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Trick or Treat, the Bogeyman and Ordinary People

The bogeyman is a hoax; it’s some made up creature that spans multiple cultures, albeit with various other names, used to frighten children into good behavior. 391 more words


Halloween Binge: The Babadook (2014)

I am pretty inexperienced when it comes to the genre of horror. Horror, in my opinion, is a very subjective concept and the extent to which a movie horrifies or scandalises a person is completely up to what scares them. 483 more words


The Bogeyman: A 20-day visit


That’s what’s in my head the past 20 days.

Three weeks of nothing.

I rarely have visits from the Bogeyman for that long. The longest used to be 2 days. 493 more words



Also known as: Bugbear, Bumann, Boggelmann, Boogeyman, Bogy, Golliwog, Hastrman

Also spelled: Bebok, Babok, Bobok

Etymology: Bugbear, Hastrman – “scarecrow”

This starts off seeing the image of a rather scary looking scarecrow from either Polish, Czech Republican or Slovakian folklore. 157 more words


The Bogeyman Three

My bogeyman? The narrative voice.

Nothing sends shivers down my willowy spine more than the infamous First, Second or Third Person. I try to avoid discussions of them at all costs. 41 more words


It's ok to be in touch with your own madness

There are many things in life worth doing ….. not just running after those bloody dreams of yours …. not that its wrong. It isn’t wrong . 349 more words

The Boogeyman

When you’re up alone late at night,

If you wish to survive, stay in the light.

For he lives in the darkness, out of sight. 21 more words