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The Blissful Melancholy of BoJack Horseman

On paper, BoJack Horseman seems somewhat derivative.

A Hollywood satire about a faded sitcom star hoping to reclaim former glories? That’s HBO’s The Comeback. An alcoholic haunted by his past and locked in a cycle of self-destructive behaviour that impacts his loved ones and coworkers? 728 more words



This tar was shallower ten years ago,

the skin was thicker too, as so was mine.

It used to barely come above my toes,

but every second higher yet it climbs. 101 more words

BoJack Horseman: The Adult Cartoon With Heart

Dear Reader,

BoJack Horseman is an adult cartoon exclusive to Netflix, about the titular man-horse hybrid (in a world of human-animal hybrids) who stared in a family sitcom during the 90’s. 462 more words


HorseHead Case File 2: Halloween part 1

After my first attempt of making a ‘bad’ 1980’s inspired mini series with the episode HorseHead Case File 1: The Beginning, I feel like i learnt a lot. 79 more words

Flawed Smart Men are the Worst Protagonists

We’ve got a problem. A men problem.

Alright, we’ve got a bunch of those, but this jumped-up cis-hetero wannabe-essayist is only here to talk about one specific men-problem: 2,277 more words



Bojack Horseman: Almost Famous

acrylic/ watercolor/  ink on canvas