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What's For Breakfast?

On the weekends Mr. Foodie and I have the time to make a good breakfast instead of chugging coffee and grabbing a breakfast bar on the way out the door. 371 more words

How do I Boil an Egg?

I’ve read some thesis-like explanations on the science of boiling an egg. It’s all rubbish, if a chicken can lay an egg without a university degree than surely we can drop that egg into some hot water without consulting a professor. 122 more words


Elsie's Egg Curry

So, another friend is visiting and I have mined her trove of easy-home-food recipes in an attempt to coax Mum into eating …

… because when I try Mum’s recipes, they are never up to par as far as she is concerned. 273 more words


Simone de Beauvoir writing in spite of death

She knew what she ought to have said to God: ‘Heal me. But thy will be done: I accept death.’  She did not accept it. She did not, however, permit herself the right to rebel.  276 more words


Four minutes

I don’t suppose four minutes means much to younger people today unless they are thinking of the amount of time they cook their boiled eggs… but maybe they like a five-minute egg, or a six-minute egg? 283 more words

Bits And Pieces

Egg Masala – Tamil Muslim Style

Boiled eggs served as such do not contribute much flavour to the meal. Earlier in my blog I have given the recipe for Kallu Kadai Muttai… 376 more words


Tempered eggs in Indian style tadka recipe| How to eat boiled eggs|Egg Salad with Indian tempering | Interesting ways to eat boiled egg |Eggs for Breakfast

Today’s post is about my most recent tinkering with eggs. Egg whites have become a constant part of breakfast since the beginning of this year – a habit shaped out from my gym routine. 371 more words