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BoJack Horsman Reviews: Episode 3, "Prickly-Mufin"

This episode is something of a necessity. We have this backstory for BoJack that is constantly alluded to – the wildly popular but insipid 90s sitcom… 1,434 more words

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BoJack Horseman Reviews - Episode 2, "BoJack Hates the Troops"

(Thanks for all the interest in episode 1! I mostly just started writing these for me but if people are reading them I guess I’ll start proofreading). 1,619 more words

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Bojack Horseman: My Opinion

Bojack Horseman: a satirical animated comedy with grown up innuendos and powerful metaphors. On the surface its a show about  a has been horse who now lives in Hollywood, unemployed with a stoner roommate and an annoying dog friend.  319 more words

BoJack Horseman

So I’ve been wanting to write about BoJack for awhile now, but couldn’t figure out how to convey my feelings about the show and the complexities of the show. 368 more words


Why Do We Care About Fiction

What is the value in a fictional character’s life for us? They’re not real, so do we have anything to gain from the life of a character whose struggles and triumphs are fabricated for entertainment? 697 more words

Dragon Ball Z Bojack Unbound Review

Looks like it’s time for another classic DBZ review! It really doesn’t get better than that right? This film definitely had me a little concerned seeing as how Goku wouldn’t be a main character. 1,801 more words