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Windover Bog People - Titusville, FL

Windover Bog People  Found accidentally in Titusville, Florida. These bones and artifacts date from 7000 – 8000 years ago. As best I know, the DNA showed these people were of European descent, but there are some who say they were Native Americans.

Kingship and Sacrifice

The National Museum was a short walk from Merrion Square.  Knowing how much walking this trip involved, it was best to get off to a good start. 48 more words

Today's Work

Today I wrote 1003 words.

117 of these were longhand, the third draft of a poem I’m calling “Two Lights.”

107 of these were the fourth draft of the same poem when I typed it into my tablet (so I left out ten words which is usually a good thing). 425 more words


Patterns Patterns Patterns and More

I just returned from a visit to Denmark to see my family and I also had the opportunity to see many different attractions, such as The Round Tower and Our Church of Saviour in Copenhagen. 393 more words


Sleep and sunshine

Sleep and sunshine are beautiful things. I got both yesterday. Today I’m not so lucky. I’m OK in the sleep department, but it is raining again.  503 more words

My Trip To Ireland

A Tribute to Boredom

The ’70s in England was a great time to be bored.

There were only three telly channels and they finished at midnight with the National Anthem and the Test Card. 450 more words


Dublin: Guinness and...more Guinness

A group of six Australians walk into a pub in Dublin. They are exhausted, sore, hungry.
“Can I get you anything?” asks the bartender.
“Yes. Six Guinesses please.” 

625 more words
2014 Exchange