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A little note to self...

Just lately I have been feeling a little under the weather. When you’re not comfortable with your body image it can dramatically impact how you see yourself and people around you. 437 more words


The Dirty little Secrets of The Food Industry

IT’s All About The Money

Our local supermarket’s have become science labs, and we the consumers, are the guinea pigs. The food industry pretends that they have our interest at heart when it comes to our healthy and wellness, but that could be further from the truth. 457 more words


Staying Fit

Hello everyone! I can’t believe that it’s March already! Time flies so fast when you’re super busy, and with all my traveling lately it indeed was a very busy start of the year. 1,946 more words


The Robust Human

Just before I begin, I searched Google to see if there was such a concept ever coined. And to my amazement there were non – this will be the beginning of ‘The Robust Human’ (maybe even a book – only GOD knows hey!). 441 more words

Take Care of Your Ministry

(Written by: Mallorie)

You might look at this title and think ‘I don’t have a ministry’ and I don’t serve in one either. However if you are a believer, you have a ministry. 569 more words

The Mark


The dead girl on his phone wasn’t really dead. That’s what he told her. She threw his phone, nearly hitting him. He blamed himself for ever sharing his password. 682 more words