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Google Adsense Will not Ban Your Accounts from Now – Changed TO 2017

​Getting Google Adsense approval within 3 days was a quick technique to get Adsense accounts. After getting Adsense approved, it is even more difficult to maintain it. 406 more words

Jinx Rambles About Dreams And Being A Product of Your Environment. 

First of all, I apologize for my absence. Last year I hardly blogged any, I would say I was just busy with life. But truth isI do a lot of my blogging at night, and I like to be in bed by nine because I have to get up and work at 5 o’clock in the morning. 490 more words

Pop of wine

In Louisiana we get about three days of bone chilling cold and then right back to the 80’s. Brutally killing any type of immune system we once had. 166 more words


Hello 2017...I wasn't ready for you

Hey y’all!

So we are going to start the year, and this blog, on a real-talk super honest note.  Sounds fun right? I’m going to be drinking many cups of coffee while typing this I think! 357 more words



In their stark, ghostly expressions was the strongest statement I have ever seen, that life my not be governed by anything fair or clement.


The Rules of Procrastination

I mean, excuses.

1) Thou shall not call it procrastination. Instead, call it “writer’s block.” You simply ran out of creative juices to continue working on your project. 371 more words


Such a beautiful sight to see! 

In the wee hours of darkness when I hang my legs out of the window and stare at the lights shining in front of me, the thoughts of my losses engulf my head and want me to go mad. 30 more words

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