a little deeper, but for now, this is the basics of consistent, crisp gaps.

-Use a piece of plastic or acrylic, or something similar near the size gap you want. 64 more words


An Equal Start

An equal start. Before doing any body work, or adjusting panels, or anything at all, you should make sure the body mounts are bolted in place. 35 more words


Ida Rolf perceives

May 19 was the 120th anniversary of the birth of Dr. Ida P Rolf. This video includes Dr Rolf talking off screen. She guides the practitioner (Peter Melchior) on where to work. 113 more words

Body Work


This is a powerful poem that contains ideas and iconic images that will stick with you. I added some definitions at the end of the post which will make your enjoyment greater if you don’t know exactly what is being said. 186 more words

Out for some fresh air

I took the car outside for the first time in almost four years. I gave it a wash to prepare it for polishing but when Niall arrived he said let’s take it for a spin on the garage plates so the three of us (me, Yuka and Niall) hopped in. 174 more words


Squeeze it tight!

A new Friday tradition. #fillerfriday! I really want to start putting some of the knowledge I’ve gained out there as a reference, so Friday’s will be all about body filler! 121 more words


Moving through trauma

During my current radiotherapy treatment for breast cancer, I need to lie very still.  I am placed into position by a team of two to three radiology assistants who arrange my body in a very precise way in order for the radiation to target specific areas of my body. 843 more words

Post Traumatic Stress