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Haiku Wednesday: New Songs from 1000 Years Ago

Underground rivers
Course in ancient passages
Undeterred by time.

Neumes flow on the page
In forgotten passages,
Unheard—until now.

Carefully the notes
Are traced and coaxed from hiding… 303 more words


Cambridge 1,000 year old songs discovered and played for the first time

An ancient song repertory was performed for the first time in 1,000 years this week after being ‘reconstructed’ by a Cambridge researcher and a world-class performer of medieval music.  158 more words


Running from fate (Oedipus Rex)

One aspect of the story of Oedipus that has long intrigued me is that Oedipus, in a sense, brings his fate upon himself by attempting to run from it while simultaneously, if unconsciously, seeking it out. 268 more words


The Politics of Solomon and Saturn II

The Poems and Their Performance

The poem known as Solomon and Saturn II is long and rather messy with substantial sections missing from the ms. In tone and metrical irregularity it resembles Maxims I from the Exeter Book, which is also a wisdom piece. 2,242 more words

Anglosaxon Poetry - Interpretation

Bacon on animal communication

I have three desks in my office, which provides me with a lot of space for paper to accumulate. Much of this paper contains scribbled notes to self that I make while attending conferences and lectures or while reading, little snippets marking out things that could potentially be interesting to research. 1,359 more words

What to do When the World Falls Apart

Benedict of Norcia was born into a noble Roman family around the year 480, four years after the last Western Emperor, a teenage boy absurdly named Romulus Augustulus, was murdered by the Goth Odoacer. 731 more words


Boethius & Lambert on the requirements for significative speech

In an attempt to get more people reading medieval philosophy, I’ve been smuggling medieval authors into the philosophy of language courses I teach at Durham. This year, I had my 2nd years read Book 1, Ch. 493 more words