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Goals. Where do I want to be? Who do I want to be?

Hey guys!

So in my last blog post I talked about setting a few goals covering a range of issues. So over the last week or so I have been thinking… Where do I want to be? 733 more words


Hello world!

Hello there and welcome to my blog, Looking for Lulu!

I am 24 year old female living in the Middle of Nowhere, Australia. This blog of mine is going to record my life, my journey, my highs and my lows. 526 more words


Help found & some surprises

My first step to find someone I could report to was to Google nutrition coaches, wellness and dietitians in my area. I shouldn’t have been surprised that the majority are in the golden, leafy eastern suburbs of Melbourne. 557 more words

IGEA Life Sciences’ Bodytrim – The Natural Way OF Losing Weight

People today are dwelling more on natural things. Even the concept of weight loss has been revolutionized through a more natural approach – the Bodytrim. This program aims to make weight loss and maintenance as natural as possible. 89 more words

Igea Life Sciences

How IGEA Life Sciences’ Bodytrim Revolutionises Weight Loss

Many fitness experts claim that part of the process of a weight loss plan is to absolutely commit to an exercise program.  While others have taken this as a challenge and got the results they desired, more often this process made others to give up. 107 more words

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Igea Life Sciences

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Short video on Igea Life Sciences. One of Australia leading health and beauty companies. The Igea group is dynamic and energetic, with fresh creative thinking bringing innovation… 6 more words

Walking On Sunshine

So I have a fear of heights. I can’t climb a ladder and whenever I look out a plane window I start to shake just a little at the thought of all that nothing directly under my feet. 259 more words