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Air Fryer....gotta get one

So one of the great things I heard about at WW was air frying.  So I told my hubby about it and he got me one for xmas….yes I am spoiled :) 96 more words

Hasn't he suffered enough? Stan visits Ollie in "County Hospital" 1932

It seems unimaginable nowadays that anybody would be allowed to park right in front of the main entrance to a hospital.  But it’s an entitlement that Stan takes for granted. 1,137 more words

Kitchen Hint of the Day!

No cracks here……

Add a pinch of salt when boiling eggs, this keeps them from cracking while cooking.


Boiled Eggs

In this house, we boil eggs two ways: Soft Boiled (6 Minute Eggs) that are usually reserved for Top Shelf Ramen and Hard Boiled Eggs… 310 more words


What’s for breakfast

Sometimes we like to get up and make breakfast before we start the day. I wait for Ohiophotogrl to wake up and look for recipes on her phone. 116 more words

Hunger-fighting Green Beans & Bacon Salad

Very often in winter I get this hunger that can only be satisfied by eating fatty foods.

I know what you might be thinking right now… 570 more words