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The Boxing Blue Print Guarantee

Cutting edge taining information revealed for strength training, interval training, flexibility training, fitness fighter program, endurance training, exercise physiology, circuit training, burpees exercise and more… 15 more words

My day today, In Okinawa, Japan.

Hello and Welcome :)

Today in Okinawa, we’re really feeling the humidity.

The days and nights are getting warmer(very) and I can already see how it could be difficult to bear the heat of the summer. 201 more words


A Simple Fat Burning Workout Anyone Can Use

We are not sure where you are in your fitness regimen…
So we did want to introduce a little more advanced regimen that anyone can use if they are already working out regularly (or even semi-regularly). 21 more words

A Normal Delivery Driving Day and Bodyweight Push Ups

Arrived at the depot for 6.45am. 108 deliveries and collections, with 175 parcels handled.

Left the depot at 5:45pm, 11hr day, bosh.

Finally the snow backlogged parcels are no more, a normal delivery day at last this week. 93 more words


The Plank Bodyweight Exercise

The Plank is an exercise that looks deceptively easy….
But once you try it yourself (and do the repetitions), you will definitely feel the burn in your abs. 31 more words

Good Morning Mobility Protocols

Mobilize your major joints with these gentle and quick morning wake-up routines, or anytime throughout the day when you’re feeling stiff. Progress is made with consistent and mindful practice so this routine is perfect for us moderns crunched for time. 28 more words

Bodyweight Exercise

Monday, bloody Monday.

I’ve never hated any day of the week, not even Mondays when they’re the first day of the work week.

But delivering parcels on a Monday after a weekend of relaxing, is a bit of a rude awakening. 107 more words