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Question...What Would You...

So after Ashtanga this morning I did a guided meditation. It asked a question. A simple little question…’what do you want?’ ….simple? You would think so but if it really got down to it and you knew that you knew that you knew beyond any shadow of a doubt what so ever you would indeed get the ‘it’ or ‘its’ is it still that simple? 672 more words

My Bohemian Life

Peace Love Art and My Bohemian Life

Warm and humid…a thunderstorm sky hanging heavy in gray clouds. A storm still lurking somewhere off in the distance. I love it. I love love love it. 135 more words


Soup's On! Got Homemade Bread Too!

Soup is on, just baked this morning bread is hot from the oven and the coffee is fresh. I’ve listed some cards to color in my etsy shop and now here I am taking a tiny little break before lunch which I am so looking forward to. 265 more words


Simple Living...It's Easy...

Good morning beautiful people! Today is going to be a great day. No reason in particular it just is…I state this with Intention. It is my intention to have a successful day today. 369 more words


So Much To Look Forward To If You Just Look...You Know?

Have you ever stood in front of your coffee pot and pleaded with it to…HURRY UP!!! I just did it and not for the first time either lol. 504 more words


Yoga, Coloring Books, Coffee, and Life...is good :D

I did it. I rearranged my furniture all day long yesterday…well, practically all day long. Finally I like it :D I just practiced yoga and now I feel great! 390 more words


Bohemian life

Spring is around the corner and it´s never felt better. Although it´s that day of the month and I´ve been in horrible pain since yesterday, I find some dozing off, the right amount of  chocolate and a good sparkling Jacob´s Creek make it all better. 65 more words