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Art & Creativity for Healing: Naked Painting Workshop

This workshop is therapeutic and participants are free to create and express without fear of judgement and pressure, sharing art as a tool for self-expression and self-exploration for healing, trauma and self-image in a non-sexual, respectable and safe environment. 43 more words


14sexy body canvases on display.

Body-Art2 Cover

Adorned Leggs

sexy back + Booty canvas

sexxy art

pussy wrapped inside of a bow. giftmass time

sexy fish she’s either pisces or aquarius… 35 more words

#2016HolidayToDoList NES Classic Alessandra Ambrosio - Deep blue wonders #foreveronvacation #alebyalessandra #bod...

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Tell Me About Your Tattoo

Tattoos are funny things. Since getting a few of them myself I’ve found that the idea of getting ink forcefully imbedded into the depths of your dermis tends to divide opinion. 575 more words

The job "tattoo artist"

More often than not people consider tattooing a hobby and not a job. This is far from the case. Whilst a tattoo artist loves their job it gives them little spare time, tattooing pays the bills and feeds their families, as does a “regular” job. 356 more words

Choosing an artist

Choosing a tattoo artist can be daunting and intimidating, everyone has an opinion and a suggestion and sometimes you can feel bombarded or pressured, especially if it is your first one or you’ve had a previous bad experience. 506 more words

Introducing Dom

If you didn’t already know Dom you’ll know little about him so lets start from the beginning.

As a child Dom was always a freespirit, loving music, nature and art. 294 more words