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Magical Cosmetics, Udon Appreciation

It’s been a rollercoaster of a month, but I’m doing my best to keep on top of things. :’)

A few weeks ago I organised a small picnic and udon get-together with some close friends that I don’t get to see very often. 405 more words


My Visit to the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular

A couple of weeks ago I attended a local Steampunk event called the Vulcan Steampunk Spectacular. It was the first one to be held and was organised by the White Rose Yorkshire Steampunks. 474 more words

Cinderella Bunny, Simple Yet Elegant

Since I received this lovely mannequin back in early February, I have been arranging weekly coordinates to showcase different outfits.

I really appreciate the freedom a mannequin has given me. 423 more words


Recently purchased- Bodyline shopping

Hello again. I’m very active on my blog today aren’t I?

Woah, I totally wasn’t planning on buying dresses or anything this month but when I saw how Bodyline had marked down their prices I just couldn’t let this opportunity to get my hands on some new lolita items slip. 262 more words


Bodyline Back-Huggar Elastic Strap- For use with Traditional or Bucket Seat Back Huggar

Bodyline Back-Huggar Elastic Strap

* Holds Back-Huggar in place.
* Fits thin or traditional styles

Top Quality expansion belt, used to secure the Back-Huggar to auto seat or TV lounger. ¬†1″ wide / 45″ long.
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Outfit Shot - Alice

We had a small local meet up yesterday. The original plan was to visit an Alice in Wonderland themed tea room but they decided to change their opening times last minute and so were closed! 128 more words

How to Fix a Broken Clasp on Bodyline Shoes

The other night when I was walking to a nearby restaurant all dressed up in lolita, I heard a something like a pin drop on the sidewalk and the next thing I knew, a clasp on my favorite pair of Bodyline shoes had come off! 108 more words