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Bogwood blooming

(Umoregi ni hana ga saku; “Flowers blooming on a buried tree”)


Unexpectedly returning to fame, wealth, power, etc. after an extended time of obscurity, exile, or general misfortune. 229 more words


My first Paludarium - Part 2 - The Flora

The next step for my first attempt to create a Paludarium was to add the plant life. All of the plants have been collected over some time, purchased at local hardware stores and super markets. 1,301 more words

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Collecting and Preparing "Natural" Terrarium Decor - Animal Safe

Kyle here, and its Friday, so here is that article about cleaning items for use in a terrarium. I have been very thorough in my research of different techniques, and I have spent time ensuring these techniques are animal safe for Reptiles and Amphibians. 1,387 more words


DIY Low-Tech "Naturalistic" Terrarium on a budget - 10Gal Part 1 of 2

Kyle from Land Locked Exotic Pets here, I decided to share how i was able to set-up a “natural” or planted terrarium, on a budget, that will one day house a reptile or two, and probably be sold to help spread the appreciation of misunderstood pets. 797 more words


How Nancy Got Her Groove Back

After introducing Rene the male Bristlenose Catfish to the tank yesterday, he and Nancy flounced around near each other and wiggled over the sides of the tank together. 74 more words


New Fish Alert!

Hi there, the tank community is slowly growing. Today I added a male and female Golden Dwarf Cichlid, three who-knows-what-sex Sterba’s Corydoras and one big female Bristlenose Catfish. 134 more words