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The Bogeyman: A Prologue

This has been in draft for nearly six months now. 

Everytime I try to sit and write about this, I just end up staring at my screen. 718 more words


Here comes the Real Bogeyman!

The bogeyman crosses cultural barriers. Some cultures have more than others. I recall growing up in the village as a child and being threatened with a bogeyman if I did this or that, or if I was in a certain place when I shouldn’t have been there. 576 more words


To each his own ignorance

Night has fallen on the banks of the Gambia River. After a 6am start, a 4-hour road trip, and a 10-hour shoot, I am finally getting ready for bed on the second floor of a compact motel-like guesthouse along the riverside. 1,576 more words


2017, eh? We'll see about that.

2016 was a busy year. I wrote and published three books (two novellas and a novel) got B professionally read for Audible (available soon) redid the covers for everything about eight times, and learned so much. 114 more words

Souls By The Sea

Just half a chapter left on my XMas YA romance. #amwriting

Great progress over the weekend and the rough draft of ‘The Kids’ Table’ is almost done. That’s the hardest part for me. Cleaning it up and working on the cover is the fun bit! 122 more words


The Bogeyman

There’s been some scary stuff happening around here lately! We just got through Hallowe’en, with the streets full of little ghosts and goblins, and now we hear that in the United States of America millions of mindless zombies have been seen stumbling from their trailer parks in the backwoods to choose an evil clown as their commander in chief! 33 more words