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What's Next for Social Media

Meerkat, Periscope and other shiny new social media outlets have been at the forefront of marketing news.  Almost taking on the form of popular Youtube channels, live streaming has been hotly discussed as either the next big thing or the next big flop. 155 more words


4 Effectively Tips on How to Engage your Readers

Hi everyone!

Effective reader engagement is an art form that few marketers exploit. Knowing how to address one successfully will mean the difference between gaining a lead and losing one. 420 more words

Online Marketing Tips

“What Makes You Enthusiastic About Life?”

My blog buddy, Britt Skrabanek asked me to write a guest post for her Life Enthusiast series. It was my first guest post and I really enjoyed the process. 187 more words

should you quit blogging?

Have you ever wondered if you should just quit blogging?

I certainly have. 

You know how it goes. You’re tooling around in blog land and you happen upon a blog that attracted a thousand followers in one week. 249 more words


Just So You'd Know

Someone who follow my blogs asked:
” why my sudden change in perspective”

Well, would’nt you be if your blog is being monitored? :)

Yes folks. 279 more words

Day 2

Daily Gratitude List:
1. I’m healthy; all of my senses are intact, I have no significant health issues.
2. My family is healthy, my parents have no significant health issues. 531 more words


Day 1

Today, a sudden craving for spontaneity dawned on me. As I was laying in bed, on a 29 degree, sunny, Melbourne day, reading Anna Funder’s “Stasiland”, I had a sudden desire to take up a new hobby. 360 more words