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Tips for Buying and Cooking Eggs

Tip 1:

You can tell whether or not an egg is boiled by spinning it. If it spins easily, consider it to be cooked, it is still raw if it doesn’t spin easily. 99 more words


Boiled Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein and have so many uses.  Boil some eggs and make an egg salad sandwich for lunch.  Add chopped eggs to a Cobb or Chef salad.   117 more words


Appetizer Veggie Balls and Meatballs

I’ve always been fascinated with all of the food IKEA serves in its food court, and I just love the meat and veggie balls from their frozen section. 375 more words


The End of August

I can’t believe August is over already! At the same time, that means only a month or so until temperatures here become bearable for me. 289 more words

What's For Breakfast?

On the weekends Mr. Foodie and I have the time to make a good breakfast instead of chugging coffee and grabbing a breakfast bar on the way out the door. 371 more words

How do I Boil an Egg?

I’ve read some thesis-like explanations on the science of boiling an egg. It’s all rubbish, if a chicken can lay an egg without a university degree than surely we can drop that egg into some hot water without consulting a professor. 122 more words