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"But it's my body"

Marking one’s own body has been performed for thousands of years.  The brands have been simple, intricate, but they were always personal.  They have been used as amulets to ward off evil, as social status identifiers, as proclamations of love or hate, and for religious beliefs. 366 more words


I am a Henna Addict.

I have had a love affair with Henna since as long as I can remember. Henna, or Mhendi, is a gorgeous natural paste that allows us ladies to adorn ourselves with temporary tattoos, ones that are artistically imprinted on the skin with swirls and petal shaped motifs.  908 more words


IMATS London 2015, it happened!

This weekend I experienced IMATS for the first time. It was incredible, I am feeling so inspired and have tons to talk about. The experience did take both a physical and financial toll on me, but my only real regret of the day is that I wish I’d gone a bit crazier at the Sugarpill counter. 844 more words


My tattoos..

So I had a suggestion via Instagram to post about my tattoos. To clarify, I am by no means ‘tatted up’ – I have only 7 – but I thought…why not? 441 more words

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Sirens Cove Tattoo Teaparty!

So Im sorry I havent posted for a while I’ve been a busy bee 🐝 running around and getting back on my personal portfolio. And I’ve had some wonderful visitors to my little terrace house this week…. 125 more words