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Life, It'll Kill Ya - BoJack Horseman

What looked to be a downer episode Still Broken actually ended up being pretty fun as the cast of Horsin’ Around reunites for Herb’s funeral. You remember Herb, the cancer patient and former best friend BoJack wrestled to the floor for a telescope. 419 more words

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BoJack Horseman - Yesterdayland

Last episode we saw BoJack break his new and improved positive attitude with a series of flashbacks and then a call from his never supportive mother. 662 more words

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Girl Tries Watching Bojack Horseman

As a self-aware Netflix addict, I’m always looking for the next show to binge on. Bojack Horseman was on my radar because my beloved Aaron Paul… 347 more words


Critical Saves: Building Intuition Through Analysis

I’m pretty critical when it comes to my entertainment.  In fact, I would say that I’m downright harsh.  Now, that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy something even while critiquing it.   1,152 more words


Breaking my routine of nothing in particular.

As I come to the end of four hours straight of refreshing Twitter or Facebook, or watching the tenth episode straight of a TV series I’ve seen before on Netflix, or reading the thirtieth article straight on science or social commentary from online publications originating worldwide, or playing to completion a video game that I didn’t find to be a particularly good to begin with; I realise just how little I’m doing with my life. 436 more words

Bojack Horseman

I have a confession: the past 6 hours were spent in bed, crushing the entire second season of the netflix original Bojack Horseman.

I’m not much of a TV junkie, but I do have a handful of shows which manage to coax a “season-crushing marathon” out of me.   1,091 more words