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Goals and how my single one panned out.

A couple of months ago I set a simple goal, maybe a foolish goal for a thirty year old but regardless, I set the goal and since that day, I have been working towards it, consciously and subconsciously (I think). 1,014 more words


pilates/exercise while traveling

Did you know… that there’s a whole world of exercise videos on youtube?

And that a number of them don’t require any equipment… therefore they can be used while traveling??? 261 more words

Yoga, the best body weight exercise?

Ever considered having a go at Yoga? Yoga can be a really awesome compliment to Bodyweight Training. The false impression that yoga is just for women is losing more ground every day, with Football and Rugby players, along with mixed martial artists all singing the praises of this ancient art form. 92 more words


Good Posture in 8 Moves a Day

Posture is one of the most important aspects of physical health and overall attractiveness, but for some reason it is often overlooked. This short, simple series, requiring little to no equipment was created by Morgana Mellett, a Personal Trainer, Yoga, Pilates, and Barre instructor based in NYC for the recently published health and wellness book, … 1,326 more words

Reduce Your Risk of Hamstring Muscle Pulls With This Bodyweight Exercise

Jan Ekstrand thinks every hamstring injury is preventable. “All of them?” I asked him during a Skype conversation last week. “Yeah, I think so,” he replied.

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Shouldering the burden.

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
– Joseph Addison

At S*X mag, we believe that exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle. 299 more words


Outdoor Spring Workout

As the weather turns warmer and the days become longer it is the perfect time to get outside for a workout. No need for the gym or any equipment, this full body workout makes use of your bodyweight and what you’re likely to find in your neighborhood park. 341 more words