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Body work

I spent the whole day working on the body. I started out working on the interior and within 15 minutes I was working on the body! 264 more words

The skin and brain

A client asked recently about people unexpectedly experiencing strong emotions while receiving bodywork.

Why would strong emotions occur during a session of bodywork? One explanation is because of how your skin and brain are connected. 149 more words

Body Work

71 degrees?! More fender-stretch!

Mid February in Maryland is not usually shorts & T-shirt weather, but there you go. I had a few hours on Saturday and Sunday so I got a little more done on Bridget. 180 more words


Rivers of London: Body Work

“Body Work” is a fantastic graphic novel written by Ben Aaronovitch set in his Rivers of London world.

Miriam Stephanopolous and Sahra Guleed are less than impressed when Peter Grant turns up at the site of a car being hauled out of the Thames.  137 more words

Dash installed, other stuff DONE

reI pulled the batteries out, then the battery trays (one wasn’t even bolted in – just laying on the battery box bottom) and the battery box bottom. 284 more words

Dash - DONE!

It was still a little cool after church but I got out to the shop anyway. I set my saw horses up and laid out the parts to paint. 400 more words

What makes Structural Integration different from other bodywork?

With many types of bodywork, the therapist puts their hands on tissue and does something to it. What makes the Rolf Method of Structural Integration (SI) different from various kinds of massage therapies? 117 more words

Body Work