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Stars and Dust

This is a continuation of the line of thought found in an earlier post.

In On the Human Condition, St. Basil writes:

If you like, after your contemplation of the soul be attentive also to the structure of the body and marvel at how appropriate a dwelling for the rational soul the sovereign Fashioner has created.  

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The Modern Test of a Man

It is an exciting time to be a man, or a woman, or both, or neither. I used to identify simply as being male, because, that’s pretty much what I am. 982 more words


A Comment on Facebook's Face Recognition Software

Facebook wants me to tag my friends in this picture:

Sure, Facebook – let me introduce you to my good friend Philosophy, along with two putto/genii, and two armrests that aren’t even human figures in this image. 63 more words



Quisquis composito serenus aevo
fatum sub pedibus egit superbum
fortunamque tuens utramque rectus
invictum potuit tenere vultum,
non illum rabies minaeque ponti
versum funditus exagitantis aestum… 211 more words

Boethius on Ill Fortune and True Friendship

“What would you have paid back then to know which were which and whom to trust?”

Anicius Manlius Severinus Boëthius (480-524 AD) – known simply as Boethius – was a Roman public servant and… 570 more words


Boethius: Philosopher Beats Tyrant

Boethius, Consolation of Philosophy, 2.15-35

(In this passage, Boethius probably alludes to a popular story about the death of Zeno of Elea)

“What in reality is this desired and famous power of yours? 345 more words


"Ripe autumn at the full of year."

Autumn Maple Leaves — Computer Art by kenne

As nature changes,
I seek a balance

between acting and
being acted upon.

— kenne

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