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Such a beautiful sight to see! 

In the wee hours of darkness when I hang my legs out of the window and stare at the lights shining in front of me, the thoughts of my losses engulf my head and want me to go mad. 30 more words

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The Night

I like nights when everyone has gone to sleep or everyone is just enjoy the silence like me.

All the thoughts which seem like a flee market in your head finally agree to have a parade and descend into consciousness in a well ordered manner. 76 more words

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The PM hit a six! 

This day will definitely be written in golden words in the history of Indian economy. PM Modi declared earlier this evening that all the notes of denominations 500 and 1000 will be officially not considered as legal tender from midnight. 178 more words

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It’s weird when you come across unwanted memories searching for ways to creep into your life.

It’s weirder when the memories start to creep in unusual ways. 10 more words

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​What does losing feel like?

​What does losing feel like?

Losing something which you’re not owning.

Losing something you never knew was yours.

Losing something which you never wanted.

What’s it like? 63 more words

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Poem 5 - In and Out.

In and Out. Poem #5.

She laughs,

At her own jokes.

She’s happy,

To be back.

She lives each day,

As her last.


To be back. 11 more words