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Wow, that was intense! #workout

That first set! I give myself 15 seconds for transition / list checking / face drying time. I had to slow down on the jump rope because I kept going north of 170 and I hit 180 more than once. 244 more words


Death By Box Squats! #reps #legs #abs #yoga

Finally a high, over-the-top sort of burn! I’d gone through some of Lisa’s (BodyRock) live workouts & detailed them out, changing things here and there. For the first set I went super heavy. 380 more words


Today's workout - Cardio + Abs

And another low burn! Didn’t even crack 500 FFS. It’s ok. At least I did something, and I really ought to be less concerned with the number, since you can’t out train a bad diet, which in my case means lots of beer. 290 more words


Jump rope #HIIT & #yoga

That wasn’t pleasant but at least I got some exercise in today.

adapted from: BodyRock – Full Body Skipping Fat Burn HIIT Circuit


I managed to work out! #HIIT and #ashtanga #yoga

I’m gonna blog as much as I want today

I think I’m still going to have to take an advil though. I thought I’d work out first & see if I still needed it. 431 more words


Today's workout - Sean

I could’ve taken a rest day and it was really difficult to motivate at all with no monitor. Let’s just hope the new battery does the trick for my Polar! 254 more words


#HIIT with chest & abs burnouts

I really like how Lisa is posting more focused (not to mention longer!) workouts lately. It’s nice to just hammer away at one body part. This set was lunge-alicious. 527 more words