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The Blog Life

I didn’t choose the blog life, the blog life chose me….Heck to the yep.

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That Time I Got My M Rated Games Taken Away | Gaming Stories #3

Some crude things below, if you don’t like that kinda stuff.

Okay, so here’s a funny story from my childhood that I was reminded of recently. 417 more words

Video Games

Theatre is Taking Over...Again!

Theatre is taking over, again, but this isn’t a bad thing. Rehearsals for the One Act Festival are 3 days a week. This week I’m throwing in the 2nd round of auditions for the spring show, Full Frontal Nudity, into the mix. 390 more words

Find Your Audience Without Using WordPress Plugins or SEO (3 min read)

1. Learn from what others have found.

This is entry-level market research at its finest. Read up on some case studies, examples and psychological analyses by marketers who have come before you. 604 more words

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is it suicide if its my own silence that kills me?

Here a picture, because I cant seem to get any more words out…

Where did this girl go? 8 more words

Good Bye Tumbler: Tumblr Tumbles

I finally pulled the plug entirely on my blog over at Tumblr. I’m not exactly sure what Tumblr has become, but it isn’t a blogging platform any more, isn’t a social media platform. 989 more words


Parental Feelings

We all care for our loved ones based on how much they care for us but, how many of us love them excluding the thought that they might not love us the same way? 340 more words