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The Maltese Falcon

It started off as quite the page turner, became a bit tangential then finished up OK. The whodunits are interesting, because you really don’t trust any of the characters except maybe Sam’s secretary, Effie. 203 more words

Depression... and the Consolation of Philosophy

The Consolation of Philosophy. I’m not a philosopher. But I like to think about stuff. I like to think about… about how to be able to find ways of understanding my personal, intimate, most subjective feelings/experiences… in such a way that I can fit them into a more inclusive meaning.

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On Logic

Following the collapse of the Roman Empire in the fifth century, much of Aristotle’s work was lost in the West. Some of these had been translated from Greek to Latin by the scribe Boethius. 510 more words

Josh Behrens

Music Notation Letters & Key Signature

A long time ago I wondered why the major key signature with no sharps or flats – which seemed to me the first or default key signature – started on letter C rather than A. 102 more words

The Pearl on the Bus Goes Round and Round

It happened again. The Tuesday before last was a cold winter day and as the bus started moving I heard a familiar rolling sound. It stopped between my feet: the pearl. 1,166 more words

Medieval Poetry