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V dar

V svetu brez prevar

sprejmi to besedo v dar,

da v noči strašni

brez krvi,

in podnevi lačni

brez pesti

Se znajdemo v objemu

spet vsi.

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Revisiting The "Tokyo Whale"

One of the things I’ve noticed in my (often spectacularly unsuccessful) attempts to explain to average investors the extent to which the Bank of Japan intervenes in domestic equity and bond markets, is that there’s a tendency for people to believe that what I’m telling them is too absurd to be true. 891 more words


Markets Should Fear Central Banks More Than Trump

By Michael Pento – Re-Blogged From Pento Portfolio Strategies

Trump’s economic agenda has become further delayed by what seems like daily leaks from the White House. 615 more words

GDP & Employment

"It's Funny Because It's Treason": Global Markets Jittery As Trump Makes New Lows

We start Tuesday on a treasonous note…

So because he’s President, Donald Trump gets some intel.

And, at least according to some sources, Trump is often surprised at just how “great” the intel is. 843 more words


Wile E. Coyote Is Back! One Bank Thinks You've Run Right Off The Cliff

Well, this is just fantastic in terms of previous posts setting up new posts.

So earlier this week we ran one piece that outlined a study Bloomberg’s Cameron Crise conducted to determine the effect of global central bank liquidity on 10Y Treasury yields and another post highlighting the most recent note from Deutsche Bank’s Aleksandar Kocic who employed a roadrunner reference to illustrate his point about “the inevitability of fiscal inertia.” Those two posts can be found here: 1,442 more words

S&P 500

Kuroda Shrugs, Twitter Lampoons Sweden, Deutsche Crumbles: Welcome To Thursday

Ok, so as detailed earlier this morning, the first thing you should note about the overnight session was the action in the loonie and peso following Donald Trump’s decision to avoid ripping apart NAFTA (for the time being). 1,085 more words


BOJ leaves rates unchanged

Bank of Japan maintains short-term interest rate target at -0.1% and 10-year JGB yield target around 0.0%. Leaves unchanged pledge to buy JGBs more or less at current pace so its holdings increase at annual pace of around 80 Trl ¥. 169 more words

Central Banks And Interest Rate Decisions