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I never really considered the origins of Boiling Crab until The Love Life of An Asian Guy posted about it recently. I always just figured there was some Asian ingenuity at work, which isn’t terribly wrong. 246 more words


Boiling Crab? Or Boiling Crawfish?

Boiling Crawfish: Doraville, GA, USA

Truth be told, I was so excited to see this in Atlanta, and I became even more excited after a UYE here where DB told me that the recipes were from the infamous Boiling Crab out west in California.   581 more words

The Gastronome

Cooking Crab

Cooking shellfish can be tricky sometimes.  I love cooking Lobster basically because it’s my favourite and also because it’s dead easy. Crabs actually are just as easy, it’s just I’m not a fan of dressing crab though, they take forever! 163 more words


Boiling Crab, Koreatown Los Angeles

Going through a long wait to be seated at a restaurant is agonising, especially when your stomach is rumbling and the weather is cold.

I was almost tempted to pop into a nearby barbecue joint after hearing that it would take an hour – but E insisted that we should try LA’s famous… 666 more words


A Marrigage of the Food-Kind: Home Café and Boiling Crab

So, I’ve been away from my blog and online life for a bit, reconnecting with the real world. It’s a balancing act, negotiating between the online and the real world. 1,113 more words


the longest august 6th

Thursday August 6th finally arrived after months of counting down. I jetsetted off with Richa and Josephine to partay in the good ol’ USA until I begin my final semester of study partying in Montréal. 384 more words