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Woodland Park Zoo Rose Garden - Soft Rose Bokeh

May/June is Rose time for me.  Warmer, longer evenings allow serene walks through some of my favorite local gardens.  The Rose Garden in the Woodland Park Zoo is one of my special places. 78 more words

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Bokeh in Photography

Bokeh means Blur. It is a photography technique that is used to blur the areas of a photograph. Basically, bokeh pictures have only one point of focus, and is used for making an image look visually pleasing. 288 more words

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Arrival of Spring: Crocus Blooms Bokeh

I watch the front yard each year for signs of spring.  For me, this is the arrival of the purple crocus blooms.  I spent some time amongst them with my Zeiss 85mm Otus, which has a pleasing bokeh.

Zeiss Lenses


Now bokeh is the most calming and soothing photography according to me but others opinions may vary…. no fault there. Let me tell you what it is and how is it done in simple terms. 308 more words