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Stir-fried Bok Choy

This is honestly one of the easiest things I will ever tell you how to make. It’s honestly mind-blowing to me how anyone could fuck this up. 474 more words


Salt & pepper baked chicken with rice from Wok Temptation

This is a recent addition to my list of comfort food. This is a meal which may seem plain to some but sometimes, simplicity is the best flavours. 35 more words

Eat Out

Purple Patch

As you probably know about me now, I trust Yelp pretty strongly. Anything above 4 Stars is bound to be good, save for some small critiques. 795 more words

At Home Cook: Steak with Garlicky Baby Bok Choy & Cauliflower Purée

This recipe is great for anyone trying to impress a special guest, have an inexpensive date night in, or just have a very tasty, at home meal that is almost restaurant quality. 70 more words


Chinatown! For Fresh Fish, Produce, Ingredients and Cuisines

A Visit To Chinatown

by Rory Kealohi

One of my fondest memories growing up in Hawaii during the 60’s and 70’s was waking up early on Saturday morning, grabbing an empty cooler and heading to Chinatown for fresh fish, produce and other Asian, specialty ingredients and cuisines. 747 more words


Casual Cooking with Namon

I lovingly call this “fridge stir fry” because this is one of those meals where you look at what you have in the fridge that needs to be used, and you put it together in a stir fry. 291 more words


Weekly Winner:  Better (and Prettier) Than Takeout -- Stunningly Simply and Sensational Sweet & Sour Sesame Pork

In general, I’m a fan of takeout (or, as is the case here in Chicago) ordering in.  We are fortunate here, because we can get basically any type of food delivered to our door.   294 more words