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Twin Twins: The Boring Stuff.....

This may not be nearly as boring to some of you as it is to me. It’s time for the dreaded body work. I really don’t enjoy body work. 890 more words

INSPIRE - Porsche 356 in the build Down Under

We recently stumbled across these epic images – taken by Troy from TJB Photo – of the inside of a Porsche workshop in South Australia. 110 more words


Relaxation Body Work

Sometimes what you really need is to take the edge off and sink in. During relaxation body work, we use massage, healing energy, music and atmosphere to help you shed your worries and come into a deep space of self care and indulgence.

Body Work


Elysium utilizes a unique combination of ancient esoteric techniques, including a mesmerizing sequence of extraordinary touches that entice all of the senses. Enter an expertly controlled state of blissful relaxation, with this multi-dimensional experience designed to expand your sensory boundaries and leave you feeling more alive and awake than you’ve ever felt before.

Body Work

Partners' Work

Indulge and deepen your relationship with a partner’s session.

Part guidance, part healing, during partner’s work, a skilled practitioner will take you individually and as partners through a tailored process to understand where the energy needs to flow and guide you through new levels of touch and connection to get there.

Body Work

Exhaust manifold stud work

I decided to unbolt the body and shift it around a little in order to get a straight shot at the broken stud. I was able to get it moved just enough to accomplish this. 185 more words

Deep Relaxation: 2 Steps, 5 Body Parts, One Quick Exercise for Stress Relief

Is it hard for you to relax? I know… for me too… and for millions of people suffering from all manners of stress and tension. 1,353 more words

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