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Virginia hands Boise State its worst home loss since 2001

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — After losing 20 of its last 21 road games coming in, Virginia had a festive vibe in its locker room following a 42-23 dismantling of Boise State on Friday night with plenty of players excited about the 2,400-mile flight home. 582 more words


Idaho Day 1 - Craters of the Moon

Allison and I decided to spend the first of my 3 vacation weeks this year on a hiking trip to Idaho. We weren’t out to set any mileage records since it was just the two of us with both boys, but we were still able to see quite a few cool places. 174 more words


Ketchum to Boise to Baker City

by cheri

Averell Harriman, Chairman of the Union Pacific Railroad from 1932-46, brought many celebrities, including Ernest Hemingway, to Sun Valley where an elegant lodge had been built in 1936. 345 more words


Book Fairies

Yesterday I took part in Hide a Book Day with Goodreads who’d teamed up with the Book Fairies (#ibelieveinbookfairies) and thousands of authors all around the globe to hide books for people to find, read, and leave for the next person. 101 more words



September 14, 2017

Martha and I spent two days exploring a bit of Boise. We walked and biked the great riverside trail along the Boise River. 448 more words

Sept 5

The sun doesn’t rise at dawn anymore. By 8 o’clock you can glance up to the southwest and see a perfect tangerine circle through the smoke. 69 more words

Motha Nature

Aug 12

Feeling sore and lovely and sun-smacked silly. There I was at 430pm, in the heat of the day, walking across this barren floodplain in what must have been 115 degrees. 37 more words

Motha Nature