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Jap Chae Noodles with Mushrooms and Bok Choy

Ready to move beyond ho-hum Asian fare?  Jap chae is one of the simplest, most authentic ways to enlighten your palate.  Transparent noodles meld with sesame oil and soy sauce for a perfect flavor balance in each chewy bite. 340 more words


Chicken soup with bok choy, ginger & wild rice

I’m not a huge soup fan, but I had a cold, was avoiding noodles, and love ginger. This turned out better than expected. Before I made it, I Googled soup recipes…there is something about seeing that at some point, someone, somewhere has put the same general ingredients together with edible results that gives me courage in the kitchen, even if I almost always tweak what I find. 236 more words


Wednesday, Battle of the green sauces

Starting to feel better today. Sore from working out, but that’s the smug kind of sore. ;) Mmmmm, green veggie stir-fry with chicken. I also had brown rice and an orange. 86 more words

To Eat

Refreshing green juice

A cold pressed juicer is wonderful for making green juices!

This is a wonderful juice to drink on a really hot day. I like to vary the greens in my juices and when l can purchase or grow good quality bok choy it is wonderful to juice. 321 more words


Udon noodles

I had these at a Japanese restaurant this week, and decided I had to make them for myself. My first time cooking with a lot of these ingredients (udon, bok choy, shitake mushrooms), but I can’t believe it turned out so good!   163 more words


6 great recipes with bok choy

It’s February and at The Farm at Rockledge Gardens, the goodies are bursting to get off of plants and onto your table. One of those goodies is bok choy. 405 more words