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Another Elegy

Potential feels by definition to be an absence, paradoxically substantial and fathomless. How can the promise of something that hasn’t even manifested be so weighty? It’s living with something alive inside you that’s buried and gasping to see the light. 722 more words

What to Watch on Netflix This Week

What to Watch on Netflix This Week:

Wind River:

Wind River is a murder mystery set in the vast landscapes of Wyoming. The movie hangs its hat on the ambiguity of the main character, Jeremy Renner, and the the suspense of the murder mystery itself. 349 more words


Television // “Harambe & Friends” green-lit by Netflix despite controversy.

Netflix have officially picked up the new animated show from the team behind “BoJack Horseman” and are set to go into production later this year. 257 more words


A song that resonates

I started watching the netflix series, Bojack Horseman, by accident. Nobody recommended it, nobody talked about it, i just happened to click on the link to it’s season 1 episode 1 one fine day. 264 more words


One Trick Pony - A Bojack Horseman review

So I just finished binging The Bojack Horseman show Bojack Horseman. And it was absolutely brilliant. In fact, I have not seen anything quite like it, even with me being pretty sure that I missed more than half of the jokes in the series. 560 more words


to all the bojacks out there

(E10S02, Bojack Horseman)

“You are all the things that are wrong with you.” (Chavez, 2015)


As I’m sure many others did too, I could say I’ve never really related to Bojack as much as I did after watching this episode.

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I'm not sure either

You know when you’re doing something incredibly painful like revising for exams or erm, revising for exams again, and you convince yourself how productive you’re going to be once you’ve finished? 221 more words