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Milton 2.0

How are Milton & I faring with our do over? Very well, thank you. We are doing very little, but I’m very excited about it. … 190 more words


Rear chassis damage revealed

Removal of the stone chip on the left rear chassis has revealed cracks. After sleeping on it I have decided to cut out a large section, re-shape it and weld it back in. 74 more words

Body Work

Reconnecting with trauma

I just came across an interesting article about traumatic bonding.   It opened up a lot of questions about how to reconnect with trauma effectively since one of the results of being traumatised in childhood is that we are not allowed to have a true instinctive response to trauma.  997 more words

Body Work

Painting The Bus (Part 2)

First order of the day was preparing the bus for paint.  A lot of body work and modifications were in order.  I wanted to change the old lights for more modern lights.   268 more words


Steering column bearing installation

After receiving the new bearing I figured out the best way to re-assemble the shaft was to remove the bottom bearing and insert that first. I gave it a good cleaning out as the grease was after becoming sticky. 150 more words


Does Pilates really works? YES

The benefits of Pilates go far beyond simple core strength and flexibility. Regularly practicing the total-body workout can ease back pain, improve bone density and boost heart rate. 19 more words