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Man found dead in Lake Simcoe after ATV falls through ice

A search for a missing man ended in tragedy after police found his body at the bottom of Lake Simcoe when his ATV fell through the ice late Thursday evening. 193 more words


Panting by numbers: Couples are turning sex into art by romping naked covered in paint

DO you fancy yourself as a bit of a Romp-brandt, Mat-tease or are you more of a Spanksy?

If so, this new craze could be for you. 335 more words


Ass- Spiration

I just fell in love with that ass.

Ooohhh my goodness !

How many millions of squats do I need to do because I am starting tomorrow !!! 6 more words


धर्मग्रंथ | Pious Writings on Bodies

This Poem describes the journey of love on the surface of human body. Its like a pious scripture.

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एक पोटली हरसिंगार की रख देगा 9 more words

Siddharth Tripathi

Unicorn, Rainbow and Glitter

This morning at work, monsters looked like Charming Princes snd everybody loved everyone…

And the cook made us a royal fruit salad for our work lunch, loving it !