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Upper body #HIIT, some #abs and a tiny bit of #yoga

In deference to my neck¬†tweak I didn’t wear my vest today. And in deference to the micro moon I didn’t do a (real) yoga practice. 415 more words


53min Booty-centric #HIIT and 50min #ashtanga #yoga

A witch has gotta keep her force field up

Got ‘er done early today, thank f-ing gods. I can take a rest day tomorrow if I like, or I can do a very short HIIT and more yoga. 357 more words


Excellent Thanksgiving workout, #HIIT and #yoga

This morning, I was thankful for (in consecutive order following consciousness):

  1. Cats, specifically for Sir Henry
  2. The comfort of my mattress and the rain outside…
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50min #HIIT, 45min #ashtanga #yoga

HIITmax week 1, v3

  • (10/30), 3 rounds with 2min breaks between rounds: 52min
  • Days 1-3

* with 8lb vest
* Cardio: skipping

  1. Squat jumps
  2. Dead lift, squat, alt lunges, 40lbs…
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Upper body & lower body #HIIT with some #abs & #yoga

This was a moderate feeling workout for coming off my first rest day of the week, yesterday. That’s fine though. I did fail in my intention to focus on the yoga. 220 more words


42min #HIIT, some abs & some #ashtanga #yoga

My repeating cardio: Jumpovers alt. with Skipping

This is actually a 24min HIIT & 6min abs workout. I was expecting 40min so I went to Sean’s Facebook page. 178 more words


Plank & core TORTURE, killer #slider workout

I was considering taking a full-on rest day. I’m sore from yesterday’s HIIT. Those 3 rounds were killer, and doing three sets of pull-ups and chin-ups… I left the weighted vest off for those because I’m working to the MAX of my strength, even with a crossfit strap assist. 415 more words