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Bodyweight or Weights?

Still working on that summer body, 5 times a week, two days biceps and chest, two days triceps, shoulders and back, and leg day.

For abs: 100 sit ups a day (split into 2×50 sit ups) and 60 second plank split in two sets. 527 more words


Weight Reduction For Women Age Forty Furthermore

Do you want to find out the correct way to pack on muscle quickly? Obviously so since you are viewing this article. It seems that every time you turn around a fitness guru is releasing a new program that makes these outrageous claims such as “Gain 30lbs in 30 Days” or something of that nature. 591 more words

Bar Brothers 'The System' Review by Man vs Weight

If you are interested in calisthenics and bodyweight training, then you might be intrigued by ‘The System’ developed by the Bar Brothers.

Bar Brothers is one of the most popular worldwide bodyweight training movements designed to build an athletic, muscular body with nothing more than your own body weight (and occasionally a heave bar). 46 more words


Its been a while...

Things have been extremely busy on my side…

For the first time in my life, I really know what it feels like, not to have any time and even when I do have time, there is always something that can and should be done. 672 more words


HIIT What?

If you’ve browsed this site at all, you probably have found a brief description of what HIIT training is…a little quick blurb on HIIT Fitness classes. 879 more words


HIIT Fitness

Our new class schedule in our new home has been set! Intrepidly Fit will be now hosting HIIT Fitness classes at An Event Project in uptown Somerset, Pa. 154 more words


Guest Blog: 5 tips to for getting started/ starting up again for better overall fitness.

By: Mark Halpenny

So, the Holiday season is almost over. You’re feeling a little sluggish and are still full from the family dinner a few days ago. 1,020 more words

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