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Bokashi..how I do it.

Recently, I posted about the value of Bokashi liquid . I had a couple of inquiries, about how I do my Bokashi composting, so I thought I’d expand with this rough guide. 756 more words


Organic and Natural Lawn Care for a Healthy Lush Green Lawn

Want to know how to get a great lawn? By following a lawn care program based on natural and organic products, you will be sure to grow a healthy, thick, lush green lawn. 336 more words

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Bokashi Composting in the Summer

I wanted to write about Bokashi Composting throughout this summer, but the scorching, moisture obliterating, dusty heat has temporarily stalled my motivation. June 2015 was the hottest on record in Vegas. 336 more words

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Tips To Get Rid of Thatch Through Decomposition

Usually, a thatch condition indicates different soil problems of your garden. The problem in your soil is either preventing the grass from rooting or it is not enough bioactive to regulate the decomposition of dead organic matter. 449 more words

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Time to Bury the Bokashi

Finally! I’ve buried my Bokashi compost. Now it will further decompose and the acidity from the fermentation process will be neutralized. Then, I will be able to add it to areas where I want to plant shrubs and flowers. 335 more words

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