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It has been far too long since I posted. I’ve been trying to keep up with monthly or every-other-month newsletters. I’m still doing San Fu Moxa for charity. 273 more words


The horror (AKA people need to stop using body filler instead of panel beating tools)

People, please. I implore you to stop using body filler (AKA bog, bondo, etc) instead of hammering out dents and fixing car bodies properly. My body guy sent me these pics late last night (excuse the poor quality) to show just how thick the filler was on the right rear quarter panel of my car. 41 more words


Research on massage and bodywork

Clients sometimes ask me whether a particular technique “works.” Often, I have to say that there is limited science on massage and bodywork. On the other hand, there is anecdotal information that people find bodywork to be beneficial. 106 more words

Body Work

Front Bumper and Valance

Making the push to get the front end done and all of the major parts attached to the car again. And for that matter, making it look like a car again. 872 more words

67 Coupe

Swiss cheese is bad for your car's health (AKA my body guy hates rust)

A few days ago I got a lovely surprise. For almost 8 weeks I have been flat-out with work and a short trip overseas for my girlfriend’s cousin’s wedding. 115 more words


Stone Guard and Grille

Continuing with the front end assembly, next thing is to get the stone guard on. In order to do that, I am pretty sure I need to find it first. 1,084 more words

67 Coupe

Front end assembly - Headlights

I started assembling the front end finally. After ordering some things I knew I would need, I started watching videos. I clearly got that in the wrong order. 605 more words

67 Coupe