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Wednesday Wisdom

Be the bigger person peeps, know you are the better one too, by walking away.

I often tell my pupils, when they are little and whinging about someone being silly towards them, “Ignore them, don’t let them know they are affecting you. 62 more words


Losing a Blog Audience

It’s one of the worst feelings you could ever face on the Internet.

I started this blog from the ground up last summer 2014. It was so difficult getting noticed and gaining visitors, as I resisted the urge to spam. 192 more words


Blogging R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Would I get more respect and have more followers if I had credentials posted in my bio?

What kind of alphabet soup knocks your socks off? 33 more words

Spanglish Familia

11 Things

A bit of a “get to know you” number here. I was tagged by Mama over at PoopRainbows to answer a few deep and searching questions. 825 more words

The Selfie......

I have joined the selfie bandwagon…. And My Instagram in proof.

I started my Instagram account for the same reason I started the Blog, and my twitter (That is another obsession for another blog post), to share the growth and triumphs of my, former 24 weeker turned holy terror, I call my son. 171 more words


The Top Ten Reasons People Unfollow This Blog

Number 10

The medication has finally begun to work.

Number 9

The mimes are beginning to win their battle against me.

Number 8

The overwhelming shame, and the constant hassle of having to delete their browser history has become too much. 169 more words