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Day 199 - My flexibility is improving, but...

I’ve not talked much about my joints recently, and maybe I should. There is no denying that I am better than I used to be when it comes to recovering from my exercise sessions. 97 more words


Law of Gradation

Glory of the word has been sent to the earth and how it is clarified is a gradual process. How does one find objective lessons from nature but with keen observation? 643 more words

Bible Study

Welcome to Inspire Holistic

Holistic inspire began as a nagging idea in 2011.

Where did the name Holistic Inspire come from?

Holistic is a simple point for me. When we want to change, that change cannot happen only at one part of ourselves. 290 more words


The Mirror of Life

For an art is to be felt,

For the soul that should be enlightened,

For we should distinguish between the aggrieved and the aggravated,

For the food that might feed our greed, 25 more words

Blood Haiku

Pulsing through my veins:
(a Lohan-film song) blue salt,
Endless tides within.


Enhancing your foods with a little crunch can not only bring more flavor but also leave you feeling more satisfied after eating.

Try adding some… 34 more words

Happy Dance!

YAY!!  1st Goal Met – 10 lbs off my body! I feel better, but I can’t deny it’s a daily struggle. I can only hope that it gets easier and I don’t think about how delicious a bite of chocolate cake would make me feel! 115 more words

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