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Shine on

We painted the Cobra yesterday. After quite a bit of work in fixing the body, it was finally time to lay down some color. Paul started by spraying a full coat of urethane sealer. 63 more words


Head light restoration that works

  A little head light restoration today. The lights on this Camry have seen better days. We started by removing the lights and prepping them. This involves sanding off all of the yellow caused by the sun. 119 more words

Clear Coat

Primed cab

Here are the finished pictures from yesterdays post on priming the cab. Once this sets up for a few days, we will start blocking it out to ensure super smooth and flat panels then a final prime. 7 more words


Make over Sally

The Mustang is moving along. Today Paul finished stripping off the bad paint thats on the left quarter and left door. He also fixed a few dents and sanded the body all over. 76 more words

Base Coat

Sex cocktails in the happy hour

No-one is quite sure where the word “cocktail” originally came from, but one appealing story says that an American bar had a very large ceramic container in the form of a rooster.  670 more words


Uh oh

This Cobra is in the shop to get a fresh new paint job. Unfortunately, the left quarter, left door and rear bumper  have been repaired before. 151 more words


'52 Cabbie

For the past few days, we have been working on the cab to the ’52 Ford. We have the body work pretty well wrapped up. Here you can see we slid it into the booth for primer. 49 more words

High Performance Finish