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Mika Mitopia聯合共演#道上繪凰#Art_is_in_the_pARTy

◐道上繪凰◑ Taipei Popcorn x Mitopia Art (QueerPerformance / BodyPainting)


彩繪藝術師 簡郁璇 Mika Chien
人體彩繪藝術家,作品風格多以花朵,植物等抽象派畫風為主,擅長用彩繪說故事,碩士畢業後至德國Senjo Color學院- 特效彩繪技術研習與奧地利WBF-人體彩繪應用於藝術治療研習。同時也曾旅居歐洲,美國,北非以及亞洲國家。
目前為 Mitopia Art 藝術創意主導人,並有合作的彩繪師團隊。

New Zealand x Taiwan #DragPainting #CatWalk #Drag #LGBTQ #Activism ▲▲道上趴體 Art is in the pARTy▲ 1,097 more words


Longchamp Summer 2018 媒體發表彩繪活動

Longchamp Summer 2018 collection press presentation.

本次很榮幸跟法國精品Longchamp 合作媒體發表活動,主題為「The African Art in Paris gallery」。

Mitopia Art依照主題所設計的四款人體彩繪圖騰,以及兩款皮革手環彩繪。讓現場來參與派對的媒體編輯,以及時尚部落客們,都可以體驗當季圖騰彩繪在身上的驚喜!

感謝Longchamp 公關Grace的精心策劃,活動圓滿成功,當天連續畫五個小時未停,感謝大家的熱烈參與!

Mitopia Art cooperated with longchamp for Summer 2018 collection press presentation as a body painting artist, to do the body art for media reporters, journalists and their VVIP clients. 81 more words


Butterfly Handpainting

Here is a new quick makingof I did yesterday painting a butterfly in my palm. Enjoy the stopmotion part!
This was a painting propsed by Reinhard Ringwald -> when you also want me to paint something for you, write me a message or comment on this page :) 22 more words



‘I remember i led a peaceful,uneventful existence back then,the life of an average little boy, who loved eating noodles and ice cream,and had tea almost every night.
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New Year, New Tat

New year, new you? Ring in the new year with a nice fresh tat! 509-487-7777


If there are any questions, please feel free to reach out to our piercers, Mandy and Eva. 509-487-7777