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About 40min #HIIT & 20min easy #yoga

Sometimes a short workout is better than nothing at all, particularly if your life is completely sedentary when not exercising, which is the case with me now. 205 more words


Moderate core #HIIT, 2 rounds + burnout & a tiny bit of #ashtanga #yoga

The temperature has dropped so drastically, from 100 degrees to chilly and I was cold immediately when I finished the HIIT portion of today’s workout. I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be able to do my approximately 9.5 poses of 2nd (plus the EPRK). 404 more words


2 rounds #HIIT + burnout & #restorative #yoga

I’ve been enjoying the BodyRock workouts. I don’t like the new streaming platform though, and I’ll cancel before my month is up. Firstly, you used to be able to download the clips for the monthly fee, but now you’ve gotta pay (I think it’s) $48 for them. 249 more words


2 rounds #HIIT + burnout & #ashtanga #yoga

Late one today! I was so focused on working. I was going before 8:30. Working on lots of different things at the moment.


Bootcamp Day 11, legs… 210 more words


Tough #workout 2day! 2 rounds #HIIT + burnout & some #ashtanga #yoga

I did not wanna exercise today, but I have a certain quota for things I do (exercise) and things I don’t do (diet). It was really hard!!!! 173 more words


3 rounds #HIIT, a burnout & some #restorative #yoga

Short workout, but that’s ok. I’d expected to be taking the weekend off, entertaining friends. Only it didn’t happen. Again. Certainly my family is never going to visit me here in Portland! 399 more words


I got in my #workout! Now I can continue with my lying around

I’m glad I’m detailing out these workouts. I can see how week 1 is rolling out. If you do the sets with the cardio Lisa chooses, and do them sequentially in groups of five, you’ve got an awesome HIIT workout. 292 more words