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HIIT What?

If you’ve browsed this site at all, you probably have found a brief description of what HIIT training is…a little quick blurb on HIIT Fitness classes. 879 more words


HIIT Fitness

Our new class schedule in our new home has been set! Intrepidly Fit will be now hosting HIIT Fitness classes at An Event Project in uptown Somerset, Pa. 154 more words


Guest Blog: 5 tips to for getting started/ starting up again for better overall fitness.

By: Mark Halpenny

So, the Holiday season is almost over. You’re feeling a little sluggish and are still full from the family dinner a few days ago. 1,020 more words

Health And Well Being

Finally, I'm a HGV Driving Midget!

That was quite probably the longest three months of my fucking life.

Back at the end of August, I booked my HGV theory tests and there started my journey to obtain an HGV license. 351 more words


Basic bodyweight exercises and treading water.

It’s been a weird few days off work for me. After possibly one of the best work weeks sleep wise, I got to the end of the week feeling great mentally and physically, the 1-2hrs extra sleep I’ve been getting each day this week definitely helped my moods towards the end of the week. 361 more words



Anyone who’s played a large MMO understands the concept of Dailies. For those that don’t, they’re small quests that refresh every day, usually rewarded with local faction reputation or a small special item. 454 more words


The Glute March

I have found myself prescribing this exercise to many people as of late, as I have become quite a fan of it. It is great for strengthening the posterior side of the body (glutes, hamstrings, low back), while simultaneously stretching out the front of the body, predominantly the muscles of hip flexion (iliacus and psoas major), as well as the quadriceps and thorax. 129 more words