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Choice and play, noises

“Even if it takes a while, letting her choose will be really important going forward. And I know she can play higher energy games and even choose them when under more stress, but in some ways it’s a false choice, because they can choose it as a way to dump the stress into something, a less-bad option when you compare it to sitting in their stress. 230 more words


When do you know it is fear?

We never know for sure. Can’t read their minds. And emotions blend, so who is to say for sure how much is fear, and how much is everything else? 189 more words


Various Amy snippets from Belinda/Delila and Jennie/Lexi

Arousal’s relationship to rehab is not that it has to be a 100% across the board stopping of all arousal. Each case is a little different, and not all arousal is the same. 411 more words


Treating over arousal / stress

Amy from Bogeyman:

My general approach for dogs who are that stimulated all the time is to reduce all arousing activity, including sports and tug and anything that brings up that intensity.


Notes for AMY consult

  • She is usually fine in new environments and explores. Then after a while, she starts to develop scanning behaviors and gets more wary. Sometimes she’ll find a new situation overwhelming but if she has a crate or safe area, she will be fine and eventually sleep (e.g., at a house with another dog) …
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Someday I might tell people about the book I've written...

…today is not that day. Bugger ME but my home internet is shaky and limited so promotion is impossible. I’m on a few writing boards and they know about it but no one else does. 34 more words