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Millennial existentialism 10 (BoJack edition)

Sweetie, you know I support you, whatever you want to do, but you’re not gonna find what you’re looking for in these awful made-up places. The Universe is a cruel, uncaring void; the key to being happy ins’t to search for meaning, its to just keep yourself busy with unimportant nonsense and eventually you’ll be dead.

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Millennial existentialism 8

Seeing life’s absurdity in the 21st century.


Stranded at home

Plans and life don’t always go hand in hand.

On Friday late afternoon I was heading to London City Airport on the DLR. I left the office early as planned, was on perfect time, ETA 5 pm for a flight taking off at 6, which is plenty of time for City airport, where you feel you are a member of JetNet and everyone looks like they are running an extremely important business. 724 more words


Series Overview: BoJack Horseman

Hey guys, it’s your girl KrisSimsters and this is going to be my most thought-provoking reviews and if I had known about it sooner, then this would have made a great 50th post. 2,097 more words


Séries | BoJack Horseman (S2/S3 - 2015/2016)

(Esta análise contém spoliers e referências a episódios da segunda e terceira temporada da série)

A primeira temporada de BoJack Horseman merece toda a atenção pela forma como assuntos tão sérios e dramáticos são apresentados numa narrativa que retrata a história de um actor em decadência, anos depois do seu grande sucesso televisivo. 1,093 more words


Worth Sticking With

In our modern age their are hundreds of shows, games and movies vying or our attention whether it be classics or new gems. With so many different avenues to go down and only so much time to commit it is often easy to give up if something doesn’t show its value straight away. 718 more words


Why BoJack Horseman is unlike any other TV show

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been completely addicted to the Netflix original series BoJack Horseman, and felt compelled to try and explain what makes it so utterly unique in the world of television. 931 more words