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Make love

Joseph was well-built and handsome,  and Potiphar’s wife soon noticed him. She asked him to make love to her,  but he refused and said, “My master isn’t worried about anything in his house, because he has placed me in charge of everything he owns.  350 more words


I agree 100% – my husband is a nice build man, but the thing that I love the most about him is that he is a very smart person. 7 more words

Vegan Mac’n’Cheese

Gotta love this quick and delicious comfort food recipe..you don’t even need a valid excuse to make this!



Angels and Demons Are Real

Many people believe that Angels and Demons exist and are active in our world today. With demonic possessions on the rise and a world in chaos, it makes sense to those who have experienced and witnessed encounters with the divine to cope with their everyday lives. 12 more words


Brushing away wrinkles and imperfections doesn't fool anyone

Kudos to American pharmacy chain CVS who recently announced they will stop using digitally altered images in promoting their beauty products. Helena Foulkes, President of CVS (it’s no coincidence the initiative is launched by a woman) credits this decision as a response to… 498 more words

Too much for my mind..?

This week has been hard. Both for my mind and body, but mostly for my mind. I’ve been at my dad’s this week and the paranormal has been too much. 380 more words


HEALTH: For The Love Of Kiwi

I’ve liked Kiwi for quite a few years now but I can’t say I ever really gave much thought to whether or not it’s actually good for me. 113 more words

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