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No Excuses - The Workout You Can Do Anywhere During the Holidays

So the Christmas holidays are coming up. And I will be traveling! I’m super excited as we’re going on safari and then to Zanzibar to chill for one week. 149 more words


Back to a work routine once again.

So this week has been great. Finally started my new delivery driver role. Although it’s been a week of contrasting emotions.

From the beginning of the week feeling a little anxious to feeling secure during the middle of the week and then back to feeling a little anxious today. 507 more words


Unintended consequences.

The next post in my fitness blog where i talk about things that we hadn’t thought about or expected to happen.

Last week in the fitness blog i was bemoaning the fact that after 10 days consistent effort and a good eating pattern that i hadn’t lost weight : in fact i had put weight on , oh and that on top of that i felt completely beat-up.    1,220 more words

Fitness Blog.

NPC's Ministry of Exercise

As many of you know doubt are aware many years ago we ran health, fitness and weight loss residential courses in the Scottish Highlands and along with the physical and mental elements of the programme we also looked at food – in particular, cooking. 866 more words

Fall Workout #3

I like this one, which features slow and controlled movements. Especially this time of year when I’m not feeling like going all out.

Take your time and enjoy a walk or run or walk AND run – notice what’s going on around you. 21 more words

Fitness 101.

Today when i was adding up my daily numbers of sets, reps and carry’s done i realised that i was one over my goal of completing 100 heavy carry sessions before the end of week 12 of my fitness project.   1,111 more words

Fitness Blog.

The Burpees are coming!!!

Well – the time has yet again come for the world wide (ahem – well, maybe!) month of burpees!  As many of you will know we like the odd burpee here at NPC and a few years ago decided to create International Burpee Month – … 401 more words