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Life Is Just Time Spent Between New Fargo Episodes

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I wish I could write eloquently about Fargo. I wish I had one tenth the talent of guys like Greenwald or Sepinwall or any of the number of writers out there who can add to the experience of watching a show like this. 199 more words


Though the real point of this blog is for my occasional musings on various new records, I will flatter myself by thinking that a few of you may be interested in my, ah, extracurricular activities. 61 more words

Bokeem Woodbine

Take 60 Seconds And Enjoy Mike Milligan's Terrific 'Jabberwocky' Scene From 'Fargo'

The sixth episode of Fargo‘s second season featured a bunch of memorable moments. Examples include a) the drunken lawyer played by Nick Offerman rampaging around the police station while ranting about jackboots and tyranny, and b) Simone Gerhardt specifically requesting that a murder be attached to the message “Kiss my grits.” (Fargo is a good show.) But the most memorable was probably Kansas City mobster Mike Milligan reciting the entirety of the Lewis Carroll poem “Jabberwocky” as he and his crew prepared for battle. 238 more words


Dead Presidents

The Hughes Brothers’ awesome sophomore effort (before they shat the bed with the risible From Hell adaptation) is a beautifully crafted journey through graduation, ‘Nam and return to the Bronx (and descent into the poverty stricken world therein). 129 more words

Fargo's Bokeem Woodbine speaks softly and steals every scene

From the beginning, actor Bokeem Woodbine could hear Mike Milligan’s voice in his head.

He had no control over what Mike Milligan said, of course. On the Alberta set of Fargo’s second season, the precise, eccentric dialogue that creator Noah Hawley and his writers’ room created was “the Bible.” Actors didn’t improvise, they didn’t need to, Woodbine says. 936 more words


Do the Right Thing: Reviewing Fargo's "The Myth of Sisyphus"

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

If we needed even more evidence that the scheming Dodd Gerhardt was the dastardliest of this dastardly Fargo bunch, Monday night’s episode gave us that and then some. 905 more words


"Minor Miracles" are at Work in Fargo's "Before the Law"

“Isn’t that a minor miracle? With the state of the world today, the level of conflict and misunderstanding – that two men could stand on a lonely road in winter and talk, calmly and rationally, while all around them, people are losing their mind?”  765 more words