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What Depletes Your Willpower And What You Can Do About It

Apart from time spent resisting temptation and just getting tired from a full day’s work – what else should you know of that will deplete your willpower?  1,340 more words


A horse with depression

Bojack Horseman is such a depressing show, but I find it strangely validating to hear cartoon characters describe how I feel with such precision. The writing in this show is superb, always twisting away from obvious jokes into existential angst. 90 more words

Mental Health

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The show Bojack Horseman is about a depressed horse and washed-up actor named Bojack Horseman, and it is hilarious as hell. Wordpress user noimnotok describes it as "depressing" but with superb writing; I agree that the writing is superb but have found it to be the opposite of depressing for the same reason that he finds it depressing: Bojack is so relatable. My friend Tiffany who has also struggled with depression introduced the show to me about three months ago, and every episode is just smart, real, and funny. Maybe the reason I don't find the show depressing is I haven't watched it by myself yet; things tend to be more light-hearted when I can voice my reactions aloud and get immediate feedback, I guess. I also kind of stopped watching television regularly back in 2009, so unless I'm on holiday or someone goes, "Let's watch a TV show," I'm not going to open Netflix and watch this. Thus, I've only watched maybe four episodes so far. But I highly recommend this show. It's awesome!

You're the Worst: Bojack Horseman Reruns for the Slow Watchers and Over-Indulgent

It’s unclear at what point in this week’s You’re the Worst did the FXX comedy’s season-and-a-half’s worth of similarities to Bojack Horseman, Netflix’s animated horseplay romp, boil over into something approaching the subversive . 502 more words


Getting too old for this stuff

As a child I used to love watching cartoons.

I was a big fan of all of Hanna Barbera’s cartoons.  At home before school I’d spend my morning watching The Smurfs, The Snorks, Wacky Races and the like and then after school at my childminders where we had satellite telly I watched cartoon network. 946 more words


Winner of the summer TV season: 'Bojack Horseman' Season 2

A couple of years ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that one of the most realistic character shows on TV would be a show about an anthropomorphic horse. 854 more words