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Amazon orders first animated series from BoJack Horseman’s creator and writer

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Amazon has ordered its first animated series: a dramedy from BoJack Horseman’s creator, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, and its writer/producer Kate Purdy. According to Amazon, the half-hour series, Undone, is about a woman named Alma who discovers she has a “new relationship with time” after a car accident. 134 more words


A song that resonates

I started watching the netflix series, Bojack Horseman, by accident. Nobody recommended it, nobody talked about it, i just happened to click on the link to it’s season 1 episode 1 one fine day. 264 more words


One Trick Pony - A Bojack Horseman review

So I just finished binging The Bojack Horseman show Bojack Horseman. And it was absolutely brilliant. In fact, I have not seen anything quite like it, even with me being pretty sure that I missed more than half of the jokes in the series. 560 more words


to all the bojacks out there

(E10S02, Bojack Horseman)

“You are all the things that are wrong with you.” (Chavez, 2015)


As I’m sure many others did too, I could say I’ve never really related to Bojack as much as I did after watching this episode.

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I'm not sure either

You know when you’re doing something incredibly painful like revising for exams or erm, revising for exams again, and you convince yourself how productive you’re going to be once you’ve finished? 221 more words


The Blissful Melancholy of BoJack Horseman

On paper, BoJack Horseman seems somewhat derivative.

A Hollywood satire about a faded sitcom star hoping to reclaim former glories? That’s HBO’s The Comeback. An alcoholic haunted by his past and locked in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour that impacts his loved ones and coworkers? 728 more words



This tar was shallower ten years ago,

the skin was thicker too, as so was mine.

It used to barely come above my toes,

but every second higher yet it climbs. 101 more words