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Origin: Numerous

Temperament: Deadly

Every person knows the Bogeyman in a different way. Put most simply, the Bogeyman is the embodiment of terror, especially for children. 175 more words


Merry Christmas!

It’s 75 deg F with a humidity level of 70% here in North Carolina. (My office Sortkwik is melting.) It’ll be 80 deg tomorrow. So much for burning the ‘ol Yule log, whew, pass the ice cream. 156 more words


A Present for you!

‘B: or How the Bogeyman Didn’t Save Christmas’ is part of a FREE e-boxset on Amazon.  Get eight middle-grade/junior-high novels for the price of nothing delivered to your reader. 14 more words


Hunting for The Bogeyman

By Nicole J. Simms

Ever since Tommy had told Sammy about the Bogeyman, Sammy wanted to catch him. So every night Sammy would climb down from his bed and lie on the floor in wait for the Bogeyman. 68 more words



Ah, you are thinking. Geddit. Like Thunderbirds Are Go, only Carers Are Go. She must be one of those rare nerdy women that haunt comic shops and sit in darkened front rooms watching box-sets of little puppets bobbing up and down with uniforms on, puppets that all seem to have undergone lip-and-eyebrow enhancement surgery and have but two expressions – solemn or smug. 721 more words

The Rattle Bag

The Clock Man

The Clock Man started with a single idea: what if you could meld the fantastic Chinese martial arts and mysticism with American steel? It would be kind of like Steampunk but without the Victorian underpinnings. 797 more words


Are Problems Real?

Photo credit: Dennis Skley

I’m sitting here, worrying myself, trying to answer a question that I have no business asking (because it doesn’t really matter), actually the fact that I’m so engrossed, trying to answer it begs the question – Are Problems Real? 500 more words