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Seizing the Fitness Challenge (Reflections of Day 24)

It is day 24 of my 30 day youtube fitness challenge. I have to confess I did the wrong workout. But that is ok. I did the day 4 workout from BodyRock’s 30 day challenge when I was supposed to do an arms, chest, and shoulders workout. 182 more words

Seizing the Fitness Challenge (Reflections on Day 23)

It is no secret by now, if you are following along with my 30 day challenge, that I am impressed with BodyRock‘s channel on youtube. 321 more words

Seizing the Fitness Challenge (Reflections on Day 17)

If you have been following along with my blog you may be wondering whether this is a repeat since the video I have embedded below looks identical to my post for Day 16. 280 more words

Seizing the Fitness Challenge (Reflections on Day 16)

Cannot emphasize this enough: it is freezing cold outside here in Minnesota. So cold. Freezing nostril cold. So by the time I was done with work I was ready to get into the warmth of our apartment and sweat a bit. 176 more words

12 No BullSh*t Ways To Burn Fat That Work (BodyRockTV.com)

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Posted by Taylor Oakes

1. Toss green tomatoes into your salads.
Green tomatoes contain tomatidine, a compound that stimulates muscle growth. 733 more words


C-Section Hiit via BodyRockTV

I have a C-section tummy- it doesn’t matter what I do or what the scale says ┬áthere is a weird pooch. BodyRockTV has given me new hope. 648 more words


I'm on a goshdarn roll....

This is going to be brief because my focus level today is -234023084089.

Lunch “workout” – Catching Fire 30 Day Challenge – Day 6 (Day 5 was a rest day I think cause I couldn’t find it) 413 more words