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Alanus, 'De Planctu Naturae' - Metron

The medieval theologian Alanus of Lille waxes Boethian in his De Planctu Naturae, or On the Plaint of Nature. If nothing else, it retains the visionary framework of  419 more words

Breakfast with Boethius (Book 5)

Coffee and bacon and Boethius, with a napping kitty on my lap. Time for some morning philosophy! Today, we’re finishing Book 5 of Consolation of Philosophy 178 more words


Breakfast with Boethius (Book 4)

Get the bacon and eggs and coffee ready: Boethius is back to lay down some philosophy. This time, the selections come from Book 4 of  263 more words


Breakfast with Boethius (Book 3)

Once again Boethius has joined us for breakfast. Coffee, a doughnut and/or bagel with cream cheese, and philosophy – for what more could one ask? Well, answers to life’s big questions, for a start . 204 more words


Breakfast with Boethius (Book 2)

Welcome back! It’s day two of reading Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy while we enjoy a morning coffee. Here’s what stuck with me from Book 2 365 more words


Breakfast with Boethius (Book 1)

This summer I’m reading through Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy. I don’t quite known why I put it off for so long; I’m enjoying it immensely and finding it quite accessible with the annotated version I bought. 200 more words



Music is one of the few activities that involve using the whole brain. Many parts of our brain have to work together to comprehend even the simplest tune. 628 more words