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Asparagus, egg & sardine salad

I got inspiration for this dish from a recipe on the summer issue of John Lewis’ Cook magazine. The first two ingredients (asparagus and eggs) are the same, then I tweaked the whole thing with the ingredients I had. 256 more words

New Ideas

Eggs Vegetable Curry

Eggs Vegetable Curry recipe by Ninik Becker.

As usual my recipe this time is also very simple but nutritious as well. The cooking process is very easy and quick and the main ingredient can be replaced by meat, poultry, fish, or vegetables . 353 more words

Egg Recipe

"It's An Educated Eggdicator"

Have you ever gone to make hard-boiled eggs for a snack or deviled eggs only to find them to be the most difficult things you’ve ever had to peel in your life?! 900 more words


Egg Coleslaw, Multi Pepper Sandwich

It was breakfast time, and I wanted to do something with eggs.  So I kept a few eggs on to boil and went out for fresh air for a while. 225 more words


Carrot Lemongrass Soup and Watercress Salad with Sesame-Garlic Dressing

A few days ago, I received a box of Smart Soup. There were five different flavors and today I tried the Vietnamese Carrot Lemongrass Soup.  266 more words


Kitchen Hint of the Day!

Boiled Eggs Storage – Having peeled the eggs, you can store them in a refrigerator for up to five days. For a fresh storage tip, let the eggs soak in an inch or two of cold water they’ll keep for five days.


Asparagus, Peas And Egg Masala

I love it that we are introduced to so many varieties of produce here, some familiar and some not so familiar ones. The end of winter is always a welcome sign. 966 more words