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New York Giants Wide Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. Is Head & Shoulders' New 'Mane Man'

Head & Shoulders always nabs the best tressed spokesmodels, from Sofia Vergara and her famous silky strands to Troy Polamalu’s mega curls. And the brand’s newest ambassador definitely meets the amazing mane mark. 478 more words


Rise and Grind: Get Your Monday Going with Celebrity Fit-spiration!

We know, we know: Your weekend was so short. Your bed is so comfy. And it’s just way too hot to run outside. But one look at these crazy-fit celeb photos and we pretty much guarantee that you’ll be in your sneaks within minutes. 518 more words


Emily Ratajkowski Doesn't Work Out: 'I'm Definitely an Outlier in the Industry'

If you don’t know who Emily Ratajkowski is by now, it’s time to pay attention. The 24-year-old model-turned-actress, who you may recognize from last year’s… 553 more words


Sharon Stone Poses Nude at 57: 'I'm Aware That My Ass Looks Like a Bag of Flapjacks'

Stars over 50 looking ridiculously toned is nothing new (you’ve probably seen the amazing bikini shots from celebs including Christie Brinkley and Helen Mirren). Now 57-year-old Sharon Stone is getting in on the action, posing for… 611 more words


We Tried It: FitReserve (a Workout App - Of Course!)

Who Tried It: Andrea Lavinthal, Style and Beauty Director
Why I Tried It: As an attempt to find at least one type of workout class that I can tolerate… 673 more words


LeAnn Rimes' Beauty Routine Involves 40 Pills a Day and an At-Home Tanning Machine ('It's Like a Car Wash')

We all know that the life of a celebrity requires much more beauty maintenance than that of the average person. But we didn’t know quite… 499 more words


Serena Williams Does the Splits for the Cover of New York Magazine's Fashion Issue (and Her Body's Insane)

If you had any doubts that Serena Williams is one of the most powerful women today, this photo of her doing the splits on parallel bars should convince you. 319 more words

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