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Review: The Hallow (2015)

Folkloric horror is perhaps the most fascinating and rich sub-category of film’s best-trodden and most mutable genre. Every culture on Earth has their own legends, fables, superstitions and things that go bump in the night ingrained, and film has mined that for decades as inspiration for everything from THE WICKER MAN to JU-ON and KRAMPUS. 627 more words


Burning Man review trailer

From the opening set of scenes that show Matthew Goode, as Chef Tom at the hospital, in a car crash, and receiving a phone call it is very clear to viewers that he is going off of the rails and struggling with his drinking. 463 more words

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Movie of the week: The Hallow (2016)

THERE IS SO MUCH that is going right for this feature and I’m probably its’ biggest champion being a fan of the mystical, fairytale nature with its dark, dark storytelling. 294 more words

The Hallow (2015)

Viewed by it’s writer/director Corin Hardy as a mix between Straw Dogs and Pan’s Labyrinth, The Hollow is a cool little creature feature flick currently streaming on Netflix.  424 more words


"The Hallow" takes the straight path through its haunted forest

Jumping on the Cordyceps fungus-as-horror train is Corin Hardy’s eco-friendly The Hallow, starring Joseph Mawle as the frontrunner for world’s worst dad, an arborist who’s as likely to duck under logs for a closer look at a deer carcass with his infant son on his back as he is to ignore warnings about baby snatching spirits in the woods surrounding his cottage.  337 more words


The Hallow (2015)

(Netflix Digital Streaming, Not Rated, Running Time: 97 minutes)

Adam, Clare and their infant son Finn move from London to a small Irish village. Adam is a conservationist working for a logging company that has recently bought the large woodlands around the village. 523 more words

Bojana Novakovic To Play Lead In CBS Drama Pilot 'Four Stars'

Bojana Novakovic is set as the female lead opposite Wilmer Valderrama in Four Stars, CBS’ drama pilot from playwright/TV writer Becky Mode, CBS TV Studios, and studio-based Timberman/Beverly Productions. 137 more words

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