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Re-Build Your Body

Each time you confess these words picture your body being re-built.

Powerful Words have been known to submit, dissolve, evaporate,  withdraw, vacate, remove, detach, abandon, reverse, negate, eliminate, nullify, succumb, wipe out, abolish, depart, surrender, renounce, desert, recoil, disappear, vanish, destroy, remove all that is corrupt, unconsecrated, immoral, impure, contaminated, unholy elements from creation. 172 more words

Short Story

None other than...

Soap and Glory!!! The Righteous Butter 😍

My old lotion was not cutting it. My skin needed more!

The old lotion was leaving my skin feel the same as if it was not doing anything at all. 117 more words



Now I say quiet explicitly that I don’t like art museums and I say with even more stubbornness that I don’t like modern art.

But for all my grievances, there is something about the colour and livelihood that makes my imagination come alive. 169 more words


Roger & Me

Voted Best Documentary of the year by The National Board of Review, The National Society of Film Critics, The New York Film Critics Circle, and the Los Angeles Film Critics Circle, this is a highly personal, wryly humorous look at the closing of several General Motors plants in Flint, Michigan, the hometown of filmmaker Michael Moore (Emmy-nominee for “TV Nation”), which resulted in the elimination of 35,000 jobs. 85 more words


Maybe She’s Born With It...

…maybe it’s mom bod. That’s a thing, right? Where you have bags under your eyes, hair in a bun, belly pooch and stretch marked thighs? No? 610 more words

Do better

I should be at 60kgs by now.

But I am still a beautiful 51. Atleast I was about a week ago. I did get to 52 at some point but I somehow managed to lose that 1kg. 70 more words