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From "The Poetry of Thought", George Steiner

We do speak about music. The verbal analysis of a musical score can, to a certain extent, elucidate its formal structure, its technical components and instrumentation. 144 more words

All Art Is Quite Useless

Cloud gazing

Hwa is on eorðan nu unlærdra
þe ne wundrige wolcna færeldes,
rodres swifto, ryne tunglo,
hu hy ælce dæge utan ymbhwerfeð
eallne middangeard?

What unlearned man is now on the earth… 144 more words


Common Themes: Ancient–Contemporary Theism

Qoheleth of old may have been right that there is truly nothing new under the sun. One of the finest and most advanced “arguments” for the existence of God is the cosmological and/or ontological one. 845 more words


The Stars Shine released by The Same Stream

I’m honored to have my choral work The Stars Shine included with Thomas LaVoy and Cortlandt Matthews on this, the inaugural recording of the new choir… 226 more words

New Music

On the solace to be found within literature

Our thoughts are with those who are suffering at this time.

Book coasters is not the venue for suggestions concerning methods of directly helping those affected, although they are many, and Googleable. 266 more words

Book Reviews

A most satisfying book: Boethius ,a Consolation of Philosophy

Boetius de philosophico consolatu, siue, De consolatio[n]e philosophi[a]e

Edward Gibbon  in The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire  stated that  A consolation of Philosophy… 1,128 more words

Rare Books

Padua, Parma, and Pavia

Apparently we only venture out to towns that start with P.  Strange, but so far, true.  Really though, we’ve been enjoying the sights in smaller towns and as Catholics, the Basilicas that are home to the relics and remains of some pretty major saints. 1,122 more words