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Why do I tear myself apart over those who wouldn’t even blink an eye
should I disappear into the abyss?
Why do I always destruct my defences… 63 more words


Lets get physical !

So, here it begins my story of how i am going to change my body from ‘stick’ to the ‘coke bottle’.
Many people always say – wow your skinny do you eat much ? 135 more words


M.BĂ©jart, via Greek

translated from this (on the wall of a dance school in Syros):

What am I possible of?

I know yesterday I was so excited to try dancing. But now that I have slept on it Im actually kind of scared. I started practicing. 242 more words

Personnages en pied 1

Now, a series of funny, simple, basic and weird figures standing on their feet