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Blogging R.E.S.P.E.C.T

Would I get more respect and have more followers if I had credentials posted in my bio?

What kind of alphabet soup knocks your socks off? 33 more words

Spanglish Familia

11 Things

A bit of a “get to know you” number here. I was tagged by Mama over at PoopRainbows to answer a few deep and searching questions. 825 more words

The Selfie......

I have joined the selfie bandwagon…. And My Instagram in proof.

I started my Instagram account for the same reason I started the Blog, and my twitter (That is another obsession for another blog post), to share the growth and triumphs of my, former 24 weeker turned holy terror, I call my son. 171 more words


The Top Ten Reasons People Unfollow This Blog

Number 10

The medication has finally begun to work.

Number 9

The mimes are beginning to win their battle against me.

Number 8

The overwhelming shame, and the constant hassle of having to delete their browser history has become too much. 169 more words


Schedule Change Announcment 

As we are about to enter the month of August I wanted to inform you that my blog post scheduling will be changing. Since I will be busy with starting summer marching band and starting school, my schedule will reduced to posting twice a week instead of my normal 3. 58 more words


Confessions of...(#15)

A stressed out newbie blogger.

While the last 8 weeks of my summer has been filled with adventures that 21 year old me never thought possible, and I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I’m stress out. 415 more words

July wish list

This month I have been very good to my bank balance and only shopped for groceries and other essentials. It’s been a while since I’ve had a bit of a shopping splurge, but it has taught me to wait around for things I really want rather than¬†just buy something for the sake of buying. 198 more words