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Maintaining the benefits of SI

A client asked me recently how to maintain the improvements obtained from a 10-series of structural integration. Here are my thoughts on that question, for your consideration. 95 more words

Body Work

My Life's Purpose

I am in serious like with my acupuncturist. She’s so good to me. Part of me believes she has magical powers. Another part understands she is incredibly good at listening to my pulses and inserting needles in just the right spots.  428 more words


Tai Chi Y3D339: Half An Hour

I did twelve minutes of tai chi, and another eighteen minutes of qi gong afterwards. I feel great. Not surprisingly, really.  Breathwork was good.  Dr. Yang, Greg, Tom, Reba, and some of the other instructors taught reverse-breathing, where the gut is gently sucked in during the in-breath, and relaxed during the out-breath.   192 more words


New Automotive Spray Guns from Sata and Iwata

Jim Lyons 

I had the opportunity to to take a look at the two newest spray guns from the top spray gun manufactures. The newest gun from Sata and the two newest spray guns from Iwata. 260 more words

Automotive Paint

Prime time

Yesterday these ’52 parts were metal worked, sanded and prepped for primer.  A coat of epoxy was sprayed late yesterday, but it didnt dry in time for the Slick Sand. 39 more words


Thats the brakes.

A customer of ours bought a couple of Mustangs and wanted to get the brake calipers painted so we gladly obliged. The yellow ones will match the car. 83 more words


Lotta parts

Here are the rest of the parts for the Mustang we painted yesterday. We plan on getting these installed tomorrow so it will be ready for  delivery early next week.