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The Body Worlds in a nutshell +great comic

wersja polska

I assume, that you’ve read the first exhibition review on Dzielnica Naukowa already.
If not, it’s necessary to become acquainted, because of my today’s attachment to this. 150 more words

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the Body Worlds exhibition

wersja polska

Today’s extremely cold and equally phenomenal evening, I welcome you with
an unusual review. Bah! It will never happen again and it won’t get any competition as it is one of its kind. 1,116 more words

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Body Knowledge 

Well what can I say -this was a different experience. Loved the opportunity to see this exhibition and best of all to capture it.

Amazing to see the beauty of how the body works and the complexity of it. 6 more words


The Birth of Death

When I was a child I was engrossed with death, not the existential what-happens-when-we-die crisis, but the very viscera of it. My uncle would spin me tales of medieval execution methods and my grandparents let my tween self consume episode after episode of… 1,605 more words